Photo of the every other day – Belfast starlings at dusk

MM__20150401_016 5

Photo by Mervyn McCullagh

Can anyone advise on what locations and times you can see starlings in action across NI?

  • Robin Keogh

    Thats a cool pic

  • Sharpie

    They only do this during the winter. By now they are away making timber framed summer houses.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    I seen this magnificent sight passing Central Station in December, is it still prevalent?

  • Mervyn McCullagh

    They appear here every day at dusk – all year round. They nest in the bridge below.

  • LordSummerisle

    Lovely view of the Albert Bridge.

  • mickfealty

    They were definitely doing it last Wednesday.

  • Sharpie


  • Sharpie

    Interesting – I didn’t realise the urban birds did this all year round – the ones out in the country head off to nest at this time of year so the murmurations have already finished. I wonder in that case where they breed and rear their young?