“turning attacks on flags into a tax on flags” – launch of FlagIt app for Apple & Android

Responding to sustained protests over the absence of the Union Flag above many Northern Ireland public buildings, the FlagIt app has been released in Apple and Android online stores this morning, priced £2.29.

FlagItUsers of FlagIt can add a missing flag to any picture or video that contains an empty flagpole. And if they hold up their mobile device and look through it in front of a public building, the app will seamlessly insert a fluttering Union Flag.

FlagIt relies on sophisticated augmented reality algorithms and frameworks that have been licensed from researchers at Ulster University’s Future Optical Opportunities Laboratory based at its Magee campus.

An in-app purchase (€19.16) will allow the Irish tricolour flag to appear instead of the Union Flag.

Unusually, the app was build at the behest of the Office of First and deputy First Ministers. A spokesperson said:

This technological revolution could go a long way reducing community tensions and cutting policing costs of the weekend protests that continue outside Belfast City Hall while a more sustainable and permanent solution is found.

Introducing the app to Good Morning Ulster listeners earlier today, Finance minister Simon Hamilton spoke of the economic benefit and potential revenue generation of FlagIt and described the app as

turning attacks on flags into a tax on flags.

  • chrisjones2

    Could we get an app that would translate what MLAs say into sense?

  • carl marks

    Great idea, with the flaggers in a virtual world, a bit if peace for the rest of us.
    Would it be possible to get a CGI of The drumlin road for the lads at twaddle?

  • banana man

    does it work for lamp posts that have been de-flegged?

  • That could be an enhancement …

  • Jag

    Has anyone made that memory-erase wand they had in Men In Black. Every day here, we’re devoting so much effort to the past.

    BTW, presumably Stephen “Radio Face valued at £1.7m by Sunday Life” Nolan’s 75p charge on calls is an April Fool’s prank.

  • carl marks

    If we were a movie,we would be groundhog day without the learning a little every day bit!

  • Barneyt

    There’s the answer. A Virtual solution…look at it through flag tinted spectacles

  • Jag

    Wonderful idea! Parades can now be undertaken on Google Streetview, synchronised mouse clicks to advance by a few metres, and you can even have “The Sash” and “Famine” song belting out on your MP3 player in your earphones. All from the comfort of your own home. Win-win for everyone.

  • LordSummerisle

    Is this an April Fool ?

  • babyface finlayson

    Apologies for my rude comment on the Pope’s toilet habits, rightly deleted.
    What I was trying to suggest was, yes this is an April Fool

  • Kevin Breslin

    You can’t tax a flag, delicious as they may be.