A Bingo lesson in politics by emotional marketing and sleight of hand from Wales

This is just too good to bury in a tweet. For Click on Wales Richard Wyn Jones, Director of the Wales Governance Centre, brilliantly sends up the vacuousness of politics by ineffective legislation in six clauses, in Let’s All Play Welsh Legislation Bingo!

Simply score 10 points for every one of the following observed:

  1. Government announces intention to legislate accompanied by rhetoric including the phrases ‘world leading’, ‘international best practice’ and ‘new rights’.
  2. Government subsequently publishes Bill that is vague, non-committal and contains no judicable rights.
  3. Following objections to the gulf between the initial rhetoric and Bill contents, the Government provides an obfuscatory and evasive response referencing ‘legal advice’ that is never shared nor properly explained.
  4. Government marginally strengthens Bill following pressure from Opposition and civil society organisations.
  5. Following these concessions, civil society organisations pressurise Opposition into passing Bill using arguments that focus on the original rhetoric that rather than actual contents of the legislation.
  6. Despite their misgivings, Opposition vote to pass Bill for fear of appearing to oppose something that is claimed to be ‘world leading’, as embodying ‘international best practice’, and as creating ‘new rights’.

Score a bonus 20 points for every non-judicable ‘right’ that reaches the statute book!

Now before anyone here starts to get cocky, we’ve just handed permission to Westminster to pass an order in council with little debate in the Assembly, and not even a vestige of the faux scrutiny outlined above.

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  • chrisjones2

    Ah but in our local case SF want it to happen but want a way to avoid taking the blame for it happening so this is a useful device.

    It was the same with the branding of all republican terrorism as ‘national security’ ie not a devolved matter so MI5 can do what they like while Loyalist Terrorism is just crime so is a devolved matter.

    SF is therefore unaccountable for anything to do with action against fellow republicans but can stomp its feet, join protests and throw teddy in the corner railing against the bad Brits when it consciously created this situation

  • mickfealty

    This seems to me to be a key test for whether something has teeth or not: contains no judicable rights.