“It would be somewhat hypocritical to turn round and support strike action…”


On Talkback today, Will Crawley played this recording of Sinn Fein Education Minister John O’Dowd to remind Declan Kearney of his party’s disapproving stance of the strikes today, just last week:

But this [strike] is part of an opposition to the Stormont House Agreement, and I think that’s a mistake. There is a fundamental mistake in the strategy of the unions that are being opposed to the Stormont House Agreement. I supported the Stormont House Agreement, so it would be somewhat hypocritical of me to turn round and support strike action against the Stormont House Agreement.

And of course today, that’s exactly what his party colleagues did… Declan Kearney then sort of doesn’t go on to explain why the reversal of strategy, tactics, erm, thingie… [Reverse Ferret? – Ed]

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