“It would be somewhat hypocritical to turn round and support strike action…”

listen to ‘Sinn Fein Flip Flop ’ on audioBoom On Talkback today, Will Crawley played this recording of Sinn Fein Education Minister John O’Dowd to remind Declan Kearney of his party’s disapproving stance of the strikes today, just last week: But this [strike] is part of an opposition to the Stormont House Agreement, and I think that’s a mistake. There is a fundamental mistake in the strategy of the unions that are being opposed to the Stormont House Agreement. I … Read more

Eamonn McCann: It was the Unions wot won it…

So, we are still none the wiser after yesterday’s dossier (the absence of figures or a balance in the correspondence therein meant it crashed out of the headlines last night) exactly why Sinn Fein pulled that reverse ferret on Welfare Reform. In the Irish Times, Eamonn McCann has what looks like a credible theory (€): the Union day of action tomorrow: The prospect of being at loggerheads with the unions has dismayed many in Sinn Féin. The party’s ardfheis in … Read more

Murdoch’s ‘total victory’ over the press unions may prove his company’s demise…

Now, I am not sure I completely accept the story that Eamonn McCann tells about the demise of the NUJ (it possible, with hindsight at least, to suggest they picked the wrong fight with the wrong man) as an active force within the Murdoch empire, but the washing out of individual conscience of the journalist, certainly at the News of the World, seems to have important factor in the slow undermining of News International’s news product over time: The absence … Read more

After the storm

The Croke Park deal should ensure that Irish public sector workers are spared any further pay cuts. Perhaps worth reflecting, after a painful couple of years, that according to the OECD, Irish state workers are still among the best rewarded in the world. The Sunday Business Post report on a survey by Forfas and the National Competitiveness Council. The figures for 2010 show that Irish nurses are paid the fourth-highest average salary ($67,000) in the OECD. The starting salary for … Read more