Sinn Fein’s support in the South now mirroring Northern electoral result.

The latest Millward Brown poll for the Sunday Independent was released yesterday and it shows that Sinn Fein are Ireland’s most popular party on 26% to Fine Gaels 25%. Fianna Fail are on 19%, Labour on 6% and the Independents are on 23%.

In terms of seats the NUIM academic gives the figures as follows

This poll is interesting as it now shows Sinn Fein support in the South (at the moment anyway) mirroring its electoral performance in Northern Ireland. If this result were actually repeated in a general election the combined Sinn Fein parliamentary party would rise from 55 members to around 90.

The trend is now with  party as they go into the next election with a larger council base to help them deliver critical seats into the Sinn Fein column at the next election.

Can the Sinn Fein surge hold?