Anger may win elections but it’s useless in effecting change without policy…

Over a week old, but still some of the best advice Enda Kenny will get anywhere in the public domain. The tailend of Tom Kelly’s column from the Irish News:

Watching events unfold in Greece and the mass demonstrations of the far left in Madrid, nerves are becoming tetchy in Merrion Street. The Taoiseach is looking less Teflon like every day. He has always been the accidental Taoiseach albeit a lucky one but the forthcoming election will take more than luck. Sinn Fein has done a tremendous PR job channelling Irish public anger onto the streets.

Yet anger is not a policy – it’s just a calculated but successful electoral tactic. Word has it that Fine Gael strategists are tempted by an early election. That would be an unwise move. Politics is best when it is played like chess subtly, slowly and then devastatingly decisively.

Fine Gael and indeed Fianna Fail would be better watching the performance of Mr Tsipras before rushing to the polls, remembering whatever the outcome Deputy Adams is no Tsipras.

Irish Labour’s evaporating poll ratings come, in hefty measure, on foot of unpreparedness for government, whilst in opposition…

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