Kim Jong Paisley – Photos of the every other day

Remember the Paisley icon posters? Well the local artist TLO is at it again. This time its a mash up of Kim Jong-un and Ian Paisley Jr.

The artist says:

I’m interested in how people read and respond to the image. A woman in the holylands asked me who was missing? She thought the poster was of a real missing person. Lots of the posters have been defaced or removed. A large number remain in Antrim, Ballymena, Ballycastle and Belfast.

There is an obvious nod to family dynasties and political nepotism. It is designed to provoke a dialogue and is part of a larger body of work which I commenced fly-posting in 2014. Images below are from Ballymena, Ballycastle and Belfast.

The artist’s site is:


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