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Remember the Paisley icon posters? Well the local artist TLO is at it again. This time its a mash up of Kim Jong-un and Ian Paisley Jr.

The artist says:

I’m interested in how people read and respond to the image. A woman in the holylands asked me who was missing? She thought the poster was of a real missing person. Lots of the posters have been defaced or removed. A large number remain in Antrim, Ballymena, Ballycastle and Belfast.

There is an obvious nod to family dynasties and political nepotism. It is designed to provoke a dialogue and is part of a larger body of work which I commenced fly-posting in 2014. Images below are from Ballymena, Ballycastle and Belfast.

The artist’s site is:


DSC_0124 DSC_0125 DSC_0134 DSC_0160 DSC_0178 DSC_0184 DSC_0192 DSC_0203 DSC_0229 DSC_0248 DSC_0262 DSC_0278 DSC_0282 DSC_0294 DSC_0316 DSC_0324 DSC_0364 DSC_0368

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  • Just thought it was flyposting gone mad.

  • Reader

    If TLO practises really, really hard, he may be able to take the next step up – tagging.

  • Cue Bono


  • GEF

    Wonder who is at their work coming up to the Westminster Election in may?

  • puffen

    funny yes, but a stand of courage no, there are many personalities in Belfast, who are worthy of satire, whom might knock on your door, and give you a hard time easy for liberals to hit an easy target, he is what he is a daddies boy,why not pick on the criminals and paras who still plague our lives, easy, you do not have the ball

  • npbinni

    This is art? My ten year old granddaughter could do a better job.

    Nepotism? Is that what following in your father’s footsteps has become?

    These posters show that some people do not have a life.

  • OneNI

    As a Conservative I’m not Ian’s biggest fan but I think this is crass

  • SeaanUiNeill

    An expensive business printing of great numbers of posters. I wonder if this was self-funded or was a grant aided project?

    And I’d be concerned about the validity of the act of communication here. Had I not been told who it was lampooning, I’d not have known. But perhaps that’s more of a comment on Ian Og as a nonentity.

  • whatthefoucault

    Questions of whether it is art is beside the point. It is guerrilla political satire.

  • whatthefoucault

    No its DIY political critique. Please encourage your granddaughter to do it better! It is sadly lacking in Belfast and beyond.

    Nepotism is favoritism granted in politics or business to relatives. It is the consolidation of political power within a dynasty. It encourages conservatism, cronyism and corruption.

    These posters reflect public distrust in bigoted, ideological politics.

  • whatthefoucault

    Paisley was a firebrand preacher who did much to perpetuate sectarian tensions and then became first minister; an end point his son hopes to achieve despite his obvious political ineptitude. They are a family worthy of satire.

  • whatthefoucault

    Spot on. Great work.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Disagree wtf, pretty homogenious, I’d find, rather than “great”. “Great” is something that flags uniqueness and vivid creativity for me, but then art (“real” art) is my own bread and butter. No great skill required here, no great imagination. Just a few lines from Walter Benjamin’s essay on “Mechenical Reproduction” and some aquaintence with the work of Andy Warhol. And photoshop, don’t forget photoshop.

    While I doubt that npbinni’s grand-daughter would actualy come up with the idea, she could do something similar once she’d seen it, and quite easily as long as she has access to photoshop and the numbers of a few printing companies, oh and a grant to pay for it all. Which is exactly what TLO is doing, “something similar” to something he has seen elsewhere. Unique is art, derivitive is, ahemmm, derivitive……..

    That and mistaking art for politics. And bad art at that. Never a fan of Paisley or his sons, the fellow demanded to not have to sit beside me on a London flight once, loudly and abusively, but I can think of some real ways to seriously disipate his baleful inheritance, and fly posting does not come very high in my list.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Yes, we could do with some real political critique. But this is not it, these photoshopped images have no real focus, no intentionality.

    I can even imagine, some years hence, one of these posters on a DUP supporters wall, they are so very neutral in actual form . I’d mentioned Marc Boxer’s excellent cartoon of Paisley from years back on another posting here recently. No one could ever be in any doubt of exactly what Marc thought about Uncle Ian. Now that actually was “political critique…”

    And Marc, in all his glorious satiric inconsequentiality, actually was an artist.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    As an artist, an Anarchist of some fifty years standing, a film maker and an unrepentant “radical” cartoonist and satirist who actually knows some real artists and encounters genuine creativity, these seem to me undirected, rather pointless self-indulgence. Banksey, now, “is guerrilla political satire”:

    [Keep clicking]

    But this kind of work needs imagination and a mind that grasps the significance of contextuality and strong idea focus in the act of communication. Not something I’m seeing in TLO’s pretty obvious “creative” choices.

    I’d still ask the all important question, who is funding this? If it is the state in any form, aerts council or other, then for me at least, any claim to radical “guerrilla political satire” is entirely undermined. But if it is self-funded or privately backed, then at least he is only wasting his own or his friends money.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Oh, puffin, I can think of any number of very good reasons for satirising Ian Og….

  • whatthefoucault

    Well its OK to disagree. But I simply don’t share definition of ‘great’ or notion of ‘real art’. Rather than berating TLO for his lack of uniqueness and vivid creativity I welcome the person’s attempt to open Belfast’s public spaces to a bit more of a political discussion. Most Belfast ‘street art’ and graffiti is apolitical in nature. Perhaps we should have more ‘real artists’ put murals of Rory McIlroy up so that we idolised his multi-millionaire lifestyle for whacking a wee ball very well with a big stick.

    So what its done with photoshop. Perhaps you would prefer oil paintings and conceptual art like ‘RISE’ to be peppered around Belfast. After all that is unique, I am sure the people on the West Belfast are wowed everyday by its inexpensive message of hope.

    All art is politics. ‘Real art’ that art historians discuss typically conveys one historical narrative, which is that of the wealthy. Using low cost means to convey one’s one message however unskillfully or hamfistedly is something that should be celebrated not repressed.

  • whatthefoucault

    To be honest I am not sure I see your point. No it is not Charlie Hebdo your right. Perhaps that is a comparison best left for the Vacuum? Soft targets? So because the artist is not trying to incite fundamentalist terrorism they have a masculinity problem. Are you suggesting instead of conceptually critiquing local politicians they should incite fundamentalist violence?

  • whatthefoucault

    An anarchist who celebrates Banksey. The ‘guerrilla’ artist who recently had prints in the Print Workshop going for £40,000. Give me a break. Banksy has done some excellent things but has also fulled the marketisation of a once punk art form. As a self-confessed anarchist I am surprised that you choose to discredit local artists that are obviously developing and could benefit from an old hand such as yourself.

    I agree your question about funding is vital. But tell me are you really sad about the funding cuts to the arts in the north? I used to trawl the local galleries each month looking for something inspired but found little in the Catalyst, Golden Thread, etc. that was of any inherent value. In the end even the free wine wasn’t enough to tempt me.

    Why not post a link to your own work rather than Banksy’s? I would be keen to see your own radical critiques.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    We will just have to agree to differ on some of these issues, wtf. “All art is politics”, no, art is communication, politics are but one facet of communication, although as Ernest Gellner tells us, all politicians always attempt to highjack art for their own uses. And I cannot see how he as actually opening “Belfast’s public spaces to a bit more of a political discussion” by simply slapping the late Baron Bannside on the walls, I’d imagine that having some real creativity and imagination would be the first necessity in setting out to do this effectively.

    And I’d also contest the glib characterisation of all art as the historical narrative of the wealthy, it’s simply the historical narrative of the intelligent and talented in my estimation! Most artists I know, with real creativity and intelligence, are far from wealthy. the first requirement for that is some skill in preparing grant applications. My concern at his possibly state funded remains, until I’m shown otherwise.

    You are also forgetting “folk art” with your last paragraph. This may be framed as “political”, but i’d contest that.

    I’m just as contemptuous of all the rest of the state funded art that litters Belfast today in an attempt by those Wyndham Lewis calls “Men without Art” to engage in something they do not understand. And as someone familiar with printing costs, I’d not speak of “low cost.” But these things are relative.

    I’ve no desire to repress TLO, his own lack of talent will do that soon enough. In fifty years I’ve seen all too many art graduates such as he end up in real work soon enough.

  • whatthefoucault

    All communication takes place within a socio-political and so is
    inherently implicated in politics. It is a fallacy to partition off
    politics as a discrete segment of society. No form of communication is
    apolitical it is all informed by hegemonic and counter-hegemonic
    ideologies, metaphors and symbolism. I think the fact that we are
    discussing this shows that we this ‘art’ can create political

    Glib? Historically art has been commissioned by the
    wealthy. That’s why most classical pieces of art are portraits of the
    bourgeois and religious stories. Of course there are the exceptions.
    Most artists I know, irrespective of their creativity and intelligence,
    are also poor. But then most people I know are poor. None of them are
    probably good at grant applications.

    Anyway, I look forward to a link to your own work.

  • kalista63

    A childish piece of criminality. Hope the artist gets done.

  • Three Letter Organisation

    Hi just to let you know that all the work is printed for free on other people’s printers. I am an office cleaner at night – is that anarchist enough for you? There is no state funding involved.

  • Three Letter Organisation

    I’ve never been to art college. I’ve had a real job for years. I don’t apply for grants. Wallpaper paste is my only expense.

  • Reader

    TLO: Hi just to let you know that all the work is printed for free on other people’s printers. I am an office cleaner at night…
    Are those two statements connected?
    Also, colour printing isn’t cheap, let alone ‘for free’. Someone is paying quite a lot for your activity, whether they know it or not.

  • Three Letter Organisation

    Thanks Dad

  • Charles Saatchi

    Art creates debate… You guys have just certified this as, art. Whether you like it or not, it worked.

  • Charles Saatchi

    Superb TLO, can’t wait until you strike again!!!!

  • Mike the First

    Poor concept (Paisley is a backbench MP, has no access even to a lowly junior ministerial position, and is pretty estranged from his party leadership, it seems, so it’s hardly the Kim dynasty), and poor execution (crude cut and paste of Paisley’s face onto a portrait of Kim).

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Nice photoshap’n. But if you just poke fun at one side, you just come off as old fashioned tribal. If you want to be normal you need a balanced portfolio !

  • Reader

    Severe logic fail – lots of things create debate, not just art. Twaddell, for instance.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I’m delighted to hear it. I don’t even apply for grants myself, its all simply a matter of filling in forms. So we are on the same page with that one. What’s Anarchist about being an office cleaner? After all Prince Kropotkin was, ahem, a “prince”. Office cleaner or banker, its all the same to me, what I’m interested in is the quality of the art, and how original it is, i.e.: Banksey. This is a hangover from the kind of “idea focus” that watching serious players in advertising such as John Hegerty has driven into my own visual literacy.

    I had a professional career in what others have told me was very innovative film making in British Animation from the 1970s, I now paint, its far less bother, certainly less accounting than running a film company. But after about forty years of my income and reputation depending on recognising what was actually original and innovative, I’ve honed my “can’t be silent and who will not lie” genes to a point of perhaps critical overkill. I would never, as other posters seem to wish to do, want to stop you from what you’re doing but I still think that it’s derivative work without a strong underlying creativity. But if its simply political, well I have seen worse! And comparing the work with Banksey is probably unfair, he is after all a world leader in what he does.

    You should try art college, however. Don’t knock it. It does teach real skills and exposes you to a whole range of art trends that allow you to learn to analytically question the work you produce. It’s taken me about fifty years from when I first squeezed oil paint onto a palate and I’m still learning new things about the medium. I have no beef with that, simply with the legions of fundees. But I still passionately believe that art is more than simply thinking something, its about creating something in an engagement with hard learnt skills, something that will echo powerfully outside the time it is made in. This needs more than simply a few ideas and photoshop.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Perhaps Twaddell is performance art. For the life of me, I cannot see anything else in it!

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Long time back I was sitting in a PD meeting at Queens Student Union Basement. Cyril Toman was almost killed for breaking into a similar diatribe (as politically framed as your response) from a couple from the Belfast end of the Socialist Labour League (now known as “The Worker’s Revolutionary Party”, but I really miss the SLL label) and asking the chair “Mr Chairman, do all Trotskyists think constantly in jargon?”

    Even in my teens, this kind of ideological substitute for real thinking left me in stitches. Out here in the real world, politics is simply one “representation” of reality, there are many many others. I know Marx is a religion, and the correct language needs to be used, but its one in which I’m an atheist. I prefer Emma Goldman, and delightful as Marx may be at times, he is very, very determinist, not really fertile ground for creatives such as myself. If I wanted that kind of “mind lock” I’d be an unreformed Covenantor Presbyterian, which at least offers a bigger gene pool locally. This addiction to broad generalisations and reifications is delightfully parodied by Michael Foucault (???) in his “The Order of Things” where the tick list categorising of things in this manner is shown (quite hilariously, in my view) to be rather “culturally situated.”

    “Glib” I stand by. Sure the rich commissioned the art, but note, they did not MAKE it. You could hardly get more acerbic views of the elite than “society painter” John Singer Sargent painted, for example. Exibition of his work, highly recommended, coming up in London. And try Wyndham Lewis’s “The Apes of God” for a very funny description of the 1920s turnover to the wealthy just beginning to make their very own art and start starving out the likes of me.

    I’d link to my own work, but after some of the things I’ve said about both sides of the divide here, especially GA and Peter Robinson, I relish my anonymity (and my kneecaps). I’m too poor myself to risk long term hospitalisation. Sufficent to mention I’ve had international film credits, and my paintings are in many private collections over the world.

    If you really think this work is any good, even just politically, I’d recommend reading work from the Frankfort School as a hearty corrective. There’s a bit of pre-war support form Walter Benjamin and his fad for the reproduction of art, but I think Adorno would be even more scathing than myself, and Marcuse’s critique of the shallowing out of experience “One Dimensional Man” offers a brilliant analysis of the narrowing of creative cues that this work in its shallowness, (my own take, I admit) so vividly represents to me.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Indeed they are worthy of satire, but it should be good, focused satire.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Banksey as focused intelligent work that speaks powerfully. The money is was others, dealers, etc, make of work, and I’ve no beef with anyone earning money, simply with bad art and with the local grant trail, of which TLO tells me is free of the taint.

    Oh, and I do not exhibit work here, although I do know of quite a few excellent local artists, but they are artists not propagandists.

  • Janos Bingham

    Poor show SeaanUiNeill. Your critique rings rather hollow when you use your own history as a creative as context to judge another artist’s published work yet when asked to bring that work into the arena for others to comment on the value of your position you shy away.

    I very much doubt there are bad men waiting in the wings so scarred by your acerbic wit that they would wish to do you harm.

    Surely it is only fair that following you introducing into the argument your artistic antecedents others should have sight of some of your work so that they too can offer their opinions with the benefit of both artists then being in the public domain?

    As for TLO’s work. The shown work to date may indeed by rather unsophisticated, but the artist has informed us that other work will be produced addressing the same themes. Perhaps when more of the series is revealed we may be in a more informed position to judge the merit of the work?

  • submariner

    Absolute garbage

  • Sir Rantsalot

    One other point, why didn’t you merge the skin tone?
    I suppose another point would be, what is your point? You don’t seem to make a clear point? Yeah we can all demonize our politicians, but what is your point? If your are just trying to link people to someone who ‘is bad’ then its pretty pathetic work. Are you doing a GSCE art project or wha?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Let me get this right, I have no right to have an opinion formed from fifty years as an art professional unless I show you one of mine? Why? Why should I ever want to put my work alongside such work? What does it add to my arguements? My experience, the thing I’m employing here, is evident I hope, in my comments. I’m not comparing his work with mine, but with (capital “A”) ART. When anyone with any critical sense makes this comparison, as with my flagging of Banksey, TLO’s work simply withers. The bald fact remains, this is simply politics, it is not art.

    TLO tells me above he has not been to art college. I’ve commented that I feel that the critical faculty and sheer basic training that Art College offers would help. Art is a serious, professional activity, I believe it’s as serious as any of the sciences. All too many people seem to think anyone can just do it, hey presto! Well they can, but not at all well, any more than I could plumb or wire a house, or diagnose illness, without serving my time to learn these things properly. Simple fact, this is very poor, derivitive “monkey see monkey do” work, try it round any galleries, or take a portfolio with it to any graphics studio, no go. You admit the work is unsophisticated, well, any of us who care about professionalism do not show work before we have reached a “sophisticated” standard. This work is nowhere near that level yet. I do not know where he might find himself with some proper training, but it is sorely needed as things stand.

    Anyone using a “pen-name” here on slugger does it for a reason. Just dropping my habitual flipancy for one moment, after my PD and NICRA activity, I’ve had enough serious threat and actual violence from my “own” community (including Paisley) to last me several lifetimes. You may not feel threat yourself, but then you haven’t had my experiences.

    I also believe my arguments stand entirely on their own legs without needing a few paintings or drawings to back them up. What I’m trying to do is an informed critique of poor work, same as you’d get in any decent professional review. I’d ask you to just read, and then respond to, the arguements about the derivative and thin quality of the work, Marcuse, Adorno, etc, rather than avoiding them and “playing the man” by trying to turn this into something personal. Remember its not the person, whom I do not know, it’s his displayed work that I’m critiqueing.

    Now if you can actually tell me why I’m wrong, and that these photoshop pics are actually first rate work, we may be getting somewhere. But as far as I can see you are agreeing with me (“unsophistocated”), but appealing to work he has neither done or shown yet to seemingly disagree. You do not judge work on what does not yet exist, but on what you are actually shown. If he develops better work, I’ll praise it, but surely I have every right to speak of this work for what it actually is here and now!!!

  • Sp12

    Agreed, it’s very Crass, as in very Gee Vaucher.

  • ted hagan

    We can’t even do humour right.

  • babyface finlayson

    An exercise in pointillism. Sorry I mean pointlessness.

  • babyface finlayson

    Maybe its just me but when I saw these in the town the Paisley link never occured to me. We should be able to recognise the target of the satire should we not?
    Also a pretty east target. Is there anyone who is not aware of the nepotism in the DUP and to a lesser extent the other parties?
    Still, no harm in it. Maybe the next one will be better.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    When I was at art college, performance art was just coming into serious vogue. This was back in the period of maintenance grants and two students were simply surfing the late waves of a recently lost “Summer of Love.” Neither had produced any work for about two full terms, and their tutor tried one final suggestion before writing them entirely off for the following year.

    “Have you come across Performance Art? Why do you not consider what you tell me you are now doing, simply sitting about pointlessly, doing nothing at all, as a kind of artistic nihilism? Art as anti-art? You will have to write about your days as carefully as you can in diaries that describe all you do, but we would then be in a position to assess and mark your work. And then the grants will continue next year”

    Why does this bring the Twaddell protest camp most vividly before my imagination?

  • babyface finlayson

    Could they not do a Marina Abramović type performance where we can all take turns to sit in an armchair and gaze into the eyes of an Orangeman in the hope of seeing into his soul?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I wonder if I could get an Arts Council grant for that, despite the cuts?