Same sex marriage? No thanks we’re British

Same Sex

As of January 1st 2015 Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom where same sex marriage remains illegal.

A new law on gay marriage came into effect in Scotland in December 2014 and the first same sex weddings were held at 00:01 on Hogmanay. A total of 250 couples have converted their civil partnerships to marriage since the new law – the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill – came into effect on 16 December.

Same-sex marriage was legalised in England and Wales earlier this year and the first weddings took place in March.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland the former DUP Mayor of Ballymena Maurice Mills received an MBE in the New Years Honours list.

Mills first came to national prominance when he blamed Hurricane Katrina, which left 1,300 dead and tens of thousands homeless, on gay people.

Mills Burning bush

Article on Ivan Foster’s website ‘The Burning Bush’ regarding Maurice Mills

Mills also blamed the spread of Aids in Africa on gay people. “This abominable and filthy practice of sodomy has resulted in the great continent of Africa being riddled with Aids,” he said.

Gay rights organisation the Rainbow Project demanded that his party reject Mills’ comments but the DUP declined to do so. The (still) DUP councillor has never retracted his remarks but in 2008 speaking to the Belfast Telegraph on Hurricane Gustav which battered the US Gulf Coast, the veteran DUP man refused to say whether his hard-line stance has changed, or if he thought the inhabitants of the US city were being punished yet again.

The elements are in the hands of God. I’m leaving it there. I don’t want to say anything else about it

Mills’ ‘honour’ has not gone un-noticed by the national media having been reported by The Independent, The Guardian, Pink News and in today’s Belfast Telegraph.


Pink News


This episode is the latest embarrassment for the DUP who have faced widespread national derision for Paul Givan’s so-called ‘Conscience Clause‘ and their support for the views of  ‘Pastor’ James McConnell.

McConnell’s views reiterate those held by First Minister Peter Robinson in which he backed his wife Iris Robinson‘s view that homosexuality is an “abomination” – a view echoed by sacked former Health Minister Edwin Poots.


Peter Robinson defends disgraced wife Iris’ views that homosexuality is an “abomination”


It seems ironic that so-called ‘Unionist’ parties should be so out of step with not only local opinion but also at odds with policy already adopted in England, Wales and Scotland.

Lucid Poll results on same sex marriage

Lucid Poll results on same sex marriage

Despite last year’s Equal Marriage vote in the Assembly being narrowly defeatedn.b. the only designated Unionists who voted in favour of pro Equal Marriage were Michael Copeland (UUP), Danny Kinahan (UUP), Basil McCrea (NI21) and John McCallister (Ind)  – and effectively pointless due to another DUP petition of concern it seems a legal challenge may be on the cards.

Politicians currently designated 'unionist' who voted 'YES' to equal marriage

Politicians currently designated ‘unionist’ who voted ‘YES’ to equal marriage


Source: Hansard (


Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty’s Northern Ireland programme director told The Guardian:

We look forward to seeing that discrimination being challenged in the Northern Ireland courts during 2015. We have long predicted that, should Northern Ireland’s politicians fail in their duty to end such discrimination, then gay people will resort to the legal system to have their human rights as equal citizens vindicated. We expect that to happen in 2015. That obligation is clear in international law. This means that marriage should be available to same-sex couples in Northern Ireland, just as it is now in Scotland, England and Wales. There is still a chance for Northern Ireland’s politicians to do the right thing in 2015. However, if they continue to abdicate their responsibilities, judges instead will be asked to uphold the right of all our citizens not to face discrimination

In 2015 we will have to wait and see if Northern Ireland politicians will indeed “do the right thing”.

Sadly some people think they are above the law:














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  • Gulag Escape Artist

    You actually think any of these people actually give a toss about any of this boring issue for the umpteenth time? zzzzzzzzz The whole point of most writers here is to bash the non-Marxist Prods who don’t play (or fall for) the eternal victim card. There wouldn’t be an article otherwise.

  • carl marks

    wow are you for real! being bullied gives you character, and if somebody takes a nervous breakdown do you shout; pull yourself together!
    do you have any idea how much damage being bullied does to a person and how much damage people spewing imbecilic macho nonsense such as yourself cause ?
    there is thing called science and it has a branch labeled psychology, the smart and educated people in that field how carried out many studies of the severe detrimental effect bullying has on people and also concluded that “man up” is perhaps the most stupid and dangerous piece of advice you can give to a person being victimized by a bunch of ignorant thugs!

  • Gulag Escape Artist

    Not surprising that a Marxist doesn’t want people to man up and be self-reliant and remember how people were taught about “sticks and stones” back in the day. The whole demagoguery tactic would not work any more if there were no more woe-is-me eternal victims.

  • carl marks

    and you know i’m a marxist How do you know this?

  • Gulag Escape Artist

    Perhaps not a classical economic Marxist, but certainly inherit concepts there from later forms of cultural critique by Western Marxists whereby everyone is an oppressed victim due to culture. Might also want a better user-name.

  • Gulag Escape Artist

    “you can deny someone equality” lollolllololl

    Everyone was “denied” equality the minute they were born by virtue of being on planet Earth!!!!!

  • carl marks

    two things firstly care to quote these “later forms of cultural critique by Western Marxists ” sounds like a lot of words stuck together to look smart and user-name, so you think thats relevant! i see then i would love to read your exploits from your various gulag escapes, i am sure they make exciting reading>
    i have a bit of bad news for you, if you are coming onto slugger hoping to be the next resident right wing nutjob, there is a queue! and some are beauty’s

  • Gulag Escape Artist

    Aye, how dare they be at odds with a policy altering the definition of the backbone of Western civilization for millennia, rushed through Parliament without a mandate nor a reasonable debate for something of such a magnitude. A policy which will be the death knoll of the Tory Party, now “conservative” in name only, in a totally pointless move given Civil Partnerships already existed to address the balance.

  • notimetoshine

    So your point is what? That people shouldn’t fight for the right to marry?

  • notimetoshine

    Your sweeping generalisationsare as ridiculous as they are sad. I am no hysterical snowflake, I came through a horrendous period as many have stronger and more than ever ready to fight for who I am.

    I recounted my story as an example of how backwards and moronic people in this country can be when confronted with something different. Also whether you like it or not and whether it fits in with your political and cultural ideology bullying both physical and verbal can and does take a horrendous toll on people and some do not come through it. I was hounded and frankly put up with more than I should gave done. I am not saying that one should be wrapped up in cotton wool but good god there is a difference between character building and outright abuse.

    Finally, I know I have to battle in life as do we all. Believe me I have been fighting morons like you for some time and will not stop. How do you know I haven’t accepted responsibility? How do you know I haven’t given up on the concept of societal utopia? Or indeed that I ever believed in one to begin with?

    You are a troll sir and a bore.

  • notimetoshine

    Well if they don’t care about it, then why not let gay people get married?

  • carl marks

    right then show us in the gospels Jesus approves of “burning people out off their homes” that us see some off the old proof thingy, now try to remember Morph said “Jesus!

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Talking about rights and equality is missing the point. People, usually deliberately, use this type of emotional language to try and win a discussion by portraying what they want as someone else denying them a reasonable request. No body using this language is actually saying anything about the subject.
    A marriage is between a man and a woman. They have kids and become a family. The man is the father and male role model, the woman is the mother and female role model. Both male and female have different qualities to fulfil the needs of the family. Everyone knows this. To say 2 men or 2 women can fulfil a father and mother role is nonsense.
    A legal civil partnership was fine for gay relationships. Its simply absurd to say 2 men or 2 women are ‘married’.
    Add to the absurdity, the mental damage that adopted children will suffer by being brought up in an abnormal environment with 2 men or 2 women. Child abuse in my opinion.

  • notimetoshine

    So in terms of abnormal environments I suppose a single parent would be raising a child in an abnormal environment? Single parents much be child abusers, sick the lot of them.

  • Gulag Escape Artist

    It devalues the purpose of marriage and the traditional family — to protect children, not merely about hedonistic relations between two people. It devalues the purpose of sexuality in general as somehow being about hedonism rather than its main biological purpose with consequences and responsibility. It sends the wrong message about the optimum family with biological mother and father to give the best protection to offspring (less delinquency, less antisocial behaviour less mental health issues, more success, more prosperity, a better understanding of heteronormal relations and the virtues of masculine and feminine behaviour and when masculine or famine approaches are best needed in life)

  • Gulag Escape Artist

    I speak not on personal terms but in terms of probability and generalisation as anyone must do to make rational intuition. (personal emotional thought is not helpful between strangers across the Internet). Your rant is making my point for me that the best general advice for such people in ANY bullying circumstances to be given is indeed to “man up”. Advice that all fathers need to give their children as there are times to be masculine and times to be feminine — things which a healthy heteronormal family will be teaching their offspring.

    It is also a state of delusion if you think the abnormal result of evolutionary biology will ever be treated the same as the normal result of evolutionary biology in the playground (and that can be for ANY reason, and big brother government brainwashing will make zero difference to that). The abnormal edge cases depend on the strong Civilization created by traditional marriage as much as any other member of society (but not vice versa) and destroying what creates the most mainstream success is not going to improve the lot of anyone in the playground. In fact is more likely to make things worse given the increased probability of behavioural problems from messing around with the backbone of the family (most bullies have mental issues of their own, usually due to broken families). Family breakdown will not improve if the seriousness of heteronormal sexuality is now dismissed, and definition of marriage as something to ensure responsibility and healthy disciplined upbringing of offspring from a heteronormal relationship altered to mean the same as consequence-free idealistic “true love” between any two people.

  • Gulag Escape Artist

    Everyone already has the right to marry.

  • Gulag Escape Artist

    Depends on who was in the home. SF/IRA murderers? He said to love your enemy, not that you should never have enemies. There are plenty of stories of defensive violence in the Bible. An eye for an eye? Live by the sword? Forgiveness requires repentance.

  • carl marks

    boy oh boy,maybe i was wrong, you could be the new right wing nutjob !

  • carl marks

    and that quote about being able to burn people out of there home’s is from which gospel ?

  • Gulag Escape Artist

    Given the dominant Marxist narrative on here, continually encouraging and exploiting various classes of victim-hood for the sake of political gain, that is a badge of honour!