Photo of the day – Continental Market, Belfast City Hall


Photo by Roger Bradley, Taken on November 18, 2014

The Continental Market is back at Belfast City Hall. Depending on your view either it’s an English company bringing outside traders in to hoover up the Christmas cash at the expense of local traders or a wonderful chance to experience a wide range of foreign delicacies and crafts. Either way the punters love it and it will be jammed.


  • Sergiogiorgio

    The rats love it.

  • carl marks

    went monday night, a couple of mango beers Mango beer’s Jerk Chicken rice and peas, and came home with Salami’s and cheese’s great fun!

  • guest

    I’ve worked there for quite a while now and I would be loathe to have anything to eat there. They have a problem with rats and unsecured food sources – food lying unattended at night. How they get past environmental health with it being in the city hall grounds is beyond me…but doesn’t seem to detract from its popularity

  • Rapunsell

    It has a certain attractiveness but having walked through it most years it really is just overpriced fast food with a few beer tents. The food stall far outnumber anything else and it isn’t good value for money. The other stuff is mostly just tat

  • Brian O’Neill

    But it’s only been open four days? Or are you referring to last year?