Photo of the day – The Spire At St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast

DSC05518 (Large)

Photo by Brian O’Neill, taken 14 November 2014

The Spire on top of St Anne’s has been there for seven years but it was only last Friday that I realised the spire actually goes inside the church. The next time you are in there have a look above the altar to see the bottom of the spire. It is very cool, like something from a bond movie.

  • Brian Walker

    . indeed just like a Bond movie Brian – Great pic but the “spire” is a naive and clumsy evangelical statement, a terrible mistake for a neo-Gothic stump of a church -as is the spiky thingummy defacing O Connell St in Dublin. Why didn’t those morons remove the figure and not the Pillar? And then there was the 1972 destruction of the Walker monument on Derry’s’ Walls, although Walker himself survived slightly battered (no relation)., We live in stunted times with no proper sense of the monumental. Bah!

  • I trade you another picture of the spire/spike … taken lying on the floor underneath it!

  • Sergiogiorgio

    That’s a stunning shot. I love the contrast of the gothic solidity to the almost free standing spike. I’m off to wiki the meaning.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Could not agree more Brian! There is no real understanding of the need for architectural cohesion, and the committee that passed the spending on this eyesore certainly did not seem to have visual sensitivity as a criteria of membership. The “spire” gives this (actually, to be strictly accurate) neo-Romanesque cathedral all the vulgarity of a pet dressed up for a photograph.

    As a product of the nearby art college and Chelsea School of Art, I’m quite a modernist in my design interests, but the entire effect needs to be considered with some sensitivity to the original architecture, not simply as the product of someones freakish fancy!