Photo of the day – Orange Order Christmas Cards


Even the most ardent Republican must admit, the parading penguins are kinda funny. The perfect Christmas card for the shinner in your life, gets yours here…

The Christmas tree decorations are also worth a look. Photo via Orange Order.



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  • sk

    Just oozing class, like everything else about them.

  • NMS

    Brilliant! I must get some! There are some Orangemen with a sense of humour.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    My brother keeps buying me these things they produce every year! Perhaps he hopes that my hopelessly “Lundy” soul will receive a sudden revelation…..

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Nice to see Compo and Cleggy still getting around the place.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    It’s a bit of fun, come on loosen up.

  • sk

    Oh it’s great fun altogether. I especially like the “Santa’s a Prod” connotations, with jolly old Saint Nick waving the union flag there. The high sales are probably down to the fenians buying it for each other ironically.

  • carl marks

    Classic, couple of ski mask’s on the penguins would make it more realistic!

  • Reader
  • carl marks

    maybe, just maybe it not one or the other, maybe just maybe some of us think its all bloody stupid and, but look on the bright side, now we have parity of esteem in making in playing silly buggers at xmas.

  • carl marks

    Now Joe can we believe you, will you giggle at readers rebel reindeer?

  • carl marks

    I have a couple of mates who will just love them,

  • Morpheus

    No harm but those cards would not fit through my letterbox.

    I hear the DUPs cards are exactly the same except they used lemmings instead of penguins

    Penfold’s getting on a bit!

  • sk

    Reader, I remember the hullaballoo about those scarfs. I remember that they were actually green, red and white (ie,standard christmas fare) but somebody went and did a Willie Frazier by confusing the red for orange.

    A nice, festive attempt at whataboutery on your part though.

  • carl marks

    you should see the state of dangermouse !

  • sk

    That, and a couple of penguins picketing a black guy’s house maybe?

  • sk

    That’s the offending scarf there. At the time it prompted opinion pieces by the likes of Gail Walker, who thought it was an absolute outrage. Like you, she also ignored that minor detail- namely that it wasn’t a tricolour scarf at all.

    All that outrage over nothing. Where is it this time around?

  • Reader

    Where is it this time around?
    Why should there be any outrage at all? This is the OO, selling cards only to people who choose to buy them.
    (Your description of the picture doesn’t convince me – Rudolph’s nose is red, the hat and the jacket in the background are red, but the scarf – not so sure.)

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    Penguins instead of protesting Humans- even the Orange Order see’s it’s supporters as Animals-

  • LighterSide…

    Could some EU technocrats be of assistance in establishing some legal boundary between red and orange?
    Maybe some locals could be employed to go around testing colours to see if a line has been crossed.

  • sk

    It looks orange to you because you want it to be orange, Reader. Much like Willie Frazier whinging about an Italian flag that time.

    Most reasonable people know a red and green scarf when they see one.

  • sk

    This uncanny Ulster Prod ability to hallucinate colours to suit their agenda- it’s an experimental psychologist’s wet dream.

  • LighterSide…

    I think that alien white-coats would take a very special interest in the six counties, generally speaking.

  • terence patrick hewett

    I like the Tin of Fudge.

  • chrisjones2

    How do you see them? Humans or animals?

  • Joe_Hoggs

    We all know the answer to that Chris.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    You have mates?