Political inertia to a flourishing society HOW?

Just had this einvite pdf to a platform for change event in a couple of weeks. Good question even if the natural response is “well, if I was going to start, I wouldn’t start from here.

Here being where a senior DUP MP’s off colour joke about the Irish Language in the Assembly (on which more later), and the deputy First Minister is selling his political partners in government (during talks) as a bunch of bigots.

Nevertheless, it remains good question. And one it struck me we could usefully convene a public conversation (aka a #DigitalLunch of our own around, with a motley crew of non party types who might have something useful to say on the matter.

In the meantime, give us a few of your own ‘starters for ten‘?


  • Dixie Elliott

    Shortly after….

  • barnshee

    “a platform for change ”
    All depends on the nasty Brits –if they hold their nerve and reduce the block grant to tax generated in NI – change will be forced on the parties and “normal” politics might evolve.

  • Kevin Breslin

    Inertia isn’t particularly bad thing, considering we have a free-fall economy and recoil politics, we need just enough inertia to slow these things down before we can change direction.