Chuid eile i síocháin

A general theme of ‘new’ political thinking is evolution. The concept is basically the view that society changes. So change with it. Old morals and systems have no intrinsic value or legitimacy, sometimes they have less value, and we should not shirk changing them. Traditions should change/ evolve, indeed some should disappear we are told. Society finds its ‘level’ if you like, and what it has chose and is choosing should be embraced without attempts to pull it back and relive the past.

So with that all the latest mini spat in stormont- Irish. Surely society has made its decision and we have moved on from the need for Irish to be any more than a hobby for amateur enthusiasts and promoters? Surely its ‘left’ the modern sphere of work and life and as such society has made its choice and has ‘evolved’? It isnt relevant to the modern working world.

Because it was once present (and of course embraced by a tiny section of Protestants/Unionists as we get bombarded with continually) surely does not give it an unalieable value that deserves reignition? No moreso than a thousand other lost ‘ways of the world’.

Why is it that many who campain for the evolution of society contradict their own philosphy and make an exception for Irish? Its gone. The world has moved on. Anyone who wants to practise or promote go for it- but dont expect public money and special favour. Irish is no different from latin (it has manufactured communities who speak it dotted over the place as well). Irish is a dead language. Let it rest in peace.

Unashamed Ulster Loyalist. Marching band activist and band member for over 25 years. Contributor for the Belfast Newsletter and currently studying History at QUB.