Stormont lives: DUP and Sinn Fein agree a budget

Well, our government still stands tonight as the DUP and Sinn Fein have agreed a draft budget with the SDLP voting against and the UUP and Alliance parties abstaining on the vote.

Both Sinn Fein and the DUP have the numbers to get the budget throught the Assembly.

It took a while to get here, but a deal has been done that will keep things going in the interim.

Speaking about the budget the Deputy First Minister said;

the best deal possible in the circumstances..anybody that tells you different is living in a fantasy world.

With all budgets the devil will be in the detail, we should take some comfort that coaltion politics has worked in the end and we now have an agreement.

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  • until Monday…. or Gerry sees it… whichever is first.

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    It’s been agreed or near enough going by statements out so far- the block grant has been stripped for the last four years and this is the best deal possible under those circumstances says Martin McGuinness-

    The SDLP looks to be the only party to vote against this new draft budget- but they don’t disagree enough to leave the Executive or set up a opposition and they will be around the Executive table looking a slice of the pie for their department-early days and if it were up to me I would not pay back a penny of that loan- never refuse a fools money-

  • barnshee

    SF big hitters have been absent– two women appear to be fronting the deal

  • NMS

    Provos will be imposing water charges in UKNI while imposing them in Ireland. Pure hypocrisy. He has given the deal his blessing.

  • Are people in the North really surprised that the ‘Stop the Tory Cuts’ Party, Provisional Sinn Fein! Have agreed with the DUP to implement drastic cuts against the Working-Class? Guess those who voted for the Shinners know now what they got! ‪Betrayal‬ of the Working Class…..

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    This is a draft budget which ensures the 100 million goes to the Executive tomorrow – the actual budget does not have to be agreed for another eight weeks- plenty of time for people to tell their elected reps to support this budget or not-Sinn Fein is still opposed to the Tory Welfare cuts-

  • In implementing this Imperialist Deal @ Stormont, Provisional Sinn Fein has mirrored the Anti-Working Class Regimes of the past! Let no-one be fooled by their honeyed words folks….expose their hypocrisy!

  • Dan
  • pearse mcaleese

    so have you a better deal?what would yours be,bomb your way to a budget,everyone can ridicule Sinn Fein but no one can come up with a better alternative!!!

  • RNU has just released a Press Statement in relation to this entire issue a chairde;
    Stormont Cuts Represent Sixteen Years of Failure;

  • barnshee

    “The prospect of being hanged focuses the mind wonderfully.”

  • barnshee

    ” I would not pay back a penny of that loan”

    Absolutely priceless
    We get all the money from Nasty GB– we borrow more -and then we say– ha ha we won`t repay
    Fine –says nasty GB we will just send less next time -and even less after that

  • Gopher

    The funny thing was that Marty and Peter put on a great act today giving the impression that the Assembly actually mattered to people. All that happend today was incompetent people we cant get rid off, kept themselves in a job at the expense of everyone else. The reality gap or rather chasm between ordinary people and Stormont increased exponentially today.

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    ” We get ALL the money from Nasty GB ”

    There was me thinking that peace 1-2-3 etc came from Europe- that place that told David Cameron last week to shut his buttonHole and cough out more millions-

    We are borrowing from a government that is fining us and could be out on the street next May- hold back on the re- payments until we see the lie of the land-

    The Brits can afford wars- why should anyone be in a hurry to pay those war mongers back-

  • Comrade Stalin

    I was thinking the same thing.

    Are Marty’s comments about it being the only show in town a coded message to Gerry?

  • Gopher

    Her Majesties Government can also send a Royal ship of the Auxiliary all 28,000 tons of her plus helicopters to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone. Im sure 100 million can be put to better use by HMG than by our incompetent politicians.

  • paddykajinski

    Will sf be taking down those silly pink bill boards now? The ones opposing Tory cuts or the Giro d’Italia or some such revolutionary slogan.

  • Nevin

    “With all budgets the devil will be in the detail”

    eg closure of hospital beds

  • Jag

    Where is this Budget? Is it really going to cut £900m from state spending over a 12 months period. Will welfare be cut. Has SF committed political suicide because it appears to adopted one economic position in NI and a 180-degree different position in the Republic.

    But, where is the Budget? Seriously.

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    ” I’m sure 100 million can be put to better use by HMG “-

    They have already spend more bombing people in IRAQ in the last few weeks-HMG are that smart they have only got 30 per cent of the people voting for them- and Cameron got a smack last week and was told to spend millions more in Europe- he is still trying to work it out on his calculator –

    ” To fight Ebola in Sierra Leone “-

    Aye the best way to fight a epidemic is to sent hundred’s of hairy arsed Brit army over there- I hope none of those diseased Brits think they can come home for Christmas and spread it-

  • Gopher

    In Iraq they are “bombing” at the invitation of the Iraqi governemt and by the will of the parliament of the UK along with allied forces from the Arab world. In Iraq they are using a newish precision weapon called Brimstone which has a small warhead, whilst it cannot obviate all collateral damage certainly limits it. By all accounts it did what it said on the tin in Libya. Im quite sure Her Majesties Government and Opposition would rather not be bombing anyone but the prospect of soveriegn nation collapse and the ensuing genocide with overspill means a soveriegn government and surrounding states need propping up. Not optimal but there you go.

    I know we are so spoilt with the largesse of Her Majesties Government infrastructure investments here you seem to have trouble comprehending that in Sierra Leone such modernity does not exist. Niether do the facilities to service Helicopters which are essential for reaching isolated settlements. Rivers are the principle arterial routes hence the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Argus also brought landing craft which incidently are shallow draught to negotiate those rivers to compliment her helicopter handling capability. So in effect yes the Army, RN, and RAF are the best possible means to combat Ebola. Ebola it seems is as contagious as reason on this Island so I imagine you will be quite safe.

  • OneNI

    Eh Europe got the Peace money from the UK Govt first…
    The London Govt ISNT fining us – it is cutting welfare and hence public expenditure – and reducing our Grant proportionately. We are free not to reform welfare – but we cant expect the English to pay for it

  • OneNI

    What are Irish Republicans doing to fight Ebola? Oh yeah thats right Damn all. Your lazy criticism perhaps explains why Nationalists lost the vote at QUB SU!

  • Starviking

    A better deal would have been agreeing at the start of all this mess and having an extra 750 million quid to play with,

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    How is the Brit army going to fight Ebola- did any British ministers go over there with their troops- of course not- they don’t want to canvass around England next year whilst English people whisper the Politicians are spreading Ebola-don’t let none of those troops back till the epidemic is over-

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    Gopher is bragging bombing and the new toy of the RAF-the Brimstone warhead -Gopher admits it will kill Civilians but being a gentle person he calls Civilians collateral damage-bragging bombing in 2014- sad-reminds me of the dissidents bragging about their shitty war also-

  • Jag

    Seriously, what is wrong with media in this part of the world.

    It’s nearly 24 hours since the Budget was agreed, where are the details. Where will the axe fall, and if it is a £900m axe in one year, there will be carnage, of the scale 10-20,000 public sector job losses. Has welfare been cut? Are water rates/charges back on the table?

    Five parties were involved with this Budget, so even if the SFers/DUPers are keeping it under wraps, you’d expect the SDLP to tell us what was going on. Media fail. Politics fail.

  • Jag

    Radio Face Nolan claims the BBC has seen a draft of the Budget, but alas, there’s precious little on detail. Below is the Nolan show Halloween logo, but if they really want to scare the bejaysus out of us, just give us the facts and detail in the Budget.

  • chrisjones2

    Its the peoples republic of the Catholic half of Ardoyne where we pretend the Proddies don’t exist

    What are you going to do? Opt out of the budget deal locally while the Imperialists close all the local Government services and stop the services?

  • chrisjones2

    Whoopee …a press release …that’ll show them

  • chrisjones2

    How many members of the GARC steering group have jobs?

  • chrisjones2

    “There was me thinking that peace 1-2-3 etc came from Europe”

    You thought wrong …it comes via London

  • chrisjones2

    “those war mongers”

    Thats rich from a Shinner

  • chrisjones2

    Brimstone is over 10 years old

    Do keep up

  • chrisjones2

    “those diseased Brits”


    This is plain racist now

  • streetlegal

    A sight to make all nations stand and stare:
    A budget trusted to a schoolboy’s care!

  • barnshee

    well it worked for SF and Co — Surely a few seats for the various Ardoyne groupings would helpful

  • barnshee

    “Civilians but being a gentle person he calls Civilians collateral damage-”

    Recipe -straight out of the IRA cookbook –hard to beat

  • Stan McGlone

    Yes the intellectual wonders of ONH, sorry RNU have spoke again. I near died laughing at RNU protestors holding their marxist type parade with red socialist flags and complaining about capitalism whilst near all were wearing Nike trainers and fashion clothes such as Superdry. Oh the irony. Best not say to much incase ogglie na booglie land at our doors.

  • Stan McGlone

    Don’t be silly, they only hate the Brits on most of the week. Well, except for benefits day when the evil Brits ensure that they have their housing benefit, income support or DLA and of course their free British NHS medical treatment and British funded eduction system.

  • Stan McGlone

    Called humanitarian aid missions. Though your a Provo terrorist supporter so you would not understand the meaning of humanitarian. Just keep spouting the usual 1970’s republican nonsense if it makes you feel better about the IRA having been destroyed and auld Gerry now being a British minister. As usual you will have a impotent come back to anybody who dares to question your supreme leader who covers up for kiddy fiddlers and child killers.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Well, I’ve long been saying that independence means just that. After all “he who pays the piper calls the tune” no matter how clever SF think they are being soaking the “Brits”…..

  • SeaanUiNeill

    And the sooner we’re all back to wearing tight knee breeches, hob-nailed boots, that wee hat known as a “Caroline” hat and the swallow-tail coats the better. And maidens in shawls, etc…..

    Looks a lot better for a start……..

  • Croiteir

    They are at the minute – remember water charges are a part of your rates now.

  • Jag

    Radio Face Nolan continues his dance of the seven veils this morning (euuuurgh) with providing details from a BBC copy of the leaked budget and it indicates swingeing cuts are in prospect for the Northern Ireland public service. Hardly surprising, but apparently the cuts are to bring NI in line with public service levels in Britain and GBP 400m of cuts are being cited, and the unions are understandably threatening strike action.

    Amazing that five days after the budget deal, we still don’t have the details.