Are political commentators part of the problem?

You go out put your name on the ballot, get elected and then you are faced with constant critcism from people who in most cases have never done the same thing themselves. This is something that this blog is guilty of too, aside  from a few of us, none of us have had the cajones to put our necks on the line, yet we readily criticise those who do.

One criticism I regularly hear about our circle of political commentators is that they are regularly negative and are actually part of the problem in Northern Ireland politics. Last week for example on The View, Alex Kane called Stormont MLAs “Wackos” which many of our current crop of politicians  took real exception to. Now, this issue is not just limited to Alex, but I want to pose the question to the Sluggerverse; are political commentators part of the problem in eroding confidence in our politicians, or are our political leaders just too thin skinned and deserve criticism of the decisions they make?

Answers on a postcard please…..