Without further comment…


  • Ulick

    He lives in lodgings 6 days a week with a few other men. What’s so disturbing about this?

  • mickfealty

    I get the pretext but it’s the text and subtext I find genuinely disturbing…

  • Jag

    Is Mairia going to stand in the General Election 2016 in Louth?

    Here were the results from 2011


  • NMS

    Jag She would be far more effective running as an anti-fascist candidate in Fermanagh South Tyrone. I have no doubt the SDLP would withdraw and it would leave the various strands of unionism in an awkward place. However, it would give the people a clear choice between evil and those who stand up against it.

  • Daniel Black

    Have you ever been away working with a squad of blokes? the only thing disturbing is one of them will invariably seek to clean the joint at some point.

  • Robin Keogh

    It describes my gaff perfectly and I have nothing like the ecuse GA has

  • barnshee

    who let him into my house?

  • Robin Keogh

    That link does not work mate

  • Dixie Elliott

    Does he have 4 teddy bears now? I wonder, does he let them stay in his Donegal house called Tír na nÓg? (Land of the Young)

  • Jim £53

    So women only put up with us blokes because we have a penis?

    Hanging with the Elephant is obviously something written for the amusement of bored middle-class gossiping women, which fits perfectly with a Day in the life of “Der Uachtaráin”.

    But it is obviously, yet indirectly a smug snigger at Mairia Cahill.

    Gerry lives without shame, he refuses to accept the insensitivy surrounding sexual abuse, he portrays sexuality as satirical, covering up the shame and hurt caused by his own brother Liam’s ‘fragranced’ penis, and the hurt, ruin and further humiliation caused by Mairia Cahill’s ‘alleged’ rapist’s ‘fragranced’ penis.

    A penis should be enjoyed, even if it steals innocence by the foul means of burglary. – This seems to be the Sinn Féin unofficial doctrine. It will probably appear in another revised edition of the IRA green book. The book has been revised continuously to facilitate the ‘rise of Gerry’s own fragranced penis.’ Eventually paid for by corporate America.

    Heil Uachtaráin.

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    ” A clear choice between evil and those who stand up against it “-

    Yes- And Sinn Fein would stand for Good against evil-

  • Thomas Girvan

    I think that could be described as an oxymoron.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    I’m certainly not one to stand up for GA but surely this is nothing more than a tongue in cheek look at stereotypical male behavior as seen from the eyes of enlightened females?

    GA is a shrewd operator and in no way do I believe this is a reference to recent rape allegations to which he may or may not have been involved with.

  • Paul Devlin

    There are some real fools on here. The piece is about the squalourful fun and shame of living in an all male household. Ask any male student or fella that’s worked abroad what it’s like. Everyone reminisces about similar scenarios of their student days or working in London or Boston or wherever. Women have exactly the same scenarios, I know for a fact, but with different objects. It’s a dip into bohemia, a flirtation with the badness, but with the comfort of knowing you’re alright and just looking back on your abject youth. This place is full of arseholes parsing every word Adams utters and screaming ‘he’s practically a rapist himself’. Unfortunately, outside of Twitter and Mick Fealty and his gang, the Cahill story just doesn’t have that much traction (in Belfast anyway). Just too many obvious contradictions and too many tossers eager to jump on the bandwagon