“Assertion in blog is shameful and cruel” – McDonald

Sinn Féin deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald has posted a twitter response to a blog circulating on social media which describes Maíria Cahill’s alleged rape ordeal as “a year long sexual liaison”. The blog describes the alleged rapist as a man “whom many a 16-year-old would likely fancy”.

The blog prompted a twitter question from  Maíria Cahill to Ms. McDonald who replied two hours later.


The anonymous blogger who reportedly resides in West Belfast and calls himself “Ruaidri Ua Conchobai” writes an irregular blog called ‘Belfast Child’. The blog asks whether what happened between Ms Cahill and her alleged abuser was in fact a “year-long clandestine sexual relations (sic) between these two people ignited by a lawful but ‘a few cans of beer’ induced seduction by a silver-tongued, musically talented, IRA-powerful type of charmer whom many a 16 year old would likely fancy… it’s possible but I don’t know, do you?”.

The blog was shared on the Facebook page of Seamus Finucane, one of those involved in the ‘kangaroo court’ described by Ms. Cahill who allegedly forced her into a confrontation with her alleged rapist.


Madden and Finucane Solicitors, acting on behalf of Padraic Wilson, Seamus Finucane, Briege Wright and Maura McCrory yesterday issued a letter stating their opposition to Mairia Cahill‘s version of events.

Source: thejournal.ie
Source: thejournal.ie

Yesterday in the Dáil Gerry Adams TD, Leader of Sinn Féin described those named by Ms. Cahill as “decent people” sparking a furious backlash in some quarters.

When contacted by Slugger Maíria Cahill commented:

Gerry Adams called this man decent. Was sharing this post a ‘decent’ thing to do? I would like Sinn Fein to publicly say that Finucane is not decent and call on Mary Lou McDonald to condemn his actions

Mary Lou McDonald’s tweet signifies yet another shift in Sinn Féin’s position.

Last night Gerry Adams issued a statement denying any knowledge of alleged abusers being “moved from the North, across border to this jurisdiction or anywhere else.”

Adams Abusers moved

Today however Sinn Féin TD Peadar Tóibín appeared on Newstalk Breakfast and stated that he had “no doubt that the IRA moved abusers” but that he believed Mr Adams and that he didn’t think the Sinn Féin President had any more information about any other cases.


Martin McGuinness, Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland said today he believes Maíria Cahill was raped:

Martin McGuinness: "I believe Maíria Cahill was raped"
Martin McGuinness: “I believe Maíria Cahill was raped”

I believe Maíria Cahill was raped and I, speaking personally, regret that she wasn’t able to go into a court and confront the person that she alleged raped her in the same fashion that republicans are being confronted now. That has to be the target now. The target has to be the alleged perpetrator of her rape.

On last Tuesday’s BBC Spotlight, Ms. Cahill gave her reasons for withdrawing her evidence in April’s planned court case:

As the story develops the pressure on Sinn Féin and Gerry Adams in particular continues to grow.


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  • hugh mccloy

    What sort of round about apology is this, admit abuse but still protecting the abusers

  • Ulick

    This “agree with me or else” [text removed] is wearing very thin. The courts didn’t accept it and I don’t see why the rest of us should.

    I read the blog yesterday and it’s a reasonable enough opinion. We have had no evidence to substantiate anything Ms Cahill has alleged. She backed out of the court case because she couldn’t accept her narrative being challenged and now she has the media and politicians carrying out a witch-hunt on her behalf.

    Good job the author of that used a pseudonym or no doubt he’d have been plastered over every front page from here to Cork. Meanwhile the four people acquitted by the court are expected to stay quiet and allow her to slander them on an hourly basis.


  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    Martin -” Regret that she wasn’t able to go to court and confront the person “-I am sure we all Regret that –

    In Today’s Irish news-( page 6 )- Mairia called on Republicans-( nobody else )-to provide information on all alleged perpetrator’s to the Authorities to facilitate their prosecution-( I am sure everyone else would call on all who are in such a position to give this information to the Authorities )-But Mairia does not tell those that she asked to go to the Police if they should allow Questions to be asked of them by the defence in a Court case-Mairia refused to be Questioned by the defence so she left her own Court case-

    Emma Thompson who played Gareth Peirce in the name of the father held up a piece of paper near the end- Evidence not to be shown to the defence-or in Mairia’s court case it was- Evidence not to be given to the defence-

    I hope Justice prevails –

  • mickfealty

    If that really is Seamus, I think he’s made a pretty awful blunder…

  • Ulick

    Why was my comment deleted Mick?

  • Bryan Magee

    Do we get the impression Adams is about to resign? Just don’t see how he can continue.

  • mickfealty

    No idea. I’ll have a look… [Update] I think you said ‘bollocks’ and Disqus took exception.

  • Jag

    RTE devotes half of its Prime Time programme this evening to the Mairia Cahill story – nothing new, this is RTE after all, just a rehashing of existing stories.

    Neither GA nor any SFer was available to appear on Prime Time.

  • Rapunsell

    who’s expecting them to stay quiet? Given your confidence in the court – if she has slandered them – as you say – sure they can take action against her.
    I wont hold my breath

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    He never wrote the blog mick- Manys a thing I give a like or a share to- gave Slugger a reTweet today about that joke about the AP editor falling over himself laughing because ones were saying Slugger was to SF-

    Maybe because he was one of the named it might be seen different but he is a free person and can say what he likes- or share what he likes-others have no problem making up unsubstantiated remarks about him- The web- it’s the nature of the beast-

  • Jag

    And the Vincent Browne show (tonight hosted by tabloid editor with grander ambitions, Ger Colleran) devotes half its time to the Cahill/Adams story. Three politicians turn up, none from Sinn Fein.

    Of course, if there are no new developments, then these programmes will eventually lose interest and the story will fizzle out, but the week after the politicians return from half term, there’s a 2-day debate, and the profile of this story may throw light into unexpected places.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Couldn’t agree more Ulick. This is trail by media. Stand up in court and have your day or shut up.

  • chrisjones2

    Everyone is free to do that Michael – but they must recognise that what they share and support shows their character

  • Jag

    Deputy editor and political editor Pat Leahy of the Sunday Business Post which will be publishing an opinion poll this Sunday gives a big hint on RTE Radio that the poll will reflect the Mairia Cahill incident. What does that mean, SFers at 15-18% I’d say behind FG on around 25%, FF on 23%, Others/Greens on 28% and Labour on 9%, would be my bet.

  • Gopher

    It seems “decent” is now defined by Gerry and not ones actions. Well you get what you vote for DUP, SF whatever. But I have to say the DUP’s Dinosaur denying is positively quaint compared denying justice and the absence of “decency” as the rest of humanity understands it. I think if you were to hike up the Cooley Mountains this morning and look North you would see the truly “decent” people of East Belfast waving at you.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Any person who in any circumstances gives the benefit of the doubt to speculation that a rape victim “wanted it”, irrespective of the truth of her story, is more shameful than anything here.

  • barnshee

    Have SF not heard of the old Denis Healey tip
    “when in hole stop digging”

  • Jag

    Like senior Republican Conor Murphy claiming this morning, he is unaware of abusers exiled from NI to the Republic? This on the same day the Irish News reports six people accused of abuse were exiled to the Republic

    See http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ODv4DaCXFh4/VEovQg4s1SI/AAAAAAAABzw/XH3-1KhRfYg/s1600/img006.jpg

    The reporter Allison Morris says she has been on the phone to people claiming abuse all morning.

    Maybe Conor should have a word with his boss, GA, who said last Sunday that abusers had been “expelled”

    SF is all over the shop on this, they look like rabbits caught in a headlamp, seriously who is advising GA when his position is that he will only apoligise to Ms Cahill face-to-face which has massive overtones of the alleged confrontation in 2000, the SFlaw-and-order and victim support credentials (of which they should be justifiably proud in the last three years) are in danger of crumbling to dirt. They need to get a grip, and senior people need to have frank exchanges with GA.

  • Dixie Elliott

    ” the author of that used a pseudonym…” because he, unlike Mairia Cahill, is a gutless cretin who hides in dark places and throws out black propaganda…

    What have you to say now that McGuinness accepts Mairia was raped? What does he know which he never said at the time of the court case?

  • Jim £53

    Well, if I was raped, then re-raped by an IRA court. If I was denied the basic human right of comfort from my own mother. If I was brutalised to that extent, I would blame the system that allowed that to happen. I would blame those who thought they had the right to keep me within their power. I would blame the leader of the Republican Movement. I would feel compelled to act not only for myself, but because that leader dismissed the sexual abuse of his niece, and reported her Mum for having a dirty home. That shows how the Gerry Adams moulded cult of SF dealt with people who dared challenge it, in any regards. And people like you are here to prove that correct.

  • NMS

    Maybe Madden & Finnucane will issue a statement on poor Conor’s behalf that he never knew anything about it. All these people, who were members of the Provos for many years, holding key positions in their command structures, never knew anything, were never told anything and never did anything. Lots of wise monkeys……….

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    Dixie- other brave women have to keep their names in a dark place because they are fighting the rapists in Court-I hope you don’t think those brave women are gutless-

    ” What does he know which he never said at the time of the Court case “- Mairia walked out of that case because she would not let the defence speak to her- what could anyone say to help that case-

  • chrisjones2

    it’s a reasonable enough opinion

    Its vile character assassination. A child was raped. Even MMG says he believes her

    “Good job the author of that used a pseudonym”

    Yes …now ask yourself why

  • chrisjones2

    Well Louth is in a foreign country so perhaps that’s his defence

  • Dixie Elliott

    I asked a question McGuinness says he believes Mairia Cahill was raped. Do you Michael-Henry Mcivor believe he should explain the reason why he believes her to the Review into her case?