Madden and Finucane on the ending of the #Cahill court case…

Madden and Finucane Solicitors, acting on behalf of Padraic Wilson, Seamus Finucane, Briege Wright and Maura McCrory have issued a letter stating their opposition to Mairia Cahill‘s version of events:

It states that those accused have been subject to a lengthy police investigation and that Cahill has been “afforded every resource the state could offer”.



The letter states that Padraic Wilson had previously been a member of the IRA had been dismissed by a court previously and claims that Mairia Cahill, “would not participate in the normal method of giving evidence at a trial, where the truth of her version of events would be tested by cross-examination.”

The statement concludes by welcoming the review of the prosecution by the DPP saying, “we hope that the principles of openness and transparency stated by the DPP will extend to providing us with full disclosure during the process.”

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On last Tuesday’s BBC Northern Ireland Spotlight documentary Mairia Cahill gave her version of why she ultimately decided to withdraw her evidence:

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  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    At the end of the day Mairia wanted to give evidence at Court but did not want to be cross- examined by the defence-( I don’t know anyone who would agree to that condition if they found themselves in a Court room )-I know I would not agree to such a demand-so not getting her way Mairia withdrew herself from Court and now try’s to fight her case by trial by media instead-

  • Jag

    Weren’t Madden and Finucane representing that gimp with the mickey mouse hair-do and part-quilted black leather jacket that was caught trying to smuggle gazillions of cocaine out of Peru? Do I remember correctly that M&F even had the gall to solicit donations for a fund to free their “innocent” client?

  • Dixie Elliott

    Remember the journalist knocked at your door and you denied being Michael Henry McIvor afraid to back up the mouthing you did online…gutless cretin that you are?

  • Dixie Elliott

    Why was a rape case hidden behind the facade of IRA membership?

    Surely not to put added pressure on the victim to prove IRA membership, under pressure of being labelled a tout, before she had any hope of winning the actual rape case plus the case against those who further abused her by kangaroo court?

  • babyface finlayson

    She clearly states that she had lost faith in the PPS and the PSNI in conducting the case. Knowing there would be 2 witnesses backing each other up against her word I can understand why she decided not to go ahead.
    That neither proves or disproves her version of events.
    Perhaps some more detail from these men who were never in the IRA might help us understand their role in helping Mairia.

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    Is it Madden and Finucane’s fault for representing their clients in Court – everyone is entitled a defence in Court-are you going to go through all of Mairia’s Solicitors history of clients also or is it just one way traffic for you-

    A British minister once made smart ass remarks about Madden and Finucane without talking about his own Solicitor’s history and Finucane was shot dead by a pro Brit death squad-

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    Never heard anyone label her a tout- she named people to the Courts but then would not not give evidence against them- she as since named the same people and more to the media and she still has that right-

  • Dec

    There’s some desperate scraping of the barrel here and by scraping of the barrel I mean hurling insults, criticising the basic tenets of the criminal justice system when we don’t get the outcome we desire and sneering at the right to legal representation regardless of haircut.

  • Jag

    Hi Michael-Henry, just making the point that post-conflict, M&F deal with ordinary decent criminal cases and in some instances, not very well.

  • chrisjones2

    Yes and didn’t they suddenly go quiet

    And why did a Dungannon woman go to a Belfast solicitoir?

    And why were so many GAA people right behind her?

  • chrisjones2

    The complainant was offered every resource the state could offer

    …… but not in the original trial; where she says she was interrogated by members of the IRA and warned that her body language would be assessed to see if she was telling the truth

  • Dixie Elliott

    You’re that far up Gerry arse you wouldn’t hear anything expect him farting!

  • Dan

    The girl speaks very well. More power to her. She has courage.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Paedophiles, rapists and those who protect them are not ordinary and most definitely not decent jag…

  • Dixie Elliott

    Tell us this Dec why did a so called Republican give evidence on behalf of a rapist?

  • Jag

    For the 2nd time, SFers decline invitation to appear on ROI premier current affairs programme, to discuss Maria Cahill issue. Vincent Brown re-issues invitation to GA to appear on programme, he’ll even provide list of questions beforehand and provide GA with opportunity to respond to allegations.

    I Ran Away 2014?

  • Dixie Elliott

    There isn’t a woman in Adamsite SF with half the guts and intelligence of Mairia Cahill….

  • Dixie Elliott

    They wouldn’t appear on The Nolan Show tonight either….

  • mac tire

    Dixie – still hurting because he couldn’t stand “the heat in the kitchen”. Go on Dick, tell us of your glorious past.

  • NMS

    Dixie, Jag was talking about the drug smuggler, I presume.

  • Jag

    Feels like lockdown at SF, hoping Ms Cahill will go away or some other issue will dislodge it from the headlines.
    Well, there’s a 2-day debate in Dail in a fortnight.
    God knows what will crawl out of woodwork as regards other victims
    PPS reviewing case
    And what about those expelled suspected abusers and rapists. Did any one of them re-offend.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but the next time SF open their gobs on law-and-order, I think they’ll be laughed out of it, and nine days after Spotlight, the story is still the headline.

  • NMS

    I thought she was incredibly powerful tonight with Stephen Nolan. She also looks like she needs a break.

    The really dangerous thing from an SF point of view is now the exile issue. They sent a series of rapists and abusers from UKNI to Ireland, knowing that they may reoffend. Can we go back to the case of Gerry’s brother. Is this what happened in that case also?

    This looks like it may drag out for months and months as the movements of these individuals are discussed. Who will be the first SF public rep to leave? Or will they all stand by Dear Leader?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Michael, you are once again using this website to slander Máiría Cahill. I really think it’s time Slugger put a stop to your nonsense.

  • Comrade Stalin

    That’s what’s happening Jag – SF are trying to bury the story, and these tactical/slow dripping admissions from Adams and co are designed to do this. They won’t be interviewed on the topic as that would just make things worse – Adams wants to admit the minimum necessary to make the story go away.

    It’s a tribute to Máiría’s tenacity that it has stayed on the front pages this long.

  • Dixie Elliott

    I’m not hiding anyway mac tire unlike yourself….I love these gutless wonders who type with the added protection of a balaclava in case someone sees through them.

  • Jag

    “If anyone – and that includes Mr Kenny or Mr Martin – have information regarding the whereabouts of anyone who is a potential threat to members of the community, they should make that information known to An Garda Síochána”
    Gerry Adams’s statement yesterday

    At this stage, would Mr Kenny and Mr Martin be justified going to An Garda Siochana to report a certain GA whose whereabouts are oftentimes the Dail on certain days of the week, though these days, rarely on current affairs programmes.

  • Dec

    I’ve no idea. you’d be better of asking him.

  • babyface finlayson

    Absolutely. And that is as it should be. It is not foolproof though and does allow for injustice in a case, for example, where witnesses have little respect for the law

  • Old Mortality

    ‘Do I remember correctly that M&F even had the gall to solicit donations for a fund to free their “innocent” client?’

    Presumably when they discovered that they couldn’t tap legal aid to pay for their well-publicised trips to Peru.
    Of course, all M&F clients are innocent. If they are convicted it is only through gross miscarriages of justice. How could you doubt it?

  • NMS

    Mick Miriam Lord’s take on yesterday in Dáil Éireann is just magic.áil-1.1973438?page=1. She sums up yesterday perfectly, in particular the looks of horror on the faces of the SF TDs around him. Watching it, they reminded me of children, sitting quietly in the car, seat belts correctly fastened and Daddy driving directly at a brick wall. They knew their fate and nothing they could do would prevent the inevitable carnage.

    The SF twitteratti will not be distributing this piece widely. Indeed their output of tweets and retweets deals with a wide range of issues. Cllr Emma Murphy in Cabra is worried about feeding the homeless of Fort Lauderdale, Aengus ÓSnodaigh retweets a picture of Joe Cahill (watch out Gerry, his former Director of Elections is a mean man with a baseball bat).

    But to get back to our friends in Madden & Finucane, “Ag soláthar Rochtana ar Cheartas” a deireann a suíomh. (Access to Justice) Note “Justice” not “Truth”, though ironically directly under the above slogan, there is reference to “Truth” as it relates to the murder of Pat Finucane, whose brother Seamus is of course one of their clients in this case. Unfortunately, M & F have not published the statement on their website, we do not have a full copy of the letter.

    Peadar Tóibín, the well educated, middle class boy from An Uaimh tweeted RTÉ about the letter, complaining about one-sided coverage and was rewarded with being roasted by Cathal MacCoille. Madden & Finucane were contacted by RTÉ and did not respond to requests to speak about their letter on behalf of their clients.

    The general guidance is when in a hole, stop digging. The Provo response is to throw more people into the hole with Gerry Adams and to dig deeper. How soon will the very unstable walls of this rather deep hole collapse?

  • Jag

    @NMS, it is an electrifying account alright.

    The video of the questions is available here (first two, which last a total of 20 minutes are the relevant ones)

    The transcript is available here.

  • Robin Keogh

    Didnt realise you were so closely associated with All the women in SF

  • Robin Keogh

    The reason they are staying away is because there is a bombshell coming out over the weekend.

  • Robin Keogh

    I fear you wont be smiling by monday morning

  • Robin Keogh

    Nice, intelligent engagement there

  • Robin Keogh

    I dont have a balaclava, my full name is there for all to see. Just try to be a little respectful of others views maybe

  • Robin Keogh

    Stop throwing up strawmen, no slander there. Just a different point of view

  • Jag

    Ah, right, that’s it, is it?

    Maybe the bombshell memo hasn’t reached everyone. There was a heated exchange this morning between Peadar Toibin of SF (Southern branch) and RTE this morning here (scroll down to Peadar)

  • Robin Keogh

    Very heated and fair play to Peadar forcing them to deal with the issue, a rare moment of balance.
    I always find it interesting how so many people manage to justify to themselves the dichotomy between wanting SF et al to accept the rule of law, the police, the judicial system and join constitutional democratic politcs while at the same time deny them access to those very principles today.

  • chrisjones2

    Yeah but its what Micahel does

  • Robin Keogh

    So monkey see monkey do?

  • chrisjones2

    No but it is what Michael does

  • chrisjones2

    How much did they raise? Was there any white powder on the notes in the tin?

  • chrisjones2

    Can someone enlighten me. I assume that as the 4 wise men / weemin who attended the kangaroo court spoke to the alleged rapist and would be available to give evidence against him in a court. SO why don’t they?

  • chrisjones2

    So how do you happen to know this?

    Are you an official source?

  • chrisjones2

    I am afraid not.

    He was big on him not judging irish citizens and the gross breach of their rights but wasn’t that just what the IRA Kangaroo Court was doing?

    Gerry then says , ah but it was a failed state and we couldn’t trust the peelers.

    But then again the latest case this morning involved 2 young men who say they were raped by a leading republican in County Louth. They claim that after a kangaroo court they were given three choices

    * PIRA would murder him
    * PIRA would hand him over to them (presumably to to murder themselves)
    * PIRA would exile him

    Note no talk of rights or going to the Guards. Note the threat to murder in the Irish Republic. Note the utter disregard for the law or due process in Ireland

    Who gave these p[people this authority?

  • Reader

    Is that the sort of thing that happens in rape trials these days? Who was going to be acting for the defence – some shower of bastards I presume?

  • Peter Simple

    The big man protecting the little woman

    A response to Miriam Lord in the Irish Times 23 October 2014

    That explains the sexist picture dominating the Irish Times front page today, of Taoiseach Enda Kenny looking down on Máiria Cahill.

    In our patriarchal society men hold the material and physical upper hand. Women often fight back with emotional and psychological weapons. These are being exploited in this fight, but not by men on the one side and women on the other, but by men and women on both sides.

    The spouse of First Minister Peter Robinson, Iris, was in an exploitative relationship with a younger man. He is forgotten (I forget his face and name), while Mrs Robinson was publicly rehabilitated by President Mary McAleese and the Queen of England at a live televised public event in Dublin. She received therapy and expiated her sins, while he was left to his own devices. Who cares, f**k him. He was.

    Power, gender, ethnicity and class.

    The Robinsons are part of the ruling establishment, those expected to rule the sectarian dysfunctional state of Northern Ireland. The story of Máiria Cahill and her alleged rapist (whose name also is not lodged in my consciousness, though his negative media image is) is about the dispossessed Catholic working class, those who fought and died for the right to rule, who exist in Northern Ireland on sufferance for reasons of ethnicity.

    The middle class media and the ruling class political establishment is choosing innocent and guilty victims. For the south, the guilty victims won. They are to be persecuted if not prosecuted. It is politics in which the narrative is carefully managed and in which Sinn Féin’s opponents are having their egos daily massaged.

    Máiria Cahill was in an abusive yearlong relationship with an older man that began, it is alleged, with a rape attack when she was sixteen and asleep (how old was he?). Because he was a member of the IRA, the IRA is implicated. They have become responsible, because they were an illegal but also, more importantly, a quasi-state organisation. The IRA was expected to police their own members and was under pressure from communities who rejected sectarian state policing to police them also. Such methods were, inevitably, brutal.

    When the 1997 incident involving Máiria Cahill came to the attention of the IRA (because she told republican women about it), they appear, post ceasefire, to have adopted a different approach. This methodology failed Máiria. So too did the later state-centered investigation. She withdrew charges for motives not yet clear, apart from stating (on the recent BBC NI documentary) that she was perturbed when a particular individual appeared in court to give evidence for the defense.

    Máiria left court and entered the court of public opinion, where things are very much weighted in her favour, institutionally through the media. She is experiencing a cathartic recognition she did not achieve in previous attempts to deal with this issue. Anger and resentment are focused on the establishment’s political enemy number one, Sinn Féin, and its leader.

    The political establishment wants to get rid of Gerry Adams because of the tradition he represents. Those ‘dissidents’ who oppose him want to get rid of him because it is a tradition they say he betrayed. That is why this incident, and the previous arrest over the Boston tapes fiasco, set up a perfect storm. In this fight, there is no blow too low.

    That ‘illegal’ point above with regard to the IRA is important. The IRA are accused of ‘covering up’ sexual abuse. That is, in a certain sense, meaningless, like calling the IRA ‘shadowy’ (it was, of necessity). The IRA covered everything up, apart from shooting and bombing.

    Those currently accused of attempting to resolve the issue some years ago can’t respond because, irrespective of whether they acted with good or bad motives, they cannot talk. They will go to jail if they do. Maybe one should sacrifice him/herself, put the record straight from their point of view, and challenge the authorities to come after them.

    In their absence we have instead the leader of Sinn Féin and of most Irish republicans, who must bear all the actual and imagined sins of the IRA (and its individual members) on his shoulders.

    One republican woman, Jennifer McCann, one of a number who talked with Máiria Cahill, is available to speak, but the media are not that interested. At least Cathal MacCoille was at pains to explain why loudly on today’s Morning Ireland (RTÉ Radio One, 23 October). He wanted to talk instead to someone who was not available (a solicitor), and anyway, he said, she was on Prime Time. MacCoille was more than usually animated in his attempts to talk over interviewee Peadar Toibín TD. The script was being challenged. It is unconscious class and political prejudice on McCoille’s part. For the audience he sounded shrill and silly. That gets them thinking, what’s this about?

    This is what it is about, not what Miriam Lord wrote, cleverly.

  • Robin Keogh

    Your whataboutery does nothin to diminish the fact that peadar was quite correct in his assertions regarding the manner in which such cases should be handled. What the IRA did or did not do ten, twenty or thirty years ago is immaterial in the context of what standards should be applied now in the context of such accusation. Either you agree with the operation of the rule of law or you dont. Simple.

  • Dixie Elliott

    Robin I wasn’t referring to you I was referring to the gutless cretin hiding behind the name mac tire….

  • Dixie Elliott

    I’ve never denounced my past and no one tells me what to say. Unlike the membership of the cult you call Sinn Fein I can speak my mind.

    Tell you what mac tire you do a lot of mouthing. Have the balls to post under your real name and we’ll discuss my past I’ve nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

    Calling you out as a coward isn’t deflecting its stating fact.

    Or is it that you are ashamed to be seen as another fanatical Adamsite?

  • Kevin Bell

    Thats exactly what happens in a courtroom. Its the reason that the law insists on witnesses giving evidence in person

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    I think everyone has the right to post under what name they choose- it’s a right on Slugger and should be respected- that Dixie calls those that post under whatever name they choose As a gutless cretin says more about Dixie that the good people who make their own choice on what username to use-

  • NMS

    Jag, I think is part of the background to what they are going to try use against her.

  • babyface finlayson

    That is the kind of question it would be good to get answered.

    The detail provided by Mairia Cahill is so far absent from the version of the other parties.

  • Dixie Elliott

    I only refer to people like you and mac tire who have thrown dirt out while not having the balls to come into the open to do it.

    Don’t forget that McGuinness now says he believes that Mairia Cahill was raped so the question is why all the slander and smearing of a rape victim?

  • chrisjones2

    One major problem with your would be clever analysis is that the IRA and their SF Sockpuppets applied the same techniques in the sectarian statelet of the Irish Republic. They claimed supremacy over the state and courts and carried out their own lynch mob activities – except they didn’t really lynch anyone.

    I am not suggesting they should have but they pretended to victims that they might We have seen threats to kill rapists but no actual dead ones. At worst they were moved out of the way – like the Catholic Church technique of sending to the missions.

    Indeed as has been exposed we had many of the Northern Perverts happily installed in the Irtish Republic.

    Perhaps the classic example of this is the boul Liam Adams. Look at the pattern. Look at the lies told in that case. and compare it all to this case and to the other cases now emerging. If you want your “patriarchal society men hold the material and physical upper hand” look no further than SF and PIRA

    And then there are the other musings to try and link in the DUP to this SF political car crash

    ” The Robinsons are part of the ruling establishment, those expected to rule the sectarian dysfunctional state of Northern Ireland.”

    So Marty and all the drones who hide behind SFs political front aren’t?

    “The middle class media and the ruling class political establishment is choosing innocent and guilty victims.”

    Just what are you suggesting? That the Brits (however you choose them ) MADE the alleged culprit rape her? Do they make every rapist in Manchester or Dublin rape their victims? What a slur on every decent Irish Male who abhors this.

    The political class didn’t chose the victims. They were targeted by these evil predatory rapists who were then PROTECTED by the IRA and SF

    “Those currently accused of attempting to resolve the issue” …..

    Resolve? You mean murder the suspect? Dont use weasel words like resolve? It wasn’t about resolving anything – it was about political damage limitation

    Overall the reality is simple. Within PIRA and SF (and as I keep saying) the Loyalists there was a cadre of evil men who among their other crimes enjoyed raping children who were protected by their organisations.

    When you vote SF that’s an inescapable part of the package …no matter how much Gerry says it aint

  • Dixie Elliott

    A lesson to those who would attempt to smear and bully victims online….

    Seamy Fincuane has now had fuel to the fire by posting this black propaganda blog on his Facebook page…

    He was not the only member of Adamsite SF to spread it and I bet they’ve either deleted it or will be soon….!rii=9%3A20670314%3A83%3A%3A

  • Peter Simple

    Thanks for your views. You seem to know a lot, based on a lot of speculation. How many ‘perverts’ are we talking abut ? One figure from Anthony McIntyre was I think three. You seem to imply there were lots. You know, how? If you don’t know, then your impressions are a product of your political imagination.

    On Liam Adams, his abuse of his daughter was reported to the RUC, who promptly tried to use it for ongoing intelligence purposes (and probably blackmail, based on previous experience), according to Martina Devlin on RTE Radio One last night (October 23rd). There is an insurmountable difficulty in dealing with such matters through normal channels in an abnormal dysfunctional society in the midst of civil conflict. You might consider this (any ‘evil’ in the RUC, do you think?).

    Giving people funny names, ‘Marty’, is par for the course when you don’t want to deal with the issues. So too is making assertions that do not follow from what I wrote (‘the Brits… made the alleged culprit rape her’, etc). Your are in exalted company, though, since Enda Kenny did it in the Dail the other day, asserting that Gerry Adams wanted him to meet the alleged rapist. Thankfully, Enda got it straight and agreed to meet the four who tried to resolve the issue (the ones against whom you make further speculative allegations).

    This could all have been tested out in court, where the accused would have been brought face to face with his accuser. For whatever reason, Mairia Cahill chose to withdraw from that (also imperfect) process. Instead we have this media and political process. As it continues, the frenzy of speculation with fizzle out and the substance of the matter will emerge.

  • NMS

    RTÉ News are now reporting that Madden & Finucane have advised their clients, the Belfast 4 not to meet the Taoiseach, as he kindly offered to do so at the request of the leader of their gang.

    Two reasons are given, 1) the ongoing review of the issues, 2) the Taoiseach’s comments in the Dáil which they point out is not a court of law.

    However neither is an IRA Kangaroo Court. Rochtanna ar Cheartas, ach cad faoin fhírinne?