Mairia Cahill: Uncomfortable truths for Sinn Fein

Tonight we received this EXCLUSIVE STATEMENT from Maíria Cahill:

Maíria Cahill

Maíria Cahill

Let us all remind ourselves of what Sinn Fein’s position was when the party spokesperson Pearse Doherty was asked repeatedly outside Leinster house about Micheal Martin’s assertion that the IRA dealt internally with cases of abuse.

“Unfounded and untrue, its as clear as I can make it”.

That sounds like a denial to me.

On Thursday Dessie Ellis, and again tonight, Gerry Adams confirmed that the IRA did indeed internally investigate cases of abuse. What moved them? The fact that I told the media that I had spoken to victims, and to former IRA people. And I did. And they realised that their previous denial was crumbling down around them.

They have been dragged kicking and screaming to this admittance, and I have been vindicated.

I was telling the truth.

Four days ago, I came to Dublin to thank Micheal Martin for the support I received from him when I was trying to convince people that the IRA did indeed investigate cases of abuse, and that I was seriously worried about perpetrators in Ireland and further afield, who the IRA had moved on, having access to other children.

I knew this to be true, because it happened to me.

Micheal Martin was attacked by Sinn Fein then, and he has been attacked this week – and I have been accused of making this a political issue.

Let me be very clear. The only people who are politiking on this issue are the very party who have tried all manner of tactics to stop this issue raising its ugly head. Sinn Fein have behaved shamefully. They have attacked me repeatedly, tried to deflect from the issue, tried to discredit me by denying what happened to me, and they have been more than economical with the truth.

Why is this so? Because they are under pressure. And they are under pressure because not only do they know this issue to be true, but they also know, as I have stated, that there are perpetrators out there that the IRA, and some current members of Sinn Fein have given cover to by moving them out of the jurisdiction. And those people potentially have access to children. Right now.

And they are attacking me, because they know there are other victims out there who exist, and they are trying to frighten them off in coming forward. But they will. And be that in a week, or a month, a year, or even ten years – when they do – all of those party spokespersons like Mary Lou, and Pearse, and anyone else who has allowed themselves to be tainted on this issue, are going to be forced into apologising and making reparation to all of those victims. And all of Ireland will remember.

Some of the people who traumatised me as IRA members who forced an investigation / inquiry / interrogation into my alleged abuse are current members of Sinn Fein – indeed one of those members gave the Sinn Fein office in Belfast as his bail address for court. Think about that for a minute. Gerry Adams is saying that “if” it happened, it was wrong. Well, it did happen, and it was wrong, and it defies belief that Mary Lou Mc Donald is saying there are no current Sinn Fein members who covered up for child abuse. Sinn Fein havent expelled the former IRA members who made me confront my alleged abuser, and who then instructed my family and I to be silent on the matter. If that isn’t a cover up, I don t know what is.

And it isn’t an isolated case. In 2005, Gerry Adams met with another relative of mine in relation to another set of abuse victims. His police statement in my case – by his own admission, confirms this. Same perpetrator, Another case. This is a matter of record, and my relative confirmed this to a journalist in 2010. Gerry Adams knew of another set of victims and he met in this regard. And the perpetrator was named, because he had been seen drinking in a bar in Donegal with well known republicans. My relative complained to Adams. His response? She reported that he said “what do you want me to do, bar him from every bar in Ireland?” Gerry states he cooperated with the police in my case. It took Gerry Adams months to give a statement in my case. When he did so, he didnt even meet them face to face. He issued a statement through his solicitor, Seamus Collins. He never spoke to the police directly once. That’s not my idea of cooperation.

I tweeted a link today to an Irish Times article, which had been reported in years previous in a different newspaper. Gerry Adams did not challenge the statement when the first newspaper published, but he complained about the second. Both papers reported that in 1995, he told supporters in North Belfast that people should not report alleged cases of abuse to the RUC.

Two years later my abuse started. Shortly after this, I was in a room with Gerry Adams who was being interviewed by the journalist Eamonn Mallie. I recorded it at that time. Here is what Gerry Adams said about the RUC. “The RUC are completely and totally unacceptable.”

One month before I met with Gerry Adams, he was telling another group of people that they were a “quasi military police force”. He also stated that the community would not deal with them. Now, Gerry is not a stupid man. He knows that this meant that the community could not deal with them, because republicans knew that what Sinn Fein – and what the IRA said – went.

If the IRA had told me to jump through three burning hoops at the time of their investigation, I would have done so. Because what they said went. Equally, if Gerry Adams had told me to go to the RUC in 2000, I would have taken that as a green light to do so. He didn’t. And he now expects people to believe that his private views on the RUC were different to what he was uttering very publicly? Seriously? His credibility is in tatters.

Equally, anyone who knew Siobhan O’Hanlon absolutely knows that she would never have suggested involving the RUC a matter of days after the second IRA investigation ended. The proof of that however is this. Siobhan O’Hanlon learned of my allegations in 1998. She learned of the IRA investigation in 1999. She participated in it. Do you think she would have seriously exposed herself to being named in an RUC complaint? Gerry Adams has reprehensively used his former deceased friend and loyal colleague – and everyone who knew Siobhan knows it.

With regards to Joe Cahill, Adams has stated that I have said Joe told me to go to the RUC. Not true. If he had actually grasped the detail of the BBCNI Spotlight programme, he would have seen that I said no such thing. What I said was that Joe said “if I’d have known, I’d have told you to go to the RUC’. He didn’t know – until after the IRA had involved themselves and facilitated the perpetrator from house arrest and out of the country. That perpetrator was given a cheque to help him on his way. His ex wife delivered it after being handed it by a prominent person at that time in West Belfast. And when Joe did find out, he was able to further discuss that going to the RUC at this point was not an option – because the IRA had involved themselves.

But get this. In 2000, I wrote a letter to the Army Council of the IRA. I photocopied that letter at the time. It’s contemporaneous. In it I clearly state that I would have received better treatment from the RUC than the IRA. I also told them that by disappearing the perpetrator, the republican movement was collectively sending me the message that it was ok for the man to abuse me, and it was ok to facilitate the movement of paedophiles.

Gerry Adams owes my family an apology.

He forgets that there are at least eleven living people who either saw me with those IRA internal investigators at the time, or who met with them, or who acted on their behalf. There are no “ifs”, Sinn Fein. There is more than enough proof that it happened.

Spotlight broadcast that I had told them that one of the IRA women who dealt with me was “sensitive” to me at the time. Sinn Fein have in the last two days tried to discredit my story by saying that I was lying of being frightened during the IRA investigation. Think about that too. I was very frightened of the IRA as an entity. They were, after all, repeatedly questioning an 18 year old about very intimate details of my abuse. Who wouldnt be frightened. But to do what they did – to bring me into a room with my abuser, sent me off the scale in terms of fright. And I hated that IRA woman, and the rest of the IRA members for doing that to me, and for turning me into a shell of a person. But there was a point – six months in – when the IRA brought in a family relative who was also an IRA member in to inform him of my abuse. And that IRA woman came to me and told me out of earshot of the other two that she believed me. And for the first time, after six full months I felt that one of those IRA people maybe had a degree of empathy. And I told Spotlight this. I didnt hide anything, unlike Sinn Fein. And later when I attended counselling (and records of that counselling exist dealing with aspects of the IRA investigation and the abuse), that counsellor told me that she thought I was suffering from Stockholm syndrome in relation to that woman. All I know is that she had opened up a Pandora’s box in my head. But I also knew she felt guilty, and I knew that a senior IRA person told my father that those two women, and the other IRA man would be internally disciplined. And, just as I blamed myself for my sexual abuse, I blamed myself for this woman maybe facing a kangaroo court of her own. And she had also suffered tragedy. Her brother had been killed by the IRA, her father had died, she had other relatives jailed for most of her life, other relatives had died tragically, and crucially, Gerry Adams told me she was a “good girl”. And, the odd time, at Christmas time, I used to send her a card. I knew that her mother was dying and her sister was dying, and I felt sorry for her. It was twofold, and I was confused. That woman put me through absolute hell – but she also apologised in later years and told me that she and the other IRA people had “completely retraumatised” me. And so she should. Her involvement in repeated questioning of myself was beyond disgusting. But to allow people to deny that she and others did that, is worse.

So, back to that denial from Sinn Fein that there has been no cover up of abuse. Its probably the most staggering statement I have heard all week. And it came from Mary Lou Mc Donald – a woman who grew up in the leafy suburbs of middle class Dublin – a million miles away from the IRA’s fifedom of West Belfast. She has absolutely no idea what happened in the 1970’s 80’s 90’s and 00’s. Not. One. Clue. She also has no idea what it is like to be at the receiving end of it, and I hope as a mother, it never darkens her door. But she really should think about why she is allowing herself to be used by her party as cover to issue a blanket denial, when they know all it takes is for one case, just one, to completely discredit her, and Sinn Fein, and Gerry Adams.

There are many dirty tricks employed when anyone speaks out about Sinn Fein. And those decent Sinn Fein members – and most of the rest of this people on this island – will see through them. Because they know that I am telling the truth. And they know that, just like what happened to me, the IRA internally investigated cases of abuse and covered it up. Tonight is the first time Gerry Adams has admitted it – after years of my assertions that it happened.

They have now vindicated those assertions they have been denying for years. It is now time for them to apologise to me, and to every other victim of abuse out there that they have shamefully, disgustingly, and disgracefully treated on this issue.

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  • Katie-o


  • i suppose the IRA never intimidated anyone

    the IRA could never make people pull out of court

  • Dina Shea

    Let me guess. Sinn Féin member?

  • Robin Keogh

    She keeps criticizing MLM and others for “covering up” but there is not one smidgeon of evidence that these people have any proof that people within their ranks are rapists and abusers. Its very difficult to cover up something that you cant actually see. Mairia pulled out of the legal action herself. now we have a situation where Shinners are literally being tried by media. Moreover, one of the most influencial anti SF journalists Lie leash O Hanlon is Mairias cousin. Its awful difficult to be critical of Mairia without appearing heartless and cruel given her ideal. But, how can we seriously deal with all these accusations if all legal avenues appear to be closed down and there is zero supporting evidence. I genuinely have real sympathy for Mairia but i honestly believe that at this stage she has become no more than a utensil for the indo and some politicians. If there is snybody in the SF ranks that can throw some light on these issues i really hope they come forward and speak up, also if there are other victims staying quiet I hope they find the strength to speak out, its the only way i can see for Maria to get some sort of justice. I openly support SF but i will not shed any tears if members if the party who are proven to be child abusers face the full rigours of the law.

  • Natalie Ingram

    Miss Cahill, I am confused. What caused you, following the collapse of the court case against your alleged perpetrator, to bring this matter up again? What changed? If you have new evidence which you can rely on in court, have you considered opening up the legal case again? Mr Adam’s/SF apology wouldn’t and couldn’t make up for what happened to you. If it was me, I would want the man who raped me to be punished appropriately.

    I wonder, reading both sides of this horrible incident if you might wittingly or unwittingly be a tool or pawn for others who wish to depose Mr Adams from his position in sinn fein. Is that a possibility? Are you being used? Are the allegations you make part of an internal sinn fein conspiracy to get mr adams to retire? Is there an internal fight for power going on and you are a pawn? I question what final outcome you hope to achieve. I presume you want justice. Court is the only option. If you have new evidence or witnesses in this matter would you not pursue it again through the courts?

    Without verified and credible evidence where is your case going to go? Please do not take this comment on this page as support for sin fein or wrongdoing. As a member of the public, I am confused. What triggered your most recent desire to open this horrible pandora’s box again? In order to close it, you will have to go to court. I hope that truth will out soon.

  • Joe Dalton

    Maybe having had these terrible events bottled up for so long she just wanted to tell her story. She may never get justice in a court of law. But using the only weapon she has, her own voice, can be therapeutic in itself.
    Are opponents of Sinn Fein enjoying their discomfort? Yes. Not her fault. I don’t think inconvenient truths should be hidden just because they make life difficult for Gerry Adams or anyone else.

  • Natalie Ingram

    Mr Dalton, theres lots of maybes but only Miss Cahill knows.

  • bellefast

    What the hell are you talking about? What crimes has she committed? Apart from the crime of speaking out against Sinn Fein obviously? And you hope she has no access to children? What an odious comment. You know that Gerry admitted sex offenders were “expelled”? To where, and to near whose kids? That’s fine with you is it? Happy if they moved next door to mbers of your family? Sheep-like loyalty is one thing, but being an apologist for a party that covers up abuse and lies about it is bordering on abetting.

  • bellefast

    Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams, of course, have never had any contact with terrorist groups. What are you on and can you sell me some? Reality is hard sometimes so I’d like to visit cloud cuckoo land for a while.

  • babyface finlayson

    It is pointless to speculate on Mairia Cahill’s motives. She could have any number of good reasons for her timing.
    If she is being used do you expect her to admit it? If she is unwitting then she will not know it.
    The story is out there, the toothpaste cannot be put back in the tube.
    She is a compelling and believable witness in my opinion.
    (Judging from her body language at least, which is, I believe, the accepted way of determining the truth in these matters). Perhaps that is why people are trying so hard to undermine her.
    Look at the contemptible comments by Michael Henry McIvor above,or the personal attack on Eilish O’Hanlon. Weak stuff.

  • Ulick

    She wrote a letter to the Army Council? And she still has the nerve to bleat on about Gerry Adams credibility.

    So she bears a grudge because the IRA didn’t shoot someone on her command (twice) without evidence, eventually goes to the proper authorities who also dismiss her case, she and family connections in the media attempt to take out their ire on the visible face of the republican movement, Gerry Adams.

    Absolutely fcking ridiculous.

  • Jag

    “The IRA on occasion shot alleged sex offenders or expelled them.” – GA’s blog

    To where as you say, but how many, when, what type of abuse, were authorities informed, are tabs kept on these people, did they re-offend. And not just the expelled ones, but the shot ones as well.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Ulick, what would you consider to be compelling evidence? Rape is a situation where it is notoriously difficult to provide the sort of “evidence” that will make a strong case that the Crown Prosecution Serevice will stand behind.

  • DJBM

    I’m only recently back in this country, after 20 years living abroad. And I will leave again if Sinn Fein have come to share power in any way. I’m just curious to understand what has happened in the 20 years that I have been abroad, that has lead to such a massive support for a party that is headed up by, and includes in its ranks, people who have been party to, in whatever form, human rights abuses. I just don’t get it. In this country of educated, civilised, cultured people. I mean, I can understand the need for a different political party, one that stands out from the ‘established’ ones. One that is more left-wing. But I really just don’t get this support for people who in any other democratic state would be in prison. Or if not actually in prison, certainly not involved in daily political life. I mean, politicians from ‘established’ parties have to resign for just fiddling expenses. One was recently convicted and is in prison, I’m glad to say. But the stuff that SF people have been involved in…the issue can be fudged about courts of law and rape and abuse and justice for the victims and this and that. But that overlooks the much bigger issue of people, who have participated in, or who have been party to, or who have knowledge of and then aided the covering up of, vile abuses of human rights, whether that be the physical or sexual abuse of another person – often a kid – and the taking of human life…things we hold so, so sacred…that these people are sitting in an institution that holds itself to be democratic. It’s just difficult for me to understand. I lived in a country that had dubious democratic credentials, but that was to be expected. It was a new democracy and something had to give to let the former rulers avoid justice in order to allow that democracy to get established. I know that is the prioce we had to pay for peace on this island. But, for these people to continue to have such large support. It is beyod me.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    So the British legal process is an infallible guide to absolute guilt or innocence? Dream on….

    And just what do you mean by “verified and credible evidence” in this context. The only thing that would even offer this is an actual recording of the rape, and even then this might be twisted in certain circumstances.

    While I was making films in London between the 1970s and 1990s I met, and was friendly with, a number of survivors of sexual abuse from within the media world and the world of politics. Few could build a strong case and the clout of those with power, and through their fame, influence to quietly suppress aspects of developing cases, ensured that they stayed without any hope of redress. They were frequently told, if they took legal advice, “don’t even try.” The situation Maíria faced was even seemingly more heavily loaded against her. I have nothing but admiration for her efforts to have the truth heard despite the attempts at silencing I have so often encountered with others. In my experience, its not even so much about justice as about being sincerely believed by those one cares about. which makes the betrayal by PIRA so much more destructive.

    Only a fool would think that her experience is not being used cynically at this time by unscrupulous people for political agendas, but this in no way even begins to excuse the tirades of abuse and contempt that those attempting to prove the impossible, that PIRA were entirely blameless, are employing against this courageous young woman. The honest response that would pull the footing out from under her experiences being used by political opponents would be for SF to fulfill the promises they offer the electorate and to actually live up to GAs statement on another thread, in spirit as well as the letter of the law.

    “Sinn Féin has robust party guidelines and processes on the issues of child protection, allegations of sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment.”

    Not much point in having guidelines if they are applied selectivly, “for there’s no luck about the house if it lack honesty” as Yeats says in “The Ghost of Roger Casement.”

  • Robin Keogh

    Support for SF has grown primarily because it has evolved into a progressive social democratic party out of the ashes of conflict. Many people hold your views and we often here that ‘bad boys’ narrative used to suggest SF are not fit for purpose. But in the twenty years you have been away many Irish people have come to accept that involvement in a revolutionary organisation cannot justify banning them from political society. This is understood in the context not only of peace making but also the fact that this state and many others were born if war. All major parties on this island were concieved in conflict and baptised in fire. If we applied your logic there would effectively be no government structures here or anywhere else in the world for that matter. In the last ten years the Shinner ranks have been filled by many bright articulate and talented young people who have no connection to the conflict and are wedded to the spirit of social equality and fairness that SF espouse. It is these people who in my view are driving up the levels of support for SF and will in time form part of the Irish gov. As for issues surrounding the recent abuse allegations, it would appear that the republican movement have been as kack handed as any other group or organisation in dealing with them I suggest you read Gerry Adams blog for an update on this. If you have the thoughts of SF in power i suggest you either pack your bags now or preferably, read their pre budget submission, research their representatives credentials and try view them in the context of what is now a modern political democracy at peace. If you cant get over the past then fair enough, unfortunetly we will just have to wave you off or leave you behind to sulk. In any event, try not to cut your nose off to spite your face.

  • Robin Keogh

    I mean if u “hate” the thought…….etc.

  • bellefast

    She specifically said in the programme that she told them she didn’t want him shot. She has said elsewhere she wanted him publicly shamed, at least then people would know and maybe he wouldn’t have had the same access to kids. The courts didn’t dismiss her case, she withdrew her support.

  • bellefast

    Exactly. As to whether tabs were kept on them, the family were told they didn’t know where Morris was or have the “resources” to find him.

  • DJBM

    Of course I hate it. Who wouldn’t? Whatever about a progressive social democratic party. The country needs that. But not headed by, or including, people who have been involved, in whatever way, with the stuff that revolves around this subject. It would be like living in the Vatican State. Only a hypocrite with no morals could do so. I couldn’t continue to live here. I just couldn’t. It would sicken me. I’d be in a state of disgust every day. So, I will leave again.

  • barnshee

    “to the spirit of social equality and fairness ”

    Are you sure you are not confusing SF with the SDLP?
    and s for ” bright articulate and talented young people I suggest more accurate( if longer descriptions) might include
    ” graduates who could not hack it in the professions and want to join the taxpayer funded gravy train at Stormont”

  • Robin Keogh

    They dont need to convince you of their bonafides, they need to convince the broader electorate……….they seem to be doing a good job so far.

  • Robin Keogh

    Bon Voyage

  • DJBM

    And I’m not sure I get you when you say ‘it would appear that the republican movement have been as kack handed as any other group or organisation in dealing…’. Apart from the catholic church, I can’t think, or am aware of, any other organisation that has dealt with this issue. Perhaps in the south American jungle revolutionary movements are dealing with it. I don’t know. In sub-saharan Africa, rape (among other vile things) is a daily occurrence on a grand scale, in some of the revolutionary conflict zones, though it is not being ‘dealt with’, as far as I know. It just continues. So, apart from the catholic church, I’m not aware of others. And sure, you’re there. Their kack handed approach is on a par with what SF did in the very recent past. Now that peace is here, one would hope that the administration of justice can be applied and that no more kangaroo courts or whatever are needed.

  • DJBM

    So far. Yes.

  • Jag

    The most senior Republican on this island admits

    “The IRA on occasion shot alleged sex offenders or expelled them”

    The mainstream media should be all over that statement, given the authority of its provenance. Has the BBC not thought to ring Sinn Fein and ask for some basic details?

  • DJBM

    You refer to history and parties emerging from the ashes of conflict. All very noble and glorious stuff. All the misery and loss of life worth it all. And I would hope that one day Sinn Fein can attract and hold decent people to represent it. Mary Lou is one such person. They let themselves down, however, very much so, with remaining associated with the people who have been directly involved in such crimes, which are way, way, way beyond the scope of revolution.

  • DJBM

    You might be a person of faith. And you might wish to celebrate your faith in a church. But would you continue to go to a church, or support your local church, if you knew your local priest was involved in whatever way, in the abuse of children?

  • Robin Keogh

    Many people would argue that institutions of the state let victims down badly, police, gov departments, social services, justice system, schools etc. Also, private organisations such as football clubs, swimming associations etc.

  • Robin Keogh

    What criminals are they directly associated with?

  • Robin Keogh

    If he was convicted of abuse, no way sir i would not attend but i would find another place to worship. I certainly would not abandon my faith because of a few bad eggs. Equally i support SF and have seen no evidence of a cover up. If it is proved that there was a deliberate top down effort to cover up abuse with the SF leadership fully aware you can bet your bottom dollar i would work to get them out and see them replaced and watch them face the law where approp. As i said before on here, what the RA did was wrong but that does not in any way equate to a full scale cover up by the Shinners, many of whom were not even members at the time whilst many others were merely grass root newbies in their local communities. However, leadership is required so i am glad that GA and MLM are openly calling for individuals to come forward with whatever info they have.

  • DJBM

    Hmmm. If it is proved? But what of the testimony of this blogger and Maria Cahill? And of that fact that Gerry Adams is not very capable of telling the truth. These two people – who are in the piublic now, and who have stated and will reiterate what they have said – say that Gerry Adams was himself, directly, present and participated in cover up of abuse. For me, that two people have – so far – said it is quite enough. You wish me a bon voyage. Thank you. I wish you the same moving on to another ‘church’.

  • DJBM

    I don’t know the names. I wasn’t living here. People who are not in prison, anyway. You don’t, for a single moment, as a democratic socialist, mean to suggest that some of the SF leadership have not been, or indeed, are not still, directly associated with people who have committed crimes? And I’m not talking about crimes that have been forgiven and overlooked for the sake of peace. The crimes that are the subject of this thread, for christ sake. The crimes that slugger o’toole has said were committed against him. And that Maria Cahill has said were committed against her. When she was a child. These fucking crimes.

  • DJBM

    Perhaps they would argue that. But they would be clutching at straws, wouldn’t they? To fudge the issue. And even in these imperfect organisations, the idividuals that commit, or are implicated in, the crimes, are usually rooted out, are they not? Certainly if they are exposed. I mean in any organisation that claims to be law-abiding and that operates in a society based upon the law anyone in that organisation who was involved in such things would be ousted, no? And if people in those organisations that you mention said bad things had been carried upon them, and the boss of the instiution tried to cover it up and indeed even helped the perpetrator of the crimes to skip off somewhere, the boss of that organsation would no longer be the boss, no?

  • DJBM

    I don’t think you have really thought about this properly. You are missing my point entirely. My point concerns anyone in SF who was in any way involved in the commission and/or cover up of raping children, should not be allowed to remain in the party. You see that point?

  • barnshee

    “the broader electorate” I presume you mean

    In the north those remaining SDLP voters

    In the ROI competing with the” my granda murdered more brits than your granda” parties with a “well We murdered them more recently ” is I agree probably wholly appropriate for the “target” (now pun intended) audience in the ROI but unlikely to be “hit” elswhere

  • we’ll find out soon enough who was Lying

    ” she hasn’t gone away you know “

  • Bryan Magee

    To get the truth – why else? Nobody in this position should have to rest until they get it.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Oh Robin, ” they need to convince the broader electorate……….they seem to be doing a good job so far.”

    I assume that you are not actually a local resident if you are making such a statement. You’ve clearly not understood how “democracy” works here. People vote as their “tradition” tells them, its called “voting by standing order.” No one needs more than that to convince them how to vote. trying to change the minds of voters is for more mature democracies where the voters require rather more care and attention to gull them into voting against their true interests. Here it’s entirely automatic encoded behaviour.

  • Robin Keogh

    Tribal voting patterns are not so uncommon but i was in fairness referring to the south in my comments. As for the north you wont get democratic voting norms until u get democratic structural and institutional norms, stormont has neither.

  • Natalie Ingram

    Mairia is no longer an innocent young child but rather a very intelligent young woman. But l can’t figure out what she actually wants. If she is naive it could be the trauma she experienced is being used by others to further their political and other careers. I hope not.

    I hate writing this, but the more I read about this story, the more I believe there might be much more to it. She was, at a very tender age, inured into the politics
    of her area namely west belfast and was steeped in the culture and
    understandings of her fellow citizens about republicanism. Politics is a
    very dirty game. My antennae went up when I read about her asking for
    gerry adams to be removed. Are there games going on here and not just a demand for justice? I am no lover of sin fein nor of Gerry Adams. I wouldn’t shed a tear at his leaving,
    nor at some of his political colleagues. I also believe it is entirely possible that what happened to Miss Cahill did indeed happen and may have happened to many other children women and others. However, if it turns out Mairia is ever labelled as the girl who cried wolf may end up damaging her reputation for life and damaging the demand for justice from others in a similar position as she claims to be in.

    If this comes to nothing or it is found that Miss Cahill is not able to provide new evidence that will stand up in court, other women and
    girls who find themselves in the position that M Cahill alleges to have
    been placed in may find their positions compromised. Indeed those women
    may well be cat called as crying wolf just as Miss Cahill might be if she cannot produce reliable evidence.

    I am beginning to smell something fishy and this hasn’t escaped the attention of a lot of others. Miss Cahill would need to cough up the evidence immediately
    otherwise she may well be labelled as bad as her alleged perpetrators. I
    hope for her sake I am completely and utterly wrong. She is an intelligent young woman but maybe she is not aware of the breadth of deviousness that goes in the political world?

  • NMS

    Babyface I agree completely. However, we have now have a string of Provos openly admitting that they ran a kangaroo court system in areas where their writ ran. This is a key part of Ms. Cahill’s story. The Provos whether from Ireland like Pearse Doherty or from UKNI like Gerry Adams only dispute whether she suffered at the hands of their criminal system.

    They do not dispute that the system existed. Adams tells us that,

    “But many victims or families of victims were reluctant to bring cases of child abuse forward. This was part of the larger problem all society and particularly victims faced at that time. But where a case emerged there was the added problem for some about reporting this to the RUC. They wanted the community or the IRA to take actions.”

    Did anybody have a choice? Does he expect us to believe that had anyone reporting a member of the IRA to the RUC for rape would have survived for long? What would have happened to their family and relations? Let us consider the position of the McConville family. They know the identities of those who kidnapped their mother, possibly on the instructions of Mr. Adams. But in someways that does not matter.

    However cast your mind back to the Provo rally for Adams when he was released from questioning. Remember the thinly veiled threats from Bobby Storey. Indeed Ms. Cahill’s description of Seamus Finnucane’s comments to her have a sinister echo to those made on the release of Adams. The Provo trolls may say what they like, and as Gerry Adams makes one more attempt to rewrite history and whitewash the truth, the vast majority are clear in their minds. This woman was raped as a girl by a member of the IRA, an organisation of which Gerry Adams was a leader. That organisation intimidated her to ensure that the story of the rape would remain covered up. Leading members of Sinn Féin such as Doherty & McDonald have decided that they will help with the whitewash.

  • gero

    I’m confused about you. There is no doubt that the girl was abused, only a few morons would deny that. Dear Leader agrees. There is also no doubt that she was ‘assisted’ by well meaning heavies. That much was confirmed by the glorious leader just recently. Because thats exactly what one would do with a young girl claiming to have been raped. You get heavies to counsel her. (sarcasm). The question is should they have been dealing with sexual abuse ( hint: Answer is no). Do they have appropriate training and experience etc etc. What will stop the abuser striking again (he actually did twice at least known cases). Are you even paying attention. Do you care. Are you any less confused.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I entirely agree!

  • Jag

    “she may well be labelled as bad”

    Do you mean “bad” as opposed to “mad”?

    After all, GA did tell us she had self-harmed. She tried to take her life. Maybe she’s a nutcase, or a fantasist. A female Walter Mitty?

    Well, if she is, she must be taking some very powerful medication, because in just over a week, she has managed to wing GA, MLM and even Pearse Doherty. No tweets this time round from GA saying you only hate him because he’s sexy. And it looks as if a whole can of worms has been opened. Maybe she could tell us what the medication is because we could all do with it.

    Or, maybe she’s “bad”.

    Or, maybe she’s neither.

  • mickfealty

    Mickey, you are a sitting Sinn Fein counsellor. Is this what you are getting briefings to say? (I doubt it very much).

    It’s clear you don’t have the temperament for cut and thrust arguments without resorting to playing the man, in this case the woman.

    Black card!

  • DJBM

    Who is the councilor?

  • chrisjones2

    “I certainly would not abandon my faith because of a few bad eggs”

    What if the Archbishop covers up and blames the victims?

  • chrisjones2

    ….and wasnt it great to see SF out there leading from the front and exposing it ll instead of covering up ……

  • Comrade Stalin

    You know the Shinners are panicking when they have to set up all these sockpuppet accounts to attack the victim.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Is there someone out there moderating this thread ? A series of libellous and remarks have been made against the character of Máiría Cahill and they’ve been here for the best part of a day without being removed. If Máiría chose to do so she may well have grounds for legal action.

  • tell their Lies ?
    you sound like the Vatican bast**d that walked all over Michael O’Brien

  • The Firemen

    Ms. Cahill explained her ‘reasons’ very lucidly on last week’s Spotlight documentary:–GU

  • me

    Ignorant asshole..Shinn Fein is a cult.