Do you love Larne?

On Monday night the BBC broadcast ‘True North – I Love Larne’ and it is fair to say the good people of Larne are not best pleased at how the show depicted them.

The Larne Times Facebook post about it has over a 100 comments so far with gems like this:

“Surely someone in council buildings should of vetted the content before airing. On the upside we now have 1 of the 7 wonders of the world on our doorstep. I’m sure the pyramid at Giza will be fuming having dropped a spot.”

“with a so called ‘very important’ meeting held by the chief executive of the council in relation to a 4 million pound investment request for the Gobbins being attended by councillors that were either dressed in jeans and a jumper or who looked like they were about to croak it!”

“more like a Christian Cult amature horror movie! !!”

“The producers should be made to apologise to the people of Larne …. do we have a set of stocks in the town !”

How can you not love a town with a giant crown on a roundabout? Photo: Albert Bridge

The poor old Chief Executive of Larne Council is really getting it in the neck. People seem to believe the council had some control over the content, which obviously they don’t. As we all know our local councils have little control over anything never mind the BBC.

I actually enjoyed the show. They did go a bit heavy on the quirky characters but with TV shows you are trying to make it entertaining. My favourite part of the show was when the Chief Executive said: ‘The Sunday times said we were one of the top 20 places to see before you die!’. To be fair to her I assume she is talking about the coast road.

What do you think? Did you see the show? Do you love Larne? Let us know your views in the comments.

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  • Bryan Magee

    I do like Larne. I like the ferries coming in and going out, I like the trips across the Harbour to the charming Islandmagee, I like the Sallach Braes. Handy to Belfast – with a good railway and road connection – handy to the Beautiful Glens, and with a nice sea side ambiance. Not seen the TV programme.

  • Morpheus

    That crown is fecking horrendous 🙂

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Fer dear sake, who doesnt love Larne? !

  • Sir Rantsalot

    I see roundabout displays in other countries, they’re a great way to decorate dull road networks.

  • Bryan Magee

    Having looked quickly at the BBC programme, it seemed a rather poor programme – a bit too “postmodern”. I’d say a waste of licence fee’s money.

  • barnshee

    Not even its mother could love Larne -its where you go to get the boat

  • Ned in a field

    The crown is feckin’ horrendous. But. There are 3 Great Things about Larne.

    1. The road out.
    2. The train out.
    3. The boat out.

    I’m sorry, Larne, but the programme was 100% funny and 200% embarrassing. I haven’t laughed as much in years.

  • Dec

    ‘In crisis time, that’s when people look to their council.’ Ha! The council Chief Executive should get a show of her own.

  • Bryan Magee

    Yes, that was a line I liked. I must admit I rather warmed to her small-town amour-de-soi.

  • Jag

    Drug infested south east Antrim UDA controlled (being polite) ghetto.

    As someone on Twitter said, why bother polishing a turd with that ginormous tiara – the BBC was being kind.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    I didn’t see the programme, but those defending Larne….do come on….its like Portadown with a sea view. A veritable shithouse.

  • Zig70

    You can tell Larnians love Burger King.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Their finest novelist, Amanda McKittrick Ros for one!

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Morph, thank you for the clarification that it actually is a crown. When I pass it on my way into belfast from the Glynnes, I’d thought at first it was a sort of Chef’s hat to celebrate Larne’s foremost place as a capitol of world cuisine. When I suspected it might be intended as the crown imperial, I thought that it was meant as satire, as the proportions were so “Disney”, so finding out that it was intended to support, rather than discredit the union makes me wonder if those who argued to put it up were visually challenged.

  • Croiteir

    As a Larne man I can say it is nothing but an Orange hole with the grace and charm of a three toed tree sloth but without the sense of vivacity.

  • Croiteir

    I call the town Farquaharville after the character in Shrek. There is the crown, see how big it is, that’s coz we are loyal see.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    No, thinking it out again, I can only see this particular “crown” as an attempt of plotters to present the British royal family as an object of derision.

  • I quite like Larne, there are no pretensions, it is like any market town in rural England, a bit old fashioned in a nice way. People are courteous, some interesting shops, great surroundings, lots of open space, the train journey between Carrick and Larne very scenic. It like Carrick has major tourist potential if only they would get their act in order. Collective lack of vision would be its biggest weakness.

  • Bryan Magee

    Isn’t that a sectarian attitude?

  • Croiteir

    You decide

  • streetlegal

    I have always applied those 3 bullet points to Belfast. Not much to choose between either place – but Larne at least has the advantage of a smaller population.

  • Ned in a field

    I wouldn’t really argue with that.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Most of them dumped from Belfast! But, about population size, Larne’s getting there, even though the new kids have to commute at 40 mph.

  • ted hagan

    I thought it was kind to Larne. It didn’t show the heart of the town, which is a rundown disgrace. It has potential, being a gateway to the Glens but has a long way to go. What the council is complaining about I don’t. It was an affectionate portrait of its people whereas it could have shown the paramilitary side, which is chilling

  • Robin Keogh

    I am wondering, when a United Ireland comes do you think the Brits might agree to keep places like Larne and Ballymena ?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    An excellent suggestion! But for those of us trapped out in the hinterland (“The Glynnes”) we’d need a tunnel underneath the town to get us anywhere without a long detour by Ballycastle. The big advantage of a tunnel would be that we’d not have to look at…….

  • delphindelphin

    Yes indeed Robin a good suggestion, but
    for the sake of balance if the referendum goes the other way the
    Republic should be asked to take over Strabane.

  • Robin Keogh

    Lol, deal

  • Croiteir

    That’s what the deerpark road is for

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Have you ever tried to use Deerpark Road on an icy day (about 60% of the year in the Larne area usually)? I remember having to detour when a number of cars slid back down a slope into one another just by the gates of Kilwaughter Castle! And the boy at the old school just beside the gates looses his wall to brave drivers who do not fear frost or ice some winters. No, the Larne Autobann Upgrade fund can be upped from our almost limitless public purse to build us a (heatable) tunnel, I’m sure. I’ll have a word with my friend Sammy Wilson about it the next time I’m in London and see him at Annabels.

  • Joe_Hoggs


    Your hate filled comments and those from your ilk on here are exactly the reason why I choose not to bother about this forum anymore, to receive to date 10 likes for such sectarianism is pathetic.