In defence of… Gerry Adams

The rape of Maria Cahill was a horrific crime. This writer cannot even begin to think of the suffering and torment that she has endured because of the actions of a depraved individual. There is no sane person who doubts Cahill’s version of events.

Sadly, this horrific event has been seized upon by Sinn Fein’s political opponents.

It is clear from the words and action of politicians North and South that Maria Cahill comes second in their thoughts. Maria Cahill should be their focus. Catching those responsible should be their focus. Bringing IRA volunteers who are abusers and rapists to justice should be the goal. Yes, they are horrified by her rape as any right thinking person would be but first in their thoughts is Gerry Adams.

Gerry Adams is an extraordinary politician. If you journey into inner city Dublin or any area of forgotten Ireland they know Adams. They can identify with him. Indeed, they can identify him which is more than can be said for the faceless political elite.

There is a school of thought that Adams must be ditched if Sinn Fein is to soar in the south. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nobody connects with the politically disengaged like Adams. He attracts voters to Sinn Fein and motivates activists to work for the party.

Adams’ political opponents know this hence their glee at the Cahill story. They long not to get justice for Maria but to take Gerry Adams out. They ignore Adams speaking out against the IRA’s method of policing nationalist communities. This included condemnation of punishment shootings.

They ignore the central reason behind the IRA’s policing of these communities. The Northern Ireland of the 1970’s was an orange state. The justice, police and social services of a normal state were not open to many nationalists. This vacuum was filled by the IRA. They ignore these facts because it suits their politically motivated agenda to do so.

This writer is no fan of Sinn Fein. The push for a border poll so soon after the divisive referendum in Scotland will only weaken the push for a united Ireland. The gulf between their actions in the six counties and the south is scarcely credible. Ironically, Sinn Fein is the ultimate partitionist party.

Political difference is not a legitimate reason to use the rape of a young girl as a political football. Adams has questions to answer but to try and place him at the centre of a widespread abuse cover up is stretching the bounds of reality.

Gerry Adams co-operated with the police investigation into Maria’s rape. He also advised her to go to the RUC. These are not the actions of a man seeking to cover up a culture of abuse and rape. It is high time Maria Cahill got justice but the political posturing will only help those who wish delay the process and obfuscate the truth.

  • Brian Lenaghan

    It makes me wonder why oh why someone from west Belfast, from a tough Republican family, clearly a Republican herself would confide in the likes of Mike Nesbitt. He claimed she went to him. Why not a solicitor for example? Why not someone from the SDLP? John Hume for example? Why not someone of credible standing in the community?

    While yes Mike was Victims Commissioner up to 2010, how any individual from Republican west Belfast would turn to Mike Nesbitt is beyond my comprehension.

  • So your defence of Gerry Adams is….
    He is popular with people, Take his word as he says it (even if its been proven false) leave him alone.
    Niot much of a defence.

  • Ernekid

    I think it’s time for SF to decommission Gerry Adams. He’s a political liability. Let him make his money on “I’m a peacemaker so I am” speaking tours and wheel him out for the occasional Ard Fheis. Mary Lou can handle the South and Marty’s the Northern Statesman.

    Gerry’s an unnecessary relic.

  • barnshee

    Surely a piece of satire ?
    Rape victim names GA a part of SF/IRA process which made matters worse
    Rape victim now gets further abuse because she identified the bearded ones porkies
    Saint Gerry fan club the further blames victim
    Surely a piece of satire?

  • Clanky

    The problem is that Gerry and the SF leadership have told blatant lies and had them accepted within the Republican community for so long that they think they can continue to do so. Yes there needs to be a focus on what happened to Maria Cahill and bringing her attacker(s) to justice, but there also needs to be a focus on what appears, again, to be blatant lies from Adams.

    Adams strategy in the past seems to have been to tell lies as blatantly as possible and to repeat them often enough that even though everyone knows that they are lies it just becomes pointless challenging them because everyone knows that the response will be simply a repetition of the same blatant lies. This cannot be allowed to continue unchallenged, it was kind of OK as a policy when SF where the political wing of the IRA, but now that they are selling themselves as a serious mainstream political party they need to be held to the same standards as other mainstream political parties (not that those standards are particularly high!)

  • SeaanUiNeill

    “These are not the actions of a man seeking to cover up a culture of abuse and rape.”

    Liam? Áine?

    I cannot think of any contemporary democracy where anyone acting as Adams has done would survive politically. The only way that SF can stop their opponents using such issues as political point scoring is to clean up their act, send the old compromised “heros’ out to graze and show that no-one, no matter what history they can pull on, comes before SFs ability to serve to the broader community. Anything less places SF squarely alongside the old post partition political culture of “my party right or wrong.”

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    I doubt that Gerry Adams needs any one to defend him- and the elections next year will still have Gerry Adams as Sinn Fein leader still striving for a strong Peace process for a strong team at Westminster the Dail and trying his best to make the assembly work despite Tory cuts and ones making cutting remarks –

  • babyface finlayson

    Is it not Mairia?
    Any way as Mairia Cahill has herself made allegations about Gerry Adams then surely justice for her would involve getting the truth about his role?

  • chrisjones2

    “the Northern Ireland of the 1970’s was an orange state”

    1960s yes…by the 70’s no

    “The justice, police and social services of a normal state were not open to many nationalists.”

    Well they were but some refused by choice to use them. Others feared that if they did the IRA would murder them and there are many examples of that happening. Its what murdering terrorists did.

    “This vacuum was filled by the IRA.”

    The vacuum was created by the IRA in the first place.

    But not all the time. In the first IRA ceasefire in the early 1970s SF/ PIRA set up ‘incident centres’ to which people could report crime. SF would then deal with it or liaise with the Army to resolve issues with their troops. This was sometimes a 2 way street – if the Army had young people who weren’t complying with the rule and were out of control the hated crown forces would report then to the IRA who would ‘deal’ with them. So much for vacuum! This was most prevalent at this time iN West Belfast and North Belfast

    “Ironically, Sinn Fein is the ultimate partitionist party.”

    I agree. The reality is that the Orange State was crumbling already and would never have withstood the social and political shocks of the 1970s and 1980s. The IRA campaign probably put a UI back by 30 years – perhaps much more and destroyed any change or prosperity for many people. Political dementors the lot of them

  • chrisjones2

    He doesn’t have a team at Westminster they just collect the expenses

  • chrisjones2

    …and what does that say about us the voters?

  • chrisjones2

    Aye…we all can only relate to oursuns

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Hey, chrisjones2, you are talking to the man who coined the phrase “voting by standing order.”

  • Michael-Henry Mcivor

    There is a Sinn Fein team working at Westminster and at their offices there-Sinn Fein don’t take their wages at Westminster- a complete rarity there for a elected party- properly the number one reason that other politicians or some journalists can’t understand them- few of them will forgo wages or a expenses sheet-

  • chrisjones2

    Really? You mean Parliament banned them for being paid when they dont do the job

  • chrisjones2

    They must keep Gerry going

    If they don’t he will have so much spare time he may write more poetry

    The risks are just too high

  • NMS

    Bogman, brilliant stuff. Your tongue must have burrowed a two inch hole in your cheek. I love the line about Adams co-operating with the police investigation. The warning to anyone going to the PSNI about any member of the Provo gang was clear when he was released from custody after the McConville questioning. Remember that rant from Bobby Storey. Go to the PSNI at your peril.

  • Freddie

    Makes you wonder how any republican from derry would turn up at buckingham palace !

  • chrispatten

    Windsor Castle, wasn’t it? Betty has more than one house, being posh.

  • Robin Keogh

    The media melee has already started to calm down already. Before we know it, it will be business as usual, politicians, media and slugger alike will move on to something else and maria will join the mcconvilles, mccartneys and so many others on the forgotten heap. Its sad, tragic and pathetic the lengths some people will go to in the vain attempt to damage SF and topple GA. What makes this latest circus worse is the fact that there is litte or no chance that other victims or witnesses will come forward now, having seen what they might be put through by SF opponents. If Mairia was betrayed and abandoned by republicans, whats been done to her now by the likes of slugger is truly despicable. GA did not rape anyone, did not oversee the republican investigation and did not warn the family off involving the pokice, he did not botch up the police investigation nor did he ignore her claims or use them cynically as others have done. All they will get for their troubles is a minor dint in SF poll ratings and a lonely troubled hurting brave Mairia Cahill left abandoned with no hope of justice. Whatever folk might say about GA, the dirty rotten quality of mainstream media and political opportunists is the real scandal of this affair.

  • Jag

    This must be a first, no SF representative was available for the Vincent Browne show this evening on TV3 (ROI). Normally you have to beat SFers off with a stick. Vincent has issued an open invitation to GA to come on the programme to debate and/or refute the allegations made by Ms Cahill.

    This all appears to be have dealt a body blow to Sinn Fein. The SFers will struggle to regain credibility on law-and-order issues (and they’ve been strong in the recent past on Garda malpractice, whistleblowers and suchlike).

  • Bryan Magee

    Certainly John Hume is too old to be able to get involved in this sort of thing. Alex Attwood has already taken an interest in this case, I believe.

  • NMS

    Let alone the women’s vote. Cieron Perry is eating up the Provo vote in areas like Cabra and Mary Lou may find herself having to look for a job after the next election. The constituency is changing dramatically with the opening of the DIT in Grangegorman.

  • Robin Keogh

    And the wishful thinking continues. Neither GA or SF have broken any laws here, this will pass and it will be business as usual.

  • Robin Keogh

    Lol, now your just setting yourself up for some serious dissapointment.

  • Robin Keogh

    What lies, what offence has GA been convicted of? Where is there empirical evidence of cover up? And tell us what political party standard would you suggest SF aspire to?

  • Bryan Magee

    “maria will join the mcconvilles, mccartneys and so many others on the forgotten heap”

    I will not forget them. In fact we must make sure that none of the victims are forgotten. As time goes on – it seems to me – the voices of the victims grow ever stronger, ever more eloquent, ever more important, ever more compelling, ever more challenging.

  • Robin Keogh

    I will not forget them either and i hope someday they find peace free of their nightmares. What i meant is that they will be forgotten by those that use their trauma as a pokitical device.

  • Bryan Magee

    They seek the truth. I support that.

  • Robin Keogh

    me too

  • Superfluous

    I feel guilty even suggesting this (rape is out of bounds, and I’ve never been a conspiracy theorist) – but involving (almost certainly uninvolved) Mary Lou in it, just seemed much too convenient for many of the politically established southerners.

  • Jag

    The melee has calmed down, has it?
    Ms Cahill meeting An Taoiseach today, he’s said he’s reserving judgment on GA and Sinn Fein until after the meeting. Does anyone think he’ll do other than given them both barrels? Will he announce an inquiry?
    PPS has reopened cases in North
    Ms Cahill says she has had contact from similarly affected people, what lies beneath there, was hers the only such case, seems unlikely.
    GA has admitted IRA expelled rapists and abusers. Did they re-offend, and on whose head is that?

    SF appears to be in lockdown. Budget 2015? Might as well not have happened. Water charges were safe ground, but (even farther) far left has stolen that ground, pisspoor turnouts at SF water charge protests last Saturday. SF are known for being rocksolid reliables with the media, but last night, not one was available for the TV3 Vincent Brown show.

    You may be right, the issue may fall down the priority list, we do get bored and there’s always ebola, IS, the latest Stormont talks and whatnot to take its place, but it’s lasted nearly two weeks (since BBC started previewing Spotlight). Is there not some political saw that if a story is in the headlines for x, then it’s a keeper?

  • chrisjones2

    traumas caused by SFs murdering associates and compounded by SF cover up

    Remember the pub with biggest toilet in te world?

  • chrisjones2

    PPS has reopened cases in North

    The cases were not reopened. They cannot be because of the (convenient) way they were terminated. Its just a review of how the PPS handled the cases – a protective step to head off the criticism and awkward questions?

  • I opened this post hoping to see some sort of insightful argument in defense of Gerry. Some sort of new facts that we haven’t seen before, or interpretations of events that perhaps hadn’t been considered. Or maybe even a spirited defense of why he acted as he did.

    Instead we get a re-hash of Gerry’s recent post on the subject, alongside the usual guff about how everyone’s exploiting a rape victim to get at Gerry.

    This is pretty poor stuff from the SF’ers.

  • Clanky

    What lies.

    That he made sure Liam Adams left Sinn Fein as soon as his daughter told him of his abuse against her. He didn’t make sure Liam Adams left Sinn Fein, Gerry canvassed for him while he was trying to be elected as a Sinn fein candidate for Dáil Éireann in 1997.

    He claimed to have been estranged from Liam from 1987 until 1992, he wasn’t and there is photographic evidence to prove that he wasn’t.

    And of course the big lie, the “I was never a member of the IRA” lie, and from this one springs all the others. He did not even have to admit membership of the IRA, but to deny it treats the electorate as if they are stupid.

    The problem is that the traditional Sinn Fein power base were not stupid enough to believe his lies, they were loyal enough to accept them and repeat them until it was pointless challenging them even though everyone knew they were lies, but I think this has given Adams the belief that people really do believe a lie if it is repeated often enough.

    So when he says that he did not order Jean McConville’s death, or that he did not have a meeting with Maria Cahill or that he never wore a blue jumper despite overwhelming evidence that he did, he did and he did then it appears as simply another “repeat the lie often enough and people will move on” moment.

    Children do it, they know they nicked the ice lolly from the fridge, their parents know they nicked the ice lolly from the fridge, but if they just keep denying it while there is the tiniest shred of doubt then eventually everyone just moves on.

    He somehow got away with the blatant lies he told over Liam, he cannot be allowed to get away with the blatant lies he is telling over Maria Cahill.

  • Peter Simple

    I posted on Jude Collins’ site, October 21, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    I started, “I watched the BBC programme. Maíria Cahill opted to bring her story to the court of public opinion rather than to court.”

    And finished, “Maíria should have tested her story in court. Perhaps in the court of
    public opinion things are more weighted in her favour. It seems so”

    There is more between those lines.

  • NMS

    Rob, May I suggest that you use the spellcheck on your computer in future before posting. I understand that education is not a key issue for many “republicans”, but correct spelling helps to make your point in a clear and concise manner.

    We shall wait and see, but the complete absence of Provos from all events where they might face questioning, suggests trouble.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    “Is it not Mairia?”

    Thank you babyface finlayson for pointing out that the disrespect “lite” extends to anglicising her name.

    To be entirely correct you might add the “sineadh fada” on the first “i” : “Maíria.”

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Yes, in parts, chrsjones2, and we (as a broad community) were pretty much almost there with the cross party Civil Rights work of NICRA in the late 1960s! When I explain all this to friends in the U.S. they are deeply shocked that it took a lot of years and deaths to simply get us to where we almost where before the future Baron Bannside and his allies created the confrontation that “authorised” PIRA to jump start the violence and bought them support in other countries from legions of civilised, liberal people who did not know the situation at first hand.

    But I have to agree that “The justice, police and social services of a normal state were not open to many nationalists.” As a noted “Lundy” in NICRA in the late 1960s I watched it all very close up, and most opportunities were pretty firmly closed to even the Catholic middle classes in most areas of public life. While not really wanting to do an “Angela’s Ashes” about it all, you really had to be there to see just how bad it was, and perhaps you had to have family access to the old UUP movers and shakers to hear what they were really saying about it all when their British masters were out of earshot.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Not only spell check, but note the edit button which permits us to re-hash all our mistakes, cut out material we have second thoughts about, and generally look far more capable than we actually are!!!!!!!

  • Robin Keogh

    The Taoseach has not asked for an inquiry and he has agreed to meet the people Maria claimed conducted the investigation. Ask for the other people affected, we are still waiting for them to come forward and I hope they do so we can get to the bottom of all this, SF have called on them to come forward with their full support. SF were quite right to dodge the Vincent Browne debate, there is little to be gained by walking into a onesided interview especially if its conducted by someone who has clear anti republican credentials. The McConville issue went on for two months in the run up to the last election and dissappeared as soon as GA was cleared.

  • barnshee

    ” I watched it all very close up, and most opportunities were pretty firmly closed to even the Catholic middle classes ”

    How exactly were “the Catholic middle classes” prevented from becoming Doctors, Dentists ( Other medical professionals) Lawyers Tax Inspectors Customs officer Social Workers (Plumbers , Carpenters etc if you must ) ?

    I seem to remember the presence of “catholic middle classes”in all of the above occupations ?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    They may have been there in middle class professions, but I remember the older generation of my day making sure that their doctor, etc, would always be of “their own kind.” And any number of openings that would have been automatically open to qualified middle class applicants over the water were firmly closed here by selective consent amongst those in power who were making the decisions.

    It was breaking down just a wee bit, yes. My friend Cyril Toman who was the inceptive person in the Peoples Democracy was a teacher at Newtownards Tech, which I remember as having a predominantly one tradition uptake at the time. So two disqualifiers liberally passed over, Radical (non-USSR) Marxism and Roman Catholicism!!!!! But to answer your middle paragraph, they were prevented from flourishing across the divide by that most insidious of techniques, the always unwritten law of choosing reliable members of ones own group/community before outsiders. Something that even the most apparently open minded can always do in such situations.

  • Bryan Magee

    Perhaps she does not view people via a NI communal lens?

  • Robin Keogh

    The situation with Liamo was messy I admit that but GA interactions with his brother after he heard about the claims where far from buddy buddy. If you have evidence that GA was a member of the IRA you should bring it to the authorities….but you don’t so you won’t. He never said he did not meet with Maria he simple disputes the content of the converations he had with her. As for getting away with stuff, he has admitted he has made mistakes in his past just like the rest of mankind but in the absence of evidence of any law breaking I am afraid you will have to wait for another day beofre you see him toppled.

  • Robin Keogh

    You dont have to be a SF supporter to identify the exploitative politicising of Marias case no more than you have to be a horticulturalist to accurately identify a daffodil.

  • Robin Keogh

    You are not alone in your attempts to deny discrimination and persecution of minority groups to fit your narrative. It is a common phenomonan across the globe from Germany to Iran to Israel etc.

  • Robin Keogh

    My name is Robin not Rob and there is absolutely no need to use a capital M there after a comma. There is also no need to try and be insulting to someone who is just trying to debate issues with you and others on this site. The only person you let down there is yourself, as it manifests intolerance and prejudice on your part rendering your contributions disengenuous. For your information I am a fourth year politics student with University College Dublin and the University of California with a pretty high GPA as it goes. Alongside many fellow shinners in the academic learning sphere at the moment. It may suit your own superior narrative to portray Republicans as somehow inferior to yourself; sadly it is quite indicative of a Unionist mentality that most of thought had dissappeared when you lost your fight to keep Catholics out of positions of power and influence. In you I see it is alive and well, respectfully I request that you do not engage with me again and I will steer clear of you.

  • Actually, I’m afraid you do have to be an SF supporter to see it that way. Everyone else just wants answers – none of which are forthcoming. And the concerted efforts of SFers to use this exploitation thing as a way to close down discussion is just so transparent as to be embarrassing.

    If SF/IRA had handed alleged rapists over to the police then the police would have pumped them for intelligence in return for a lenient sentence. That could be incredibly damaging to SF/IRA, so there was no way Gerry could allow that. You don’t need to be a genius to figure that out. Why doesn’t he just admit it and have done with it?

  • barnshee

    “You are not alone in your attempts to deny discrimination and persecution of minority groups to fit your narrative. It is a common phenomonan across the globe from Germany to Iran to Israel etc.”

    er answer the question

    “How exactly were “the Catholic middle classes” prevented from becoming Doctors, Dentists ( Other medical professionals) Lawyers Tax Inspectors Customs officer Social Workers (Plumbers , Carpenters etc if you must ) ”

  • barnshee

    What do you mean “in my day” It is still the case in lots of areas Doctors, Dentists (Butchers blood tradesmen even) where the community support “their own kind” It only blurs (sometimes) in larger conurbations

    If anything its worse than my childhood

  • Robin Keogh

    You have an active conspiracy theory imagination but you are forgetting the fact that the accused and the co called republican investigators where in fact questioned and showed up for a trial at which the prosecution offered no evidence. Unless you are suggesting we dispense with the judicial system and simply hang out to dry anybody we like on the basis of he said she said?

  • Robin Keogh

    I never made that claim

  • babyface finlayson

    I would not be so tedious as to correct someone making a mistake in the comments but I think if you are going to do a blog piece then you ought to do that little bit of basic checking.
    I didn’t add the fada, I suppose I should, but she appears to omit it herself at times.
    Maybe she uses ‘Maria’ too in which case I’m being unfair to The Bogman.

  • Not really sure why you posted this as a reply to my post, as it in no way even attempts to address any of the points that I raised.

    Or perhaps that’s the next part of the SF debating strategy. When you have no sensible answers to the questions being raised, you just answer questions that you’ve made up in your own head.

    Once again, we all see through your nonsense.

  • Robin Keogh

    If you cant see the connection i suggest u study conversational comprehension

  • Granni Trixie

    I agree – my first thoughts also were why talk to Nesbitt,Robinson etc – except that Mairia herself has explained that she wanted to get across the board support. Ann Travers adopted the same tactics and had success in getting a SF SPAD removed. The fact that politicians are lining up for their own opportunistic reasons is besides the point.
    Keep on speaking truth to power,Mairia,you’ll get there.
    The fact that everyone

  • SeaanUiNeill

    My dear fellow! I’m not in any way criticising you, simply adding a small detail about proper Irish language usage. I’m delighted that you show sufficient respect for her own (general?) usage to set right the sloppy use of “Maria”, sometimes used by others in an obliquely insulting manner. Please do not be so prickly at what was fully intended as an entirely supportive comment.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I fully agree with you, barnshee. One perhaps unintended consequence of the GFA has been to permit threads of sectarian tension to grow like weeds amongst those who continue to feel threatened, who are not reassured by liberal platitudes.

    Its a lot worse than my childhood, in places too! The one thing I notice is that the civil service appears to be much less of a one tradition preserve, but then this was underway during the 1960s anyway (“in my day”). But you must admit that in general there has been a bit of a change in the solid front of knee jerk support for “our own kind.”

  • Niall Chapman

    To be fair they are there in a lobbying capacity even though they receive no money from westminster, and their books are open to anyone who wants to see their funding, but I do think the Shinners are starting to unravel a bit, and MaryLou and Pearce Doherty must be pissed off at having nothing to do with the conflict but being tarred with the same brush after all the recent allegations

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Robin, my own technique is to cut and paste comments used against me and to draw on them as accolades or simply as ammunition when answering those who had attacked me when they comment on future threads. I have a golden quote from the sadly defunct SonofStrongbow:

    “I confess Seaan that you are my guilty pleasure here on Slugger. The arrogant condescension and overweening self regard that is weaved throughout your posts make entrancing reading. At one time I imagined them as part of some sort of performance artwork.”

    I can get rather sentimental about this sort of abuse. I was just looking at the standard of comment over on the Telegraph (English) the other day and blessing my luck to be savaged by the rather more gentle old brutes here on Slugger. I look forward to your future contributions, so please, don’t let it get under your skin.

  • Robin Keogh

    So you are suggesting that the party should just dump a perfectly good leader, second most popular in the state with the biggest electoral mandate of any constituency on the basis that the media and political elite are terrified he will be elected to tanaiste in 18 months time?

  • Robin Keogh

    Many thanks, and no it won’t. 😉

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Oh yes! If that leader has attempted to weather the sort of thing that would have sunk him anywhere but here. After Áine and Maírie’s revelations Adams cannot expect anyone but the gullible and terminally naïve to believe he can ever again speak authoritatively about social protection and women’s issues.

  • Robin Keogh

    As an elected representative he has a duty to address such things. His credibikity is only subjectively relevent.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    On this, Robin, we must respectfully differ. As an old Peoples Democracy member with donkeys years of political experience I’ve very, very little respect left for the notion of democratic representation, a system whereby all too often the power gained by a representative is covertly used for personal agendas to say the very least. I’d rather have far far more personal accountability, and if Liam had been a representative, for example, I’d have had problems with him representing woman’s issues. The same can be said for the man who shielded him.

    It’s not as if SF are devoid of some pretty awesome talent in the younger generation, and it should be an honest, clean, and not a much tarnished performance that brings them into power if they are to seriously address the general degeneration of Irish politics. Anything else, such as supporting a compromised front man so unconditionally, shames them and any voter who votes for them after this. But you really, really want to hear what I say about the other parties………

  • Robin Keogh

    Well i am far too young and idealistic to share your cynicism but i have utmost respect for the result of your own personal political evolution. Accountability is over rated in my view because it is inevitably filtered through a based media and presented in a way that suits selfish interests over the rights of the people and their representatives. As an abuse survivor myself i can quite easily spot the difference between those who genuinely care about the victim and those who wish to abuse their vulnerability for their own selfish ends.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I entirely agree with you about the abuse of the abused by a cynical media, but this does not free GA from his poor choices in the past, nor does it make him in any way acceptable to those I know who have also suffered abuse, and are betrayed all over again by SFs support for him.

    I used to be in film myself, and this has fully inoculated me to any trust of the media, which I know only too well from the inside, but the same need to question anything they are trying to “sell” me has made it utterly impossible for me to follow parties or their leaders, especially tarnished leaders. and perhaps I am unwilling to allow myself to become implicated in what I know only too well to be culpable and cynical manipulation of the desperate, a re-itteration of the abuse by all sides.

    I entirely agree that the media is using Maíria and Áine before her cynically, but this does not even begin to excuse or un-compromise Adams. Witch hunt, yes, but for a real “witch” in this case. The sooner SF is rid of him and his baggage the better for all.