Photo of the day – Mourne Skyline Mountain Race

Mourne Skyline Mountain-Trail Race 2014

Photo by Billy Mol, Taken on October 18, 2014

Last Saturday over 120 runners took part in the gruelling Mourne Skyline Mountain-Trail Race.  The Mourne Skyline Mountain-Trail Race route comprises mainly of forest paths, fire roads and single track grass and granite trail, with approximately one mile on the road.  The course measures 35k and there is approximately 11,056ft of ascent and 11,024ft of descent.  The highest point was at 2,801ft and the lowest point was at Sea level.

Basically you have to run up and down most of the peaks of the Mournes, so as you would imagine you need to be extremely fit.

The mens race was won by Kim Collison (Borrowdale AC) in a time of 3 hours 57 mins. The ladies race was won by Stevie Kremer (Team Salomon)  in a time of 4 hours 24 mins. If any of you have ever walked in the Mournes then you will know that covered most of the range in less than 4 hours is a seriously impressive achievement, well done to all involved.

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  • nigel mckinney

    Nice photo – I took part in the hugely less gruelling granite trail race on friday night – the worst conditions think I’ve ever been out on the hills in – but still a bit of crack.

    Mountain running is a fantastic sport – great mental and physical challenges and camarederie. I only wish I was fit enough to do some of the longer events such as this – maybe next year – I keep saying.

    Not sure where I got the information but I think the fastest mile ever run by a person was in a downhill race in tge Lake District

  • carl marks

    hill runners, a special type of mad. but as me Ma used to say “we all have our own way of going mad”!

  • carl marks

    believe it or not it’s easier on the joints than running on roads,the i think Nigel is if anything understating the levels of fitness required to do this.
    I hate that embarrassing moment that when you pretend to be getting something out of your ruck to cover up needing a breather and you are passed by a hill runner who isn’t even breathing hard.