Photo of the day – Gerry Anderson & Stormtrooper

gerry anderson

Photo by David Reid, Taken on January 14, 2012

 The thing about Gerry Anderson was we are not in the least bit surprised to see him in a photo with a Stormtrooper. His show was a surreal world of hypnotic chickens and phantom fake leather jacket salesmen, nothing he done could ever surprise us. Now we have nothing to talk us down from the ledge after Nolan depressing us all – we miss you Gerry.
Last year Gerry wrote and narrated a film called ‘A City Dreaming‘. As far as I know the film was shown once in Derry then nothing has been heard of it since. It seems bizarre to create a film and not release it in other cinemas, streaming or on the BBC. If anyone knows how we can watch the film please add a comment.