Cartoon – The judge and fury

Sammy Wilson cartoon,  Brian John Spencer

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  • LRMacK

    Yes it felt a bit like that; the cartoon is very good! Very strange bedfellows Alex and Jim. Jim’s obvious offence was enough to bring a tear to a glass eye. Having been at the wrong end of a pre-judging Stormont committee I can readily sympathise with Nelson etc.

  • Jag

    Sammy displayed all the appearance of someone who was going to start a fight to distract attention away from the gimlet questioning by Jimbo, who, as a lawyer who has immersed himself in the McCausland brief, was about the only person at that committee hearing who could have scored a very palpable hit. Never mind, Jimbo will be back. What will Sammy do for a distracting encore, drop his trousers (again)?

    BTW, in Norn Iron, is the term “pansy” unusually defined. Sammy said the other day on radio that the DUPers were not pansies and that is why they didn’t reach agreements with the Shinners. Elsewhere that language would land you in hot water.

  • barnshee

    “BTW, in Norn Iron, is the term “pansy” unusually defined.”

    Well in “circles” I was familiar with, “pansy” meant pushover and had no- ahem- overtones of sexual orientation