And then there were just two candidates left standing for the Seanad byelection…

So John McNulty has gone. That just leaves Sinn Fein’s Lurgan based candidate Cat Seeley and independent candidate Gerald Craughwell, …

He cannot by law withdraw from his official candidacy but he’s indicated that people should not vote for him [eek, that’s bit messy – Ed]… That leaves a lot of FGers with a bit of a problem.

The Seanad was getting unruly enough as it was. Having tried to snuff it out for good, neither of the two live runners will make an easy life for the Taoiseach… Craughwell in particular felt aggrieved at the Taoiseach’s handling of the matter.

He’s very much pitching himself as a let’s reform the Seanad issue candidate, and likely to draw a lot of support across the chamber. Though since the ballot papers have been out McNulty might enough win, even though he’s asked people not to…

What a mess… [And its not even October yet.. – Ed]

Yep, and that’s the replace Dinny McGinley stratagem up in smoke (“I’m making no promises…”)

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  • Zig70

    You have to love quangos, why else would you be in politics, to serve the people? But this much fuss over an unpaid one?

  • mickfealty

    It’s the nexus between that appointment, the nomination to the Seanad days afterwards (involving a senior minister) of a candidate with little direct expertise in the area in order to do (what most parties have done (Pearse Doherty being an excellent past example and David Cullinan a current one) and set him up as a candidate in the next general election in what will be a very tight single Donegal constituency battle over five seats where there is currently six.

    All of which is good news for SF and FF and particularly independent Thomas Pringle who’d be scrumming in roughly the same south west area.

  • Jag

    I’ve rarely seen Enda Kenny so winded by an event.

    The appointment to the board of IMMA will be examined and pulled at by the Opposition in the Dail at midday today. Mr McNulty was appointed to the board of IMMA on 12th September, six days before he was nominated for the Seanad election, a consequence of which nomination is he must resign from IMMA. It’s hard not to see the fingerprints of senior FGers on both the appointment to IMMA and Seanad election. That aspect of the McNulty affair (McNultygate?) does look extremely cynical, and remember, Enda does take some things personally even if he’s the oldest dog in the place.

    This could all become serious and takes place in a context which includes the confirmation of the appointment of controversial ex-minister Phil Hogan to a European Commissionership on Thursday this week, the revelation that a ministerial driver has been appointed to the board of Irish Water and a failed Labour councillor has been appointed to the Irish Aviation Authority, and comes after a number of still-fresh appointments like a FG trustee to the board of NAMA in April.

    The kneejerk announcement for all vacancies on State boards to be centrally advertised, that is absolutely huge, and is a major, major reform for our State. Won’t stop nods and winks of course but is a huge silver lining in this cloud. Maybe NI could learn from ROI on this.