Robinson talks: “Gerry (Adams) will take the decision on what we can go in with…”

I admit I don’t have a reliable take on what’s going on with these Robinson talks, but I was struck by the incongruity of the concern from a Sinn Fein source who…

…indicated that the party was likely to attend any talks but that it would seek to widen the agenda and was wary of Mr Robinson’s stated intention of including smaller parties in the discussions.

“Our concern is that Robinson is laying the ground work for bringing in the Orange Order and the PUP and the UDA and all the rest of it into these talks. This is a disparate group of people many of whom are only interested in wrecking things,” he stated.

“We will put on the table the things which we think are important at the time. Gerry (Adams) will take the decision on what we can go with in consultation with other members of the leadership and the party in general.”

Ah… So they’ll be bypassing Martin again and knocking it upstairs (or down to Dublin?) to Gerry and the AC, (now where have I heard that before?)…

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