Effing Tories

David Cameron made an impassioned defence of the United Kingdom today as he began campaigning for a ‘No’ vote in next Thursday’s Scottish independence referendum.

However the phrase making all the headlines is “effing Tories.”

Has the Prime Minister scored a spectacular own goal?

Cameron said “Because it’s an election, because it’s a ballot, I think people can feel a bit like it’s a general election. That you make a decision and five years later you can make another decision. If you’re fed up with the effing Tories give them a kick, and then maybe we will think again. This is totally different.”

Alex Salmon described today’s independence referendum campaigning by Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband as “Team Scotland against Team Westminster” and said the three leaders “jetted” up to Scotland “because they are panicking in the campaign”.

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  • Joe_Hoggs

    Feel free to stay in Scotland.

  • Mark Dingwall

    27.9% of Scots voted for either the Tories or UKIP at the last Euro elections – do the Yestapo think they can keep ignoring people have a legitimate viewpoint?

  • carl marks

    Sorry Mark, what do you mean ignore? are you suggesting that somehow the wishes of the rest of the electorate should be ignored because 27.9 % have a legitimate viewpoint surely that is only a view point not a right!
    what about the other 72.1% is their viewpoint not legitimate as well and the referendum is about finding the viewpoint that most support (yes or no) and then making it happen! at least that’s how i understand the whole democracy/ballot box thingy works.

  • Thomas Girvan

    I would say it was more her head on a plate.

    He came over as very aggressive, which has been the tone of many of the contributors to the Independence debate.

    He reminded me of the attitude you get from nationalist/republican contributors to The Tele, coming up to the marching season.

    His references to the Orange Order in Scotland as an “underclass”, are reminiscent of the level of discussion you get over here. Just a hint of sectarianism, maybe, with a touch of the Celtic tiger, ( Celtic with a soft C.).

    Mind you, it has been noticeable how many of Scotland’s Catholic politicians have come out strongly in favour of the Union. I thought George Galloway spoke very effectively the other night in favour of a NO vote, also John Reid, Jim Murphy and Charles Kennedy.
    Of course the Irish/Scots have a long tradition in left wing politics, in Scotland.

    I don’t agree with RDE, but who can tell the long term consequences of such visceral divisions?
    Think of the foundation of the Irish Free State, and the Irish civil war and the enormous long term divisions it created.
    Hopefully ,one way or the other, it won’t come to that.
    When you think about it, the closeness of the polls must make our local, so-called politicians wonder what could have been achieved if they had not decided it was a good idea to work towards National unity by blowing up their own country and murdering their fellow citizens!
    There’s food for thought!

  • MainlandUlsterman

    Except that any increased Dublin role – TDs, really?! – would be a breach of the GFA’s guarantee on the NI people’s right to self-determination. The 2 governments are guarantors of the agreement but not imposing joint sovereignty against the wishes of the people isn’t part of that, last time I read it. I think you’re in some kind of denial over how little say Dublin actually has in NI under the GFA. They were largely written out.

  • Lyndon T Palmer

    Alex Salmond has avoided engaging tory and labour over Dounreay. The Royal Navy seem to have glossed over the recent Devonport nuclear incident (Like Dounreay 1998 due to backup power failure). I think the nuclear clean up bill for Dounreay is about ten billion quid.

    The issue, of there having been backup power vulnerability reports known to Blair before he smuggled former Soviet weapons grade material to Dounreay 1998 for processing, has raised its head in the unlikely setting of Theresa May’s plans for a Judge led inquiry into police corruption. (Lawrence and Morgan murder cases).

    In 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry and report into matters ranging from paramilitary collusion and training, the terrorist bombing 1989 of Deal Royal Marines Barracks and the not unassociated matters of sabotage and company fraud in the manufacture and maintenance of backup generator systems.

    In March 1999, one month after MacPherson Report was published, Home Secretary Straw overruled the call for inquiry and report. Of course in the interim (Police Authority call for report to Straw cover up) Kent Police had conducted the Lawrence Inquiry.

    As readers probably know in 1992 Det sgt Alex Leighton of the Met went to the seaside in Kent and there he arrested UDA hit men and drugs importers. This led to the David Norris murder trial in 1993 which began six days before Stephen Lawrence was killed. The Met case officers for the Norris murder trial became concurrently the case officers for the Stephen Lawrence killing.

    Mr Leighton formed Mayfayre Associates (Of Levenson Inquiry and Mark Ellison QC review fame) who are allegedly suspected of having Det sgt John Davidson on payroll providing police information for onward report to Murdoch press.

    A question is did Mayfayre employ a senior member of a bodyguard company ?

    Another question is did an associate of Clifford Norris employ the head of this bodyguard company ?

    Was it a company set up and legitimised by unlawful use of Deal Royal Marines Barracks in Kent ?

    Who was the source of moonlight bodyguard work to Det sgt John Davidson and four Regional Crime Squad colleagues for which they were disciplined 1995 ?

    And was the head of this bodyguard group an associate of an employee of a backup generator maker in Kent ?

    The question for Theresa May is “How many of the questions raised by Mark Ellison QC Review would have been addressed, and accounted to MacPherson, if Kent Police had complied with their Police Authority call for inquiry and report ?”

    Of course in March 1999, as you know, Sir Ronnie Flanagan had concerns about whether or not Straw would compel the Kent inquiry into paramilitary collusion. When Straw suppressed inquiry that is when Kent Chief constable left the Rosemary Nelson case (rather abruptly)

    A UDA defence barrister at the David Norris murder trial was a certain Michael Mansfield who was/is a trustee of the so called much respected British Irish Rights Watch charity. He pretty soon became Doreen Lawrence barrister too.

    When the Rosemary Nelson Tribunal sat Mansfield’s BIRW knew all about this history. If we put aside statutory duties to report knowledge Sections 54 and 55 terrorism Act 2000, the question would stand anyway “Why BIRW didn’t you include this history in your submission to the Tribunal ?”.

    Salmond (almost certainly also through former Scottish energy minister Ian Grey) knows about the history of unreliability reports as they relate to the 1998 Dounreay and Hunterston B serious nuclear incidents. Why is he being so coy ?

  • Davros64

    7, actually.