PEACE III Conference (2 September) – showcasing conflict storytelling @SEUPB

SEUPB logoWhat has Europe ever done for us? Roads, infrastructure, trading opportunities, the annual song contest and ‘peace’ money …

Next Tuesday a public conference organised by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) in The MAC will showcase some of the projects funded to the tune of €21million by the EU’s PEACE III programme over the last seven years.

Thou Shalt Not Kill- Belfast actress Cathy WhiteFrom 9am-2pm, the conference and associated workshops plan to use dramatic performance and film as part of the showcasing of projects which helped share and understand experiences of the conflict, including Thou Shalt Not Kill by the Smashing Times Theatre Company and a series of short films.

Chaired by Ivan Little, the conference will also look ahead to the next tranche of PEACE Programme funding (2014-2020) and hear from University of Ulster’s Prof Gillian Robinson about INCORE/ARK’s project to capture ‘Accounts of the Conflict in Northern Ireland’.

The full agenda can be downloaded and a couple of tickets (all free) are still available on the registration page.

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  • Jurassic Parke

    I just love people I didn’t elect deciding where my tax money should go…

  • Michael Henry

    Agree with you- David Cameron and the Tory party have some neck telling us where our Tax money should go when they don’t bother to look for the Vote in the six counties-

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Tax handouts to support artistic drivel….”through the medium of dance I’ll illustrate to the audience the stoning of the police during orange, loyalist parades”. Give me strength!

  • Alan N/Ards

    I was under the impression that the Tories put up candidates for election in NI.

  • Michael Henry

    For Westminster elections Alan- they are a anti Democratic political party looking to govern but refusing people the chance to vote for them to get Into government-Even the nazis allowed people to vote for them till they got power-

  • Turgon

    And in only two posts we get a classic Godwin’s Law. That must be something of a record.

  • Turgon

    The only addition to Jurassic Parke and Sergiogiorgi’s comments is that at least PEACE III is less than PEACE II or PEACE I. Also I think PEACE IV (it is Groundhog Day) is smaller than PEACE III. So the gravy train goes on and on but at least it is getting progressively thinner.

  • Michael Henry

    Godwin is not any Law that I go by-

  • barnshee


    “David Cameron and the Tory party have some neck”

  • barnshee

    The piper is wholly entitled to call the tune -“our ” tax money is insufficient for the demands on it —-perhaps you would like to pay for a “different tune”?