@CharlieFlanagan appointed the new Foreign Affairs Minister #reshuffle

Enda Kenny reshuffled his cabinet today in the aftermath of disappointing local and European election results in May. While these events generally go un-noticed in Northern Ireland, the appointments made particularly in the Department of Foreign Affairs will have an impact on our daily lives.

So, just who is replacing Eamon Gilmore? Drum roll please……..Charlie Flanagan. Yes, I am sure you’ve never heard of him but Flanagan was previously the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs. He was also  first elected to represent Laois-Offaly in Dáil Éireann in 1987.

When it comes to Northern Ireland he is an unknown quantity, he will have to do a great deal of work to improve on the lacklustre performance of this government on Northern issues. Flanagan might well be working with a different British counterpart after the planned reshuffle that is due to take place next week.

Reports indicate that he has hit the ground running with a phone call already being placed to the Northern Ireland Secretary to discuss parades and other issues around the 12th July weekend. It will be interesting to see if he can surprise people and build a higher profile for himself up here than Eamon Gilmore did during his tenure in Iveagh House.



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  • sean treacy

    No David ,Charlie is not an unknown quantity with regard to the North.His antipathy to SF and republicanism in general is well documented.

  • Roy Walsh

    Agreed with Sean, Charlie, a lawyer, is no fool and no fan, like all else in that party, of Sinn Féin.
    My own shock is the surprise of some at the retention of Dr. O Reilly, an Taoiseach most loyal captain, and deputy. Enda would get rid of Joan before he looses James.

  • Arthur Renfrew

    A poppy wearer of great renown. The PULs have a man in house, a bit like the Israelis had Shatter but don’t mention Charlie’s Da.

  • Michael Henry

    Ah- here we go again- yet another Irish Foreign minister for the six because Most of the 26 county Political party’s are to lazy to look for people’s votes in the 32-Sinn Fein will change that carry on –

  • Jag

    Gerry Adams certainly gave Enda Kenny both barrels yesterday when responding to the reshuffle, specifically criticising the woeful engagement by his government in Northern Ireland, despite the province teetering.

    Charlie is not going to bust his gut on NI in the next 21 months, not when the Brits are throwing shapes about an EU exit, with a trade deal with the US needing to be concluded and with all that wonderful economic recovery taking place in Asia.

    Charlie won’t frighten the horses, won’t take hard positions, will avoid controversy and is altogether a better bet for the LUPOs. As FG needs to do some serious SF bashing ahead of the next election, LUPOs should be pleased, but it’s hardly going to feature on their radars.

    Who will take over from Madame Villiers though?

  • the rich get richer

    When/If Sinn Fein become the government (or part of) in the South would they appoint a Six County/Northern Ireland Minister.

    Should all Irish governments have such a minister ?

    Maybe this minister could go as a guest to Orange parades (If the minister so wished and was invited)

  • Jude42

    Charlie isn’t a totally unknown quantity, David. He was on Prime Time with me and Martina Devlin on the evening that news broke of Nelson Mandela’s death. He was like a bulldog that has swallowed a bumblebee when I suggested that there were parallels to be found between the lives of Gerry Adams and Nelson Mandela…