Of course black can be white if all notions of truth are treated as relative (Part 354)…

Okay, further to my 2011 post on the Irish political journalist’s problem with partial disclosure (or even earlier Why the truth matters)… This Pensive Quill post from Thomas ‘Dixie’ Elliot, a regular commenter this parish:

The threat from Long Kesh worked. Patrick Duffy’s body was dug up and left in a brand new coffin inside a car which was abandoned on the Buncrana Road on the Northern side of the border on the 24th August, 1973. It was the pressure from Derry Republicans who were interned which eventually brought about the return of the body and not, as Martin McGuinness claimed to Marian Finucane, his insistence to the IRA in Derry that they should “remedy” the situation.

One thing to note is that McGuinness does not specifically name the case he’s talking about, but since the deputy First Minister also gets some of critical objective detail wrong, the partial disclosure further demonstrates the original dilemma.

But do read the whole thing

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