Fine Gael are the first to walk out of all party talks in Dublin…

Interesting developments in Dublin City Council where Sinn Fein is now the largest single party by some way, and worth keeping an eye on. They are already falling out over the setting of budgets (which SF has never had to do all on its own before, so this is new territory for them)…

Although it is expected that independent councillor Christy Burke will be elected Lord Mayor this evening, there is now no agreement on passing budgets and appointments for the next five years.

The Fianna Fáil group is meeting later this afternoon but is expected to also pull out of the all-party negotiations.

Sinn Féin, as the largest single party on the council, is expected to now try to come to an agreement with Labour, independents and the Greens.

Fine Gael group leader councillor Kieran Binchy said the red line issue for his eight elected members was a commitment to pass budgets for the next five years without increasing commercial rates or property tax.

He said there was not sufficient commitment from other parties including Sinn Féin.

“Anyone can pass a budget by raising taxes. We want to protect jobs by not increasing rates and ease the burden on Dublin residents by not increasing the property tax…


The woman next door says her husband is self-employed “and it’s nothing but tax, tax, tax. I think if Sinn Féin get in they might make it easier for the self-employed.” Lynn agrees.

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