Robinson: Pastor McConnell ‘there isn’t an ounce of hatred in his bones’

John Manley has an interesting interview with First Minister, Peter Robinson in todays Irish News. Over the last week a number of DUP representatives have voiced their support for Pastor McConnell and now Robinson has added himself to that list.

Speaking to Manley he said;

“This is somebody who has lived his life for Christ.”
Questioned about Pastor McConnell’s attack on Islam, Mr Robinson said it was the duty of any Christian preacher to “denounce false doctrine”.
“He’s perfectly entitled to do that — it’s an appropriate thing for a minister to do,” he said.
“It’s been happening for generations and nobody should look at that issue.”
Addressing Pastor McConnell’s assertion that he could not trust Muslims, the first minister said a sermon was not like a legal document with “caveats, conditions and qualifications”.
He said the preacher had applied a “broad stroke” when talking about trusting the followers of Islam.
The interview did take a strange turn when Robinson mused over whether the Pastor’s comments where a hate crime;
If it is (a hate crime) then I’m going straight away to the police to ask them to take action against all those who say they don’t trust politicians — you can’t have it both ways… If it’s a hate crime if you say someone is not trusting a group of people then Steve Nolan has an awful lot to answer for, because I hear every morning on his programme people who don’t trust politicians.
He told Manley that he had to live under police protection and have bullet proof windows, yet nobody complained that, that was a hate crime.
In fairness, Robinson did say that he was prepared to condemn attacks against Muslims, but that while he wouldn’t trust those who want to introduce sharia law or commit terrorist acts, he would trust other muslims to conduct daily tasks like going down to the shops.

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  • Comrade Stalin

    It’s Colin Houston, candidate for Oldpark. See link.

  • Sarsfield

    SK – I tried the UUP website to check their council candidates ( The link is dead.

  • SK

    “I felt the intimidation from here, it must have been literally frightening for Nolan and Galloway. He looked like he’d lunge at them.”

    He came across as fairly unhinged alright. Nolan handled it well though, to his credit.

    Ironically enough, he’ll probably get more stick from his party colleagues for his “go back to Britain” comment than he will for his defence the good Pastor

  • SK
  • DC

    If devolution has been reduced to nothing more than a mechanism to enable politicians to get away with making outrageously bigoted statements in public, it’s time for the DFM and other ministers to resign and fight an election over this matter.

    Look neither men are leaders or representatives of Northern Ireland, they do not have the NI assembly’s full backing, they are instead party appointees, entirely different. You see Martin, because he was a former IRA terrorist and Big Ian, a previously bigoted hate preacher himself, would not have received cross community assembly endorsement (around 2007 time when they initially agreed to share power), this cross community assembly vote used to be required in order to be formally elected into the positions of deputy first minister and first minister. It was used to vote on Mallon and Trimble, before DUP and SF took charge.

    So what did both men do to get round this snag, this cross-community safeguard?

    Well, both men at St Andrews ripped out the cross community assembly vote on first and deputy first minister which if still in place would have made them representatives of Northern Ireland given the backing of the assembly.

    At the moment, neither men are leaders of NI. It really is that simple. They are party men, propped up by party politics and vote strength of respective political parties, I have never voted for DUP or SF so they don’t have my backing, perhaps if they were backed by a party I did vote for that might be different. As I could go and complain and say it’s time to withdraw that support you gave them when you voted them into positions or endorsed them or whatever.

    Listen Pastor McConnell is 76 and following along the lines of Comrade I believe he knows what he is doing and I believe he genuinely doesn’t give a shit! Peter Robinson is probably in not give a shit mode either, why would he, sure he’s put into position by his party, he is party leader, he is DUP First Minister, not Northern Ireland’s first minister. He can do and say what he wants.

  • Politico68

    “That is in marked contrast to the repeated justifications by the SF leadership over the last four decades for their campaign of genocide against the Protestant community. The graves of hundreds of butchered Protestants are seen over East Tyrone, South Armagh and West Fermanagh. So why is Stephen Nolan not questioning St Gerry the Patron Saint of Amnesia about his hate crimes?

    Lets get a sense of perspective here. The much feted Martina Anderson is a convicted terrorist bomber who specialised in hate crimes and the focus is on a clergyman’s sermon to his own flock in the privacy of his own church. ”

    ***YAWN ***

  • Sarsfield

    Thanks Comrade!

    So – the DUP and UUP are so sectarian that it eclipses their British nationality. Telling Galloway to get back to Britain was priceless – and exactly what the DUP found “outrageous” in a certain Irish footballer’s comments.

    Can’t say this is surprising.

    NI’s union with GB could be a laudable aim. Where is the unionist politician to articulate it? Instead they’ve spoken about distrust, then fear, then hate … the rest we know.

    Are there unionists who are opposing this diatribe of hate? Where are they?

    The English, Scots and Welch political parties seek Muslim voters (save the BNP / EDL). The unionists are now a bad smell. That Nolan’s audience showed support for Colin Houston’s bigotry is not shocking to me – it will be to the vast majority of British.

    Unionism cannot rely on the South finding them just as repellent – but that does appear to be the strategy.

  • Comrade Stalin

    You guys are acting all surprised with the “get back to Britain” thing. Ian Paisley was saying this to British journalists in the 1960s and 1970s when they asked him why he was such a bigot.

    Capital-U unionism is more isolationist than it is anything else. Everyone hates us and we don’t care, etc.

  • Sarsfield

    Can’t disagree with you Comrade.

    I wonder how unionist isolationism is working out in the Gulf where NI has a trade mission?

    Unionism has been incapable of developing hope.

  • Politico68

    I was born in 1968 in London blissfully unaware that the Northern Part of Ireland was about to explode. I grew up in Dublin and it was not until I became a teenager in the mid-eighties that I became somewhat aware of what was happening in my country. After a few years listening to the standard biased Catholic school history propaganda, I took it upon myself to read and learn about the troubles from all perspectives.

    Coming from a very mixed political background I was lucky not to have the weight of any one political viewpoint influencing me. I came to the conclusion that the conflict rooted in years of sectarian tensions was the result of a combination of factors, factors that are shared by conflicts all over the world and throughout history.

    But, I really didn’t actually ‘understand’ if you get me, I just couldn’t find that magic ingredient that I could easily identify as the straw that broke the camel’s back, or the weight that tipped the balance. However, over the last few weeks it has hit me. Reading a book about naked sectarianism, prejudice and racism, is very different to actually watching it, hearing it and feeling it.

    Listening to Unionist politicians speak about gays as if they were some sort sub-human species, the anti-Catholic rhetoric of the Orange Order backed by political Unionism, the vicious and violent Unionist response to the fleg issue, the racist attacks on minorities and disgusting assaults on the Alliance from Unionist extremists, the tens of thousands of foul mouthed racist comments from Unionist social media groups, daily assaults on the police, protestant fundamentalist hate speak pouring out of vile preachers and lapped up by the congregations, and now to top it off, the Leader of Unionism having failed miserably to act by deed or word, to prevent or contain any of the above, he now comes out and like the devil incarnate; tips his hat to the prejudice and stone cold hatred.

    All of this in the context of a peace agreement, all of this in the context of shared government, all of this at a time when so many people want to build a future for themselves and their children, and all of this in the year 2014.

    I can only imagine what it must have been like 50 years ago, given that today we are all supposed to be living in more enlightened times, I shudder to think of how much worse and how much more concentrated that innate, brutal and unforgiving hatred must have been. It is no wonder that society collapsed under the weight of such profound Evil.
    God help us.

  • Sarsfield

    DC – you make some valid points about the changes made to the GFA at St. Andrews. Those changes made no difference – even according to GFA rules the DUP and SF had enough seats to appoint the FM ans DFM.

    Even then, did the UUP and SDLP oppose? Nope! They joined a gravy train, they refused to form an opposition and because of it they’ve left the electorate with little choice.

    What party can a British unionist vote for here – that doesn’t require hatred of Catholics, Muslims, homosexuals, foreigners, immigrants … ?

  • Sarsfield

    DC – you make some valid points about the changes made to the GFA at St. Andrews. Those changes made no difference – even according to GFA rules the DUP and SF had enough seats to appoint the FM and DFM.

    Even then, did the UUP and SDLP oppose? Nope! They joined a gravy train, they refused to form an opposition and because of it they’ve left the electorate with little choice.

    The changes could mean a SF FM in the future – it was what the DUP demanded, SF didn’t object and it has helped the DUP damage the UUP. All it required was the DUP to suggest a SF/FM to galvanise support to them.

    It has worked – but the ‘sell-by’ date is approaching. This week SF out-poled the DUP.

    What party can a British unionist vote for here – that doesn’t require hatred of Catholics, Muslims, homosexuals, foreigners, immigrants … ?

    Stay-at-home unionists haven’t marshalled to their flag when the DUP and UUP have covered it with the veil of sectarianism, bigotry and racism.

    Unionists who don’t vote mustn’t much care?

  • tomthumbuk

    Maybe we should reach out to the Muslim faith.
    What about making female genital mutilation legal in Northern Ireland and if that works we can introduce amputating hands for thieving, and eventually the death penalty for abandoning one’s religion?
    As Basil Fawlty would say “Don’t mention the war!”.

  • Sarsfield

    Good post Politico68. I’m a little older than you and have experienced the unapologetic sectarianism you believe happened earlier.

    Today unionism has not changed. Unionists have yet to find a spokesman/woman who seeks votes on the basis of the union being worthwhile – without first donning a bowler hat, sash or expounding bigotry. Most nationalists and unionists know the union to be in their economic interest. Yet, unionist politicians set out their sectarian views and haven’t even a sense of shame. It’s what get them votes.

    I guess NI gets the politicians it deserves.

  • Sarsfield

    Tomhumbuk – good points – but don’t stop your list; how about a lobotomy for the thick and hateful bigots?

  • Politico68


    There is no requirement to make those legal changes in order to reach out to Muslims, they don’t live under those laws in their own countries so I doubt they would expect to have to under them here. If you want to reach out to Muslims or anybody else for that matter, maybe consider this piece of advise from a well known teacher; LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Oh dear, tomthumbuk, its really not the way to go about it! Just saying “they do it, or something similar, so we are justified in gasing them/burning them alive” etc. etc, just ratchets up the nightmare we are all trying to awake from. As Politico68 says, these are extreme cases!

    The sort of hate talk that Pastor McConnell has outed by posting the promo on the churches site seems all too normal among the DUP supporters I seem to engage in conversation these days. The fact that they simply see it as rather “manly” or among the more sophisticated (did I really say that about anyone in the DUP?) just “joshing” or “ribbing” says it all. Peter Robinson’s defence of McConnell flags the fact that he must think this a norm also.

    But this kind of thinking is a pathology, a coursening of the moral nerve ends into such a gross absence of sensitivity that the true reaction of anyone less crippled must be an angusihed pity for the sufferers condition. Certainly there is danger in such talk, as such insensitivity must invariably make the sufferer unaware of the feelings of anyone around them, like anyone else with a high pain threshold, who in theitr unawareness of physical warnings cannot evaluate the danger they may cause in their vicinity. But its a pathological condition that requires long, careful psycological counciling rather than our simply reacting with natural revulsion/

  • Granni Trixie


    Spot on.

  • Mark[6.47] ‘Robinson doesn’t want NI to prosper or grow’ It’s sadly true and of a piece with his wish that the increase in unionist voters seen at the council elections hadn’t happened. Robbo was juast fine with the previous level of Protestant voters keeping the DUP in safe majority but that has been wiped away and his party dropped a critical 4% points meaning sf can now take the FM post from him. His claim that it’s the duty of ‘Christians to denounce other faiths is a new one I hadn’t heard from him with before but he needs to just fade away and retire. Nobody from the DUP has come forward to back him up on Nolan so I’d worry about that Robbo.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Taking a step back, who is there to replace Robinson in the DUP?

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Thanks, Granni Trixie, “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

    Certainly Pastor McConnell’s pathology may come from an anti-intellectiality that some of the charismatic sects seem to foster. Sometimes I think, lapsed (Anglo) Catholic that I am, that a little bit of self analysis and reference to a more rigorous philosophical basis for their beliefs would not harm the pastor and his like. Even with a basic level of self knowledge he might just notice that his pathology has led him into a number of the capital or cardinal sins listed in medieval Christian thinking. Ira (in his rage against Islam) Superba (in his prideful belief that he has monopoly of the truth) Acedia (in his sloth in self examination) and invidia (in his obvious envy of the imagined unopposed success of Muslims in Britain). I leave luxuria, gula and avaritia to others imaginations, although I can see a case for each.

    Robinson’s support for the Pastor is very much of a piece with his simply brazening down any move for a serious enquiry into his own dealings with financial interests at the time of his wife’s exposure in the media. While he may have had nothing whatsoever to worry about, his deployment of an in house statement that his legal advice was that he had no case to answer has left considerable doubt in the minds of anyone seriously concerned with the standards of behaviour among our political classes. I sometimes think that he’d have to actually kill someone to get any head of steam built up for his removal, but, wait! I can think of examples that might just show that even if he did that……

  • SeaanUiNeill

    I’ve just remembered that Dante speaks of Superbia as “love of self perverted to hatred and contempt for one’s neighbour.” I find it very interesting, as someone trained in Jungian psychoanalysis, that the Pastor should have insisted that Islam was Satanic. Satan mythically flags Superbia, (the initial sin of all being the Pride of Satan) and we’re always looking out for the projection outwards of their own failings by those unconscious of faults or neurosis within themselves.

  • SK

    Gerry Adams had himself a bit of a scandal recently, and Slugger O’Toole published something in the region of 20 contributions about it in quick succession.

    Just thought that was worth a mention.

  • carlota martinez

    Peter Robinson’s support for, or endorsement of, Pastor McConnell’s statements is indefensible.

    It cannot be argued with any conviction that he does not know what message that his stance sends to those racists, particularly in North and East Belfast, who are terrifying black and Eastern European families by their attacks on homes.

    When the next cowardly attack occurs and the DUP issues an emphatic statement totally condemning those responsible, everyone should remember Peter Robinson’s weasel words.

    It is a reflection on every citizen that such a senior political figure can make public statements such as this and not pay a political price.

  • Joe_Hoggs


    Gerry Adams was involved in an illegal terrorist organisation and he was linked directly to the cowardly murder of an innocent woman.

    Robinson’s comments are not on the same level.

  • Morpheus

    A statement from the snivelling wreak of a man who is our First Minister:

    “I strongly believe that Pastor James McConnell has the right to freedom of speech. I will defend his right just as I defend the right of others to express views with which I disagree. People have the right to express their differing views and indeed the essence of democracy is the ability to do so in a way that is free from fear and intimidation.”

    Castlederg anyone?

    Talk about words that will come back and bite him in the arse

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Robinson is getting a fair amount of support at grassroots level and Poots has also spoke out in defence of McConnville.

  • SeaanUiNeill

    Well, Joe_Hoggs, “Taking a step back, who is there to replace Robinson in the DUP?”

    Well, if the dazzling spectacle of well informed, efficient political talent that the DUP front contenders present cannot flag a single name to replace Robinson (that’s what I find…), and if you feel that Robinson himself presents a startlingly inept and mediocre FM (again that’s what I find) then perhaps someone from the UUP might be found as with the defection of Jeffery Donaldson all those years ago (though not Jeffery Donaldson himself, please).

    But perhaps the simplest answer would be for the dFM to take on the responsibilities of the FM……….

    And one cannot compare Chalk and cheese, so just flagging Adam’s (probable) culpabilities does not even begin to get Wee Peter off the hook for his own possible culpabilities while in office, should any possible future enquiry fix any of the rumoured possible irregularities to him. But for now Adams and Peter are equally “innocent” its just that Adams has simply denied what everyone seems to think and has never been so blatant as to try a slight of hand such as Peter’s own lawyers sick note stating: “no case to answer.”

  • Morpheus

    That says it all Joe, that says it all

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Future leadre of the DUP?

    Jeffrey Donaldson – Not trusted.
    Gregory Campbell – Too uneasy with powersharing.
    Jonathan Bell – Too lightweight.
    Jim Shannon – No a leader.
    Arlene Foster – Not pure DUP and more of a folower.
    Diane Dodds – Too lightweight.
    Nigel Dodds – Seen as dour but a possibility.
    Junior – No chance.
    David Simpson – Not a frontliner.

  • Morpheus

    You forgot Poots and Wilson 🙂

    Arlene Foster for me – a country mile ahead of the rest in terms of leadership potential

    I have a lot of time for Simon Hamilton but he’s one for the future.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    Out of interest why do you rate Arlene and Hamilton?

  • Republic of Connaught


    “Most nationalists and unionists know the union to be in their economic interest.”

    No, most intelligent, and proud, people in Northern Ireland know if they want to remain economically impotent and thus have to perennially leech off England’s economic teat, the UK is ideal.

  • Morpheus

    I rate Hamilton very highly when he sticks to his job and leaves the party politics behind.

    That said, he has made an absolute mess of The Welfare Reforms. A Finance Minister of Northern ireland should be able to stand up and say tell us how much will be taken out of the NI economy every year as a result of these cuts, what impact it will have in terms of job losses, businesses going under etc and have a detailed plan on how he plans to mitigate that loss. He can’t even stand up and debunk the NICVA report which says that £750,000,000 will be taken out of the NI economy every year!

    Arlene, if she can get rid of that horrible trait of looking like is absolutely disgusted at the people she is talking too, is the only one out of that list who is even remotely capable.

  • Morpheus
  • Republic of Connaught


    “No senior politician anywhere else in the UK or Ireland could survive having made comments such as these”

    One of the biggest mosques in Europe is being built in Dublin, so I think it’s fair to say Enda Kenny would have resigned already if he had come out with such inflammatory remarks as Robinson. David Cameron, even after a week on cocaine and heroin, would not come out with such politically suicidal remarks.

    But Peter Robinson knows his voters well so he probably expects silent nods of agreement from most of them.

  • Morpheus

    Remember that Bryson fella?

    Me neither

    Apparently he has an opinion:

  • Morpheus[11.41] So robbo immediately pounces on the right of the pastor to freedom of speech , ignoring the fact nobody has sought to deny him this right. This is obviously a diversion tactic. The actual content causing potential offence was waved aside and came out with a spurious candidate for hate crimes in his Nolan chat. He hasn’t seen fit to explain what he thought was being misinterpreted by media, as Sam McBride pointed out on Talkback. On this evening’s two news programmes, neither on BBC or UTV was PR challenged to say how he was misconstrued. This will be recalled against him, and his cred is now in ruins. credibility he never earned.

  • RoC[12.19]Unionist politicians complained bitterly about ‘perfidious’ Britain over the on the runs carve up, ignoring in public at least the evidence from that of GB’s open contempt for them. They seem to have no self-resect at all, clinging on knowing they’re not wanted.

  • latcheeco

    Just watched the good pastor on Nolen. Scary stuff! Thon Sha- ra -RA crowd sound even worse than the South Armagh Ra. But I’ve also heard lunatic Moslem clerics -the other side of McConnell’s coin- extoll 911 in Times Square NY-ironically their particular flavour of hatred and insanity is protected by their first amendment freedom .

    As someone who belongs to one of Satan’s other legions( the taigs) the pastor’s illogical quasi- theological musings and ramblings are water off a duck’s back and no worse than unionist pastors, politicians and first ministers have been saying about us since the foundation of the state.

    First ministers who like to play on the international stage and whose constituents are under attack because of racism have to play by different rules though and if they don’t have the wit or good grace to know that then…

    And police forces who charge kids for messing with poppies on facebook or who charge eejits with shouting Tiocfaidh ar la in Royal Ave. have to be even handed and consistent.

  • DC

    There are two things that need picked up on 1) the extremely brutal anti christian anti women practices being carried out in Islamic sharia law-governed countries and 2) that kind of stuff being imported into Britain and its Muslim communities being radicalised by hate preachers and internet teachings and recent immigration from those backward Islamic countries and that generally impacting on tolerant UK Muslims. All muslims in the UK do not get on like all the ones in Iran or Pakistan. The a bit thick and bigoted pastor due to his lack of understanding of the differences between extremists and moderates painted both the same and knocked himself out of the running for a much needed head on debate on the likelihood of Islam dragging British society backwards, if the radicals take root and take over parts of their communities.

    There are parts of Britain with large Muslim communities that it would be fair to say the traditional British way of life is second and Sharia may well be being practiced informally with the British state turning a blind eye to it and those that think it’s not so, look at the blind eye turned to extreme elements in NI, particularly so to maintain the peace process. Why would the British state not turn a blind eye over the short to medium to keep the peace to give the powers that be and MI5 brigade the time to wind down and weed out such extremists over the long term. There are those with less patience in Britain perhaps Pastor McConnell supporters that can’t be arsed with this approach and want the state to go in and stir up a hornets nest because, I mean, dare the state intervene and try and impose the law of the land, courts over the clerics. Previously when things got hot and extremists resident with the UK gave a good challenge to it the record is not good, for instance, no better example, the British state didn’t quite manage to impose the law of the land on John Downey, comfort letters got in the way!

  • latcheeco

    It’s not the ” bit thick and bigoted” pastor who is the issue now, nor is it “sha-ra-Ra” law, it’s the ” bit thick and bigoted “first minister who suggested that Moslems are alright as long as they are just running over to the Spar for you.

  • Morpheus
  • Joe_Hoggs


    You seem like a reasonable person, however that LAD site is so full of bile and hatrid towards Unionism it’s scary.

  • tacapall

    Are you sure LADs not more into exposing the ignorance of loyalism Joe ?

  • Morpheus

    You think they doctor their numerous images Joe?

    LAD don’t target unionism, what they do is aimed more towards the loyalist end of the spectrum (it’s in the name) who let’s face it, are an embarrassment to unionism and are the cringeworthy gift that just keep on giving.

    Does it not concern you that there are people in Northern Ireland who think like this in 2014?

  • Joe_Hoggs

    There is too much hatred towards anything Unionist, it causes stereotyping of Unionism in general and I’ve been equally unequivocal in my opposition to anti Nationalist pages.

  • Morpheus

    You are confusing extreme loyalism with unionism Joe.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    They have attacked DUP, TUV, UUP and NI21. Band members, individual Unionists anybody with a different opinion to their narrow minded agenda. We all know Willie Frazier is an embarrassment, does his FB page need to be reposted each day???

    If that’s how people want to view Unionism then it’s up to them but it’s very disappointing.

  • Morpheus

    The DUP/UUP/TUV/SF/SDLP etc get it because they deserve it. Band members get it when they do something stupid like what we saw last summer – I mean pissing on a Chapel, c’mon. Willie Tazer is indeed an embarrassment to unionism, we can agree on that.

    You seem to be taking LADs ability to highlight the moronic behaviour of those above as attacks on unionism as a whole when it’s not. It’s exactly the same as attacking militant republicanism, they deserve everything they get but it is not, by extension, an attack on the Catholic people of Ireland.

  • Joe_Hoggs

    I’ll leave you to engross yourself in the sectarian ghetto then.

  • Morpheus

    I get the impression that you are thinking things you have never thought before Joe. Long may it continue.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    Joe Hoggs

    I’m afraid I must step in here. You refer to LAD as being steeped in sectarian bile against unionism.

    To say it’s sectarian is assuming that the contributors and people behind LAD are ‘kicking with the other foot’.

    I don’t know the LADs personally but as for Brian John Spencer and myself you’re out by a country mile with your assetion.

    It is easy to say (perhaps with some justification) that they’re too Loyalist centric, but, ‘mon, it’s the actions of Loyalism that conceived the idea.

    Also, from a comedy point of view, well, various elements of unionism just don’t stop giving.
    Sometimes feel like it’s a cleverly orchestrated ploy by the British and Irish governments to force middle of the road types to wish for the end of Northern Ireland.

    I mean, to have a Bryson as a ‘spokesperson’ who receives airtime it comical.
    To have a Willy Frazer as another one is worrying.
    But to have both as well as politicans who tell other politicians to “go back to Britain” is a cause for alarm and internal examination.

    The point is, a lot of the marching, Orange and Rangers underbelly is tolerated by unionist politicians.

    Unionism’s leaders never try to cut a new path for the herd, they simply follow the stampede and occaisionally shout “Rawhide!”

    If unionists and their leaders don’t like what they see on LAD then they should help change it instead of ignoring it.

    Instead of being quiet and modest the next time someone starts coming out with guff about ‘THEM’ then challenge said accuser to substantiate their claims.

    If you hear or see anything offensive at a parade (Orange or otherwise) write a letter or an email to your MLA, MP or even the parade organisers.

    Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

    Then perhaps we’ll someday see a leader step forward with the stones to condemn people singing songs such as “what shall we do with the F*****n B*****d?” or the Billy


    At present there is too much fear of being branded an Lundy or an ‘enemy of culture’.

    And as you have seen here, all too often this topic is simply put on hold untill ‘something’ is done about SF.

    Well, ‘something’ is not going to happen.

    If the Shinner DFM is dining with the Queen then the great rebalancing act that many Unionists hope for will just not happen.

    So time for a plan B.

    My advice is to tidy up Unionism’s house while it still can and never worry about the mess of the Republican house, in their eyes all is very well so they’re not going to change anything.

    Northern Ireland’s future is in the hands of the young Catholic population.

    Parades, right wing preachers, flegs and Hibernophobia hold no interest for them.

    And just to show you it’s not all one-way, here’s one I made earlier regarding nationalism (sorry Mick, it has to be done):

  • latcheeco

    Hopefully there’s no truth in the rumour that Saudis have now offered to sell F16s to the Strabane Irps?

  • Greenflag

    Robinson should resign finally before he comes out with another ill thought idiotic statement . Pastor McConnell may not have an ounce of hatred in his bones but it seems clear that he’s deficient in ounces of grey matter -perhaps advancing age to be charitable is his problem .

    Perhaps this kind of throwback atavism is just political unionism ‘s back to the future mode ? In an election which has seen both the TUV and UUP attempt to out DUP the DUP observers /commentators should’nt be too surprised .

    Who hates Islam the most would seem to be the new Unionist mantra . Hating papists and Fenians at least publicly has become untenable for at least those political unionists who aspire to being seen as modern Britons ? Ditto for gays , homosexuals , immigrants etc.

    Painting all Muslims with the one brush is just as idiotic as painting all Protestants , Catholics , Jews .

    Robinson should know that Sharia law is not and never will be the law of the land in the UK or Ireland .

    Christians are supposed to love their neighbours aren’t they ?

    Historically Christians have been just as violent if not more so than Muslims . If I’m not mistaken it’s the so called countries which are predominantly Christian who have armies on the ground and in the air in predominantly Islamic countries and not vice versa .

  • GEF

    Robinson: Pastor McConnell ‘there isn’t an ounce of hatred in his bones’

    Once upon a time PR would have said the same about the former 1st minister and founder of the DUP the Rev Ian Paisley. But there is a vast difference between these two pastors and their churches.

    While Paisley’s sermons were political anti Catholic rabble-rouser since the 1960’s McConnell kept out of politics during the 30 year troubles. Unlike Paisley’s Free P church McConnell was responsible for keeping numerous working class Prods and their families away from joining or supporting loyalist terrorist organisations.

  • Greenflag

    @ Joe Hoggs,

    ‘ Taking a step back, who is there to replace Robinson in the DUP?’

    It does’nt matter . There is no indispensable man or politician.Everybody can be replaced and will be sooner or later . Was’nt it Enoch Powell – Pastor McConnell’s ideological hero of the truth who said that all political careers end in failure . Neither Robinson , Paisley , Adams or McGuinness are /will be exceptions to the rule . Ask Bert Ahern or Eamon Gilmore or any SOS who ever served in Northern Ireland.

  • Greenflag

    Does anybody know if the new now more ‘mature ‘ Belfast City Councillor -Jolene Bunting is related to Major Bunting of early years of the troubles and erstwhile Paisley sidekick or Ron Bunting (the Major’s son ) and Irish Republican Socialist or Peter Bunting the Irish Trade unionist ?

    It seems a most appropriate name for a flegger i.e bunting ?

    One can only hope that young Jolene will mature even more and successfully represent all the people of her area . Someone however should inform her that growing ‘maturity ‘ did’nt improve Adolf Hitler’s mindset and all those TUV members /supporters turning their backs on the 159,000 people who voted for Martina Anderson in the EP election exhibit no sign of advancing maturity -sadly it looked more like deja vu Paisleyspeak 🙁

    Anyway Ruth Patterson now has serious competition for the who hates Catholics and Republicans and Irish people the most -also Muslims, immigrants , gays, etc etc ?