Unelected EU Commissioner says 75% of our laws are made in Brussels

Further to my piece about the European Free Alliance (SNP / Plaid) claiming 70% of our daily lives are governed by rules from the EU a video on Vimeo has European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding claiming 75% of laws originate from the EU.




The choice is clear:

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  • Here’s a UK Parliament Library research paper from October 2010 that did a comprehensive review. Exec summary:

    “In the UK data suggest that from 1997 to 2009 6.8% of primary legislation (Statutes) and 14.1% of secondary legislation (Statutory Instruments) had a role in implementing EU obligations, although the degree of involvement varied from passing reference to explicit implementation.”

    Read the whole thing, as they say, for a little bit of nuance.

  • Well, that’s what we signed up for when we joined, although Heath did play fast and loose with his promise. For the younger commenters here, UK PM Ted Heath applied to join the EU promising that, before we signed, the people would have their say. The public thought that meant a referendum. But then he called a General Election and won a new mandate. So he refused a referendum saying that the people knew when voting for his party that he was in favour of joining the EU (might have been EEC back then) and so, had their say. Europe said YES, this second time around (the first application to join was met with a resound NON from DeGaulle), and Heath signed up.

  • She doesn’t claim “75%”, she says she doesn’t know if it’s 75% or 80%, and eventually settles for “most”.

  • ajdunlop

    In order for the commission or council to pass legislation it has to be put to a vote in the Parliament. It’s a pity UKIP show up to so few votes in parliament.
    The members of the commission have to be agreed to by the directly ELECTED Parliament. The council is made up of ELECTED heads of state. And this year for the 1st time the commission president will come from the parliament and it is they who propose a commission so not dissimilar to how the leader of the winning party puts together the Cabinet in Westminster.

  • Dec

    Even the briefest google search draws up a long list of rebuttals to this claim, which apparently dates back to 2010, when Lord Pearson, then UKIP leader, made the claim in a TV interview and the figure actally derives from comments made by one-time German president Roman Herzogm, referring to German National law.

    According to British Influence.org:

    ‘A House of Commons Library study showed this to be wrong: “6.8% of primary legislation (Statutes) and 14.1% of secondary legislation” implements EU regulation.’


    UKIP. Talking. Bollocks. Again.

  • Mick Fealty

    JUst like FF, Reform Alliance and SF Dec? Standard oppostion fare. Grab anything that’s not tied down and chuck it hard at the government, whomever they are…

  • Dec

    If I didn’t know better, Mick, I’d swear you were indulging in whataboutery…