Where are the #LE14 hotspot boxes going to be on Thursday?

So below is a list of the new councils for the Local Elections in Northern Ireland, along with suggested hashtags. These are all pretty obvious, and I’ve not tested any of them, so if you find major clashes with others let us know?

The Electoral Office confirm too that we will be able to get the percentage turnout on all boxes at three different times throughout the day: at 12 noon, 5pm and at 9pm in the evening.

Last time out in the European elections this proved to be a very useful pointer towards the final result because so many readers were able to share turnout for each box in polling stations particularly in critical areas.

Whatever the predictions, and to be fair those who’ve made them have been fairly modest in part because we simply don’t have much of an idea of how the overall picture will play out…

So it would be really useful on the day to start tracking where we can what turnout has been like in various parts of the electorate so that come Friday and Saturday we come to the count we’ll have some idea of what’s coming and where to look?

So let us know if you can help by sharing turnouts from polling stations in your area on the day.  It would also be good to hear from readers just where you think the critical votes are going to come from.

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  • oakleaf

    Are the results posted in the polling station or are they announced?

  • Mick Fealty

    Turnout, three times in the day. We can make some crude extrapolations from where turnout is low and not so low as to relative performances.

  • oakleaf

    What I meant are the percentage turnout at each time posted on the wall of the polling station or do you ask? Thanks.

  • I will be in a few polling stations but should we not observe a kinda purdah until the polls actually close.
    Difficult I know …with all the technology available to us….but surely thats the tradition.

  • belfastboyo

    It will be interesting to see turnout in the middle-class upper Ormeau area.
    People let down by policing. #flags

  • Mick Fealty

    I think they have to be displayed. If not you can ask. It’s something the Electoral Office confirmed happens every election now.

  • The Raven

    There were boards outside the four or five that I posted in last time. From memory, there were some really low ones – 25% or so. Are we throwing any notions out there about turnout this time? Last one had a turnout of 54.5% – that was buoyed up by taking place on the same day as Assembly elections. That in itself was 8% down on the last Assembly elections, I’m reading.

  • pacman

    Presiding Officers are obligated to post the figures for their boxes at the three times stated. They are written onto a pre-printed page and displayed in a prominent place (generally). Usually a notice board or something similar.

  • Politico68

    Mick, anyway I can follow the count online here in San Fran?

  • Morpheus

    NI21 change Assembly designation to ‘Other’…

    …right before a local election.

    Brave decision


  • The Raven

    Morpheus – with so many people unengaged in the political process, do you really think it matters? At all?

  • Morpheus

    I wonder how many people are sitting at home right now thinking they won’t vote NI21 because of their new designation….even though they are exactly the same party with exactly the same members now that they were yesterday

    If the Anna Lo situation a few weeks ago taught us one thing is that a section of the community people don’t want a real cross-community-middle-of-the-road party – they want a “cross-community-our-side-of-the-road” party.

  • The Raven

    I dunno, I just think at this stage, only Sluggerites and armchair politicos care. I honestly don’t think “people” care enough either way – or rather, anyone who was going to vote for them is going to care enough either way. Will it entice the couple of hundred thousand non-voters we have knocking around the place to turn out? Emphatically no – but then, what would?

  • Mick Fealty

    Agreed TR. Middleground is what you have to work through to get something, anything to work…


    But as a position it is treacherous…