Oh dear, UKIP’s British Jobs campaign poster gaffe

The hunt for British jobs for British workers extends to the Common Travel Area, it seems…

Adds: This courtesy of The Dissenter below… UKIP repels all Boarders?

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  • West Brit so OK.

    More intrigued by UKIP NI promise to protect our ‘Boarders’ i.imgur.com/YbGegwN.jpg

  • leftofcentre

    Not really a gaff, it seems UKIP quite like the irish:

    I am pro Europe but I do think these posters are extremely effectiveness. They are getting great coverage with them and they chime with the public.

    I think it is a positive that someone is challenging the complacency of the main parties. Labour, Conservative and the Lib Dems are essentially identical these days. UKIP might not be everyones cup of tea but at least they are shaking things up.

  • UKIP supports the Common Travel Area with the Republic of Ireland. And as the 1949 Ireland Act states Ireland is not considered foreign either.

  • Scáth Shéamais

    “A spokesman for the British political party said the “shared history between Ireland and the UK” meant the Irish were not considered foreigners.”

    Considering that Britain is said to have invaded 90% of the world’s countries, shouldn’t UKIP take the same position to all of them as they do to Ireland?

  • Floreat Ultonia

    Left of Centre is correct. UKIP are basically gaffe-proof, not just because the posters are popular. Farage is given an easy ride by mainstream media and is able to laugh off criticism. Most voters don’t take this election seriously and in practice the main issue for their voters is immigration, not Europe. I speak as a Green candidate in the local elections in a strong UKIP area.

    It would be funny though if the UKIP splinter parties deprive Farage of a seat or two.

    DUP and SF will likely have more seats than them in the next General Election.

  • Scath

    You will find we have common biological roots, cultural, religious, and linguistic roots. The clue is in the name British Isles. There is a world of difference between Bulgaria and UK and ROI and UK. If you cannot work that one out, then I suggest you think a little more.

  • Kippers have problems here.
    ● Is Ireland an EU nation?
    ● Is someone coming into the UK from Ireland a “migrant”?

    If so, we have chapter and verse:

    Farage also confirmed his party would not allow any migrants who want to settle to come to the UK for five years while immigration policy is sorted out.

    Ukip states its revised immigration policy will be based on the principle that “EU citizens who have been established in the UK for seven years or more will, depending on their circumstances, be able to apply for permanent leave to remain (provided they are eligible to apply for work permits)”.

    It is estimated that as many as 2m EU citizens live in the UK, raising the prospect that Ukip would require hundreds of thousands of EU citizens to leave the UK.

    Farage said his party was working on how to set out detailed criteria on how skilled workers would be allowed to enter the UK on short-term work permits. It also needs a policy on how to deal with the 1m to 2m illegal migrants in the UK.

    Later on thatGuardian article deals with the specific issue of benefits paid to Irish non-residents, in a direct parallel with Poland:

    Farage was joined by the London mayor, Boris Johnson, who said that EU citizens should not have access to benefits for two years. Johnson also said he supported Tory plans to withdraw the payment of child benefit to EU migrants in the UK if their child still lives on the mainland of the EU.

    It is estimated there are 40,000 children in EU countries who receive UK child benefit, of which 26,5000 are in Poland and 2,600 in the Republic of Ireland.

    And — lest we forget — there’s always Robert Kilroy-Silk (he took Nick Clegg’s MEP seat in 2004), once a major Kipper … [No, let’s not go there.]

  • fordprefect

    UKIP are just a populist party feeding off people’s fears about “foreigners” etc. I’ve no doubt that they’ll do well in the Euro elections (which is a laugh as they’re opposed to the European Union) but they won’t do well in the Brit General Election. As for Farage making a joke of everything (which he does), he wasn’t laughing when Nick Robinson asked him why he was employing his German wife as a secretary and did he not think that any British people were capable of doing the job. It featured on part of “Have I Got News For You” on Friday night, and I pissed myself laughing at it.

  • tuatha

    ScáthS, Considering that Britain is said to have invaded 90% of the world’s countries,..>
    On dit
    ? By whom?
    Not thinking of the US record, 40 odd & risin’ are you?
    If the GE had a half democratic/numeric fairness to it, as in most of the EU, including Ireland, then Ukip would have a dozen seats.
    With FPtP, they have none, hence their chances of representation in the EUP are greater.
    Just wondering, can someone suggest what an irish Farage might be? Any on the horizon? I’d consider a vote for a good candidate, considering what is currently on offer..