Pilot offers a ‘smoke in the cabin” scenario for #MH370 on G+….

Okay, here’s a quick slightly off beat post for us. It comes from the Google Plus page of Chris Goodfellow, who apparently (I’ve not had time to verify) is a professional pilot based in Florida.  I picked it up late last night from a retweet from Lorcan Roche Kelly who in turn had retweeted Jon Ronson.

In it Goodfellow lays out a very scenario for the disappearance of flight MH370  from Kuala to Bejing that seems to answer most if not all the limited information points so far released by the Malaysian government.

What’s remarkable is that this post (and the engaged conversation it has given rise to) has been in full sight for three days as the mainstream media has been following increasingly complicated and perhaps fanciful scenarios.

HOwever, this morning on Morning Ireland, the first intimation that smoke or fire in the cockpit would explain the extinguishing of the onboard tracking system finally broke through, not as the ‘driving narrative’ of the story, but as one likely explanation as to why the pilots might have legitimately shut everything down.

Sometimes good journalism is knowing when and how to outsource. And yet this respectable, well argued possibility has langored on Google Plus since Mar 14, 2014. Perhaps there are some things that Twitter’s not so good at? Or at least, that  takes it rather more than a nanosecond to distill.

Just to add: the problem here is the desperate rush to certainty, in circumstances where, without the black box, there is none to be had. What may prove useful about the “Goodfellow” view is that he sits outside the official “sensemaking matrix”, with a singular point of view. Time only can tell its value.