Happy International Women’s Day

Annonymous was a womanWell, I’ve been seeing all manner of reminders of the fact that it’s International Women’s Day but it was this quote I picked from John Kellden on Google Plus that seems to capture it best for me. Seems to me its a good way to celebrate the arrival of a new Northern Irish womens blog that’s finding its own voice and making sure it’s heard.

For all that George Elliot was absolutely right in suggesting that “the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts”, it is important to see women siezing the opportunity to voice where it previously has not been heard.

And I also have to say that Slugger’s door is always open to new voices (editor@sluggerotoole.com)…

  • “a new Northern Irish womens blog”

    It operates under the ‘Ireland, North and South’ banner and it’s had a recent blog by Julie Hambleton of Justice4the21.

    “making sure it’s heard”

    .. but possibly ignored:

    The most important point Peter Burns raised was when he asked Mr Wright: “Another big problem is that the case is covered by one of those Public Interest Immunity Certificates, which is like a guarantee of silence in effect for 75 years…. when you have such secrecy like that it is bound to embolden those who have alleged conspiracy theories. Surely we need a bright light on the inquiry as Julie said? “ ..

    What Mr Wright failed to highlight, is that the Public Interest Immunity Certificate holds all the answers to our questions and holds all the relevant names and data on the truth.

    Our question is this. Why is this file being kept closed for so long, if the police and the Government have nothing to hide?”

    This and other cases would seem to point to a hierarchy of victims. Ann Travers intervention certainly made a difference but politicians need to provide support to these courageous women.

  • Mick Fealty

    Don’t tempt me Nev….

  • “it is important to see women seizing the opportunity to voice where it previously has not been heard.”

    The courageous interventions by Ann Travers and Julie Hambleton illustrate how difficult it is for such women to get a positive response from the (mainly male) political establishments. I am a man but I’ve often worked in groups where women were in the majority and I’m more that happy to speak up for those who struggle to be heard, women or otherwise.

  • Sluggerites may not have heard of the Moyle ‘coup’ two days ago when the Council chamber was taken over to promote IWD and to highlight the shortage of women candidates in elections:

    Angela Mulholland from Ballymoney Community Resource Centre said: “At present 70% of local councillors in the four council areas are male. Our event in Moyle District Council will reverse this imbalance and give an opportunity for women to debate the issues that matter to them. We chose Moyle because this is the council that most accurately reflects the male/female split in the community, with 53% male and 47% female representatives.”

  • Can’t say I feel much difference between today and any other day! No one appears to be looking at the fact that changes from the coalition government is hitting women hardest, and women in n Ireland are hardly immune..?

  • ayeYerMa

    It is one of the greatest lies of the past century that “women have never had a voice”. Women throughout history have never been harder done by (as feminists like to claim) and have have always welded massive manipulative power and influence over the natural protective instinct of more straight-talking men.

    An excellent example being during the era of the suffragettes whereby when men were busy being slaughtered in the fields of France, feminists were more concerned with themselves than any “equality”. Voting at the time was restricted, not to men but rather to landowners, and the debate at the time was that voting rights when extended beyond landowners should be linked and inter-dependent upon national duty (and most women at the time did not actually support women having the vote until this discrepancy were addressed ). However, it did not happen and men were manipulated by the likes of the “white feather girls” who tried to shame any man who wasn’t out dying for them at the Somme.

    As for “women being hit hardest” by recession, well why have I just read statistics then that more men lost jobs during the recession and more women gained jobs during the recovery?

    These gender wars that feminists keep wanting to wage are doing nobody any favours, and the only thing they are resulting in is driving men and women apart, rather than each being allowed to work together with the best strengths of each. This, along from the resulting dominance of pathetic “liberal progressive” politics that results is the prime driving factor of increased social decay and family breakdown. “International women’s days” are part and parcel of this destructive agenda, and its time more men stopped allowing their (indeed noble) protective instinct to blind them from what is becoming an increasingly destructive emasculation of society backed by the vast power and muscle of the state.

  • ayeYerMa

    … I also don’t understand why more successful women don’t speak out against things like these days. I you are a confident, strong and successful woman (as many tell us they want to be) then why would you want to be patronised in this manner?

  • iluvni

    Waiting patiently for more classy photos of yesterday’s big Alternative Miss Ulster do at Stormont. Just seen one so far where they were drinking Buckfast on the staircase……apparently that’s a step up in class from beauty queens.

  • cynic2

    ” the fact that changes from the coalition government is hitting women hardest”

    Evidence? And what do you mean when you say “women”? Single women? Older women? Professional women? Working women? Single mothers? Female students? Older women?

    Iam sorry but sloganising just doesn’t cut it

  • Scáth Shéamais

    The fleggers did their damnedest to silence Anna Lo at Saturday’s rally, on top of the verbal abuse they meeted out to many of the female speakers taking part in the IWD celebration.

  • Tannhauser

    cynic2 – the European Women’s Lobby produced a short video summarising the main messages of their report on the impact of austerity measures on women in Europe.

  • cynic2

    Scáth Shéamais

    So what do you invite us to conclude – that fleggers are anti-weemin?

    Are weemin fleggers anti-weemin too?

  • cynic2

    I seem Jim Allister and others are outraged that one of the protesters at Stormont got her tits out

    I assume that this is on the basis that the tits in the chamber cant stand the competition