Incidently, the elections are on May 22 after which the report will be delivered

While we are all trying to assess the political damage (or otherwise) of the shortest crisis in Northern Ireland’s long and twisted history, it’s worth noting that the Judge led inquiry will only report after the Local elections…

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  • Morpheus

    PR made a mountain out a molehill, chucked a hissy-fit, got a dummy from the Prime Minister and then made the biggest climb-down in history so he can scrounge votes for seats/salaries/pensions for his cronies.

    It’s time for the people they ‘represent’ to be marched up to the top of the hill

    …so they can be left there


  • Mick Fealty

    Just sayin like, the timing has been set to have least possible impact onthe upcoming elections… #didyoueverhearworse?

  • A Right Honourable gentleman like Mr.Robinson would not have created a fake crisis in order to gain a political advantage, would he?

  • aquifer

    Damn and I thought we might get rid of him. He seems to miss the seventies but they were no fun here for normal folks.

  • keano10

    The DUP have been totally exposed tonight. Jim Allister absolutely crucified Jeffrey Donaldson on The View. Not a single note to the OTR’s will be rescinded. The situation is exactly the same as it was 24 hours ago. There is no Judicial Review and NO witnesses will be compelled to attend this so-called Judge-led enquiry.

    Alex Maskey also played a blinder tonight. Allowing the Unionists to cut each others throats (again) and he skilfully took the moral high ground within the Unionist meltdown.

    Got a very strong hunch that The DUP’d percentage vote will have at least a few points chalked off, come the May Elections…

  • Banjaxed

    Ho Hum…

    Peter and the Wolf.
    Yet again – and again – and again…

    Bluff called
    No Wolf
    No Balls

    (Cue music)
    Long ma-ay he reign over us
    Gaw-aw-awd save the fool

  • Granni Trixie

    This is not merely the DUP bigging up an issue for potential political gain but something which when it saw the light of day was seen by the public as well as victims to be flawed and impacting on confidence in the whole justice system. I do also wonder about OTRs who aren’t on the list after all part of the injustice is that we are relying on SF to “fairly” select who gets the no-go-to-jail card.

    I am quite sure that some other legitimate means could have been found to let OTRs return in keeping with GFA, all it took was compromise.

  • MF[9.52] Robinson’s sole actual win in this farrago of empty threats is he succeeded in his main aim to get the issue of OTRs ‘put beyond use’ in the upcoming elections. As Alex Kane remarked, If Trimble had come back to stormont after such an obvious humiliation, Robinson would have devoured him.

  • Keano10[11.26] The obvious fury among unionists seen in the spectacle on the View is, I suspect, less over the capitulation of Robinson, but the fact that it’s so public, unlike the inquiry PR ‘got from Cameron, and nationalists will be able to gloat about the open contempt theiir government shows for unionists here. They’ve been royally shafted by London, but still they cling on as they’ve nowhere else to go.

  • Morpheus

    DM, the only things Peter Robinson achieved was getting the PSNI to check if they did their job properly and a Judge to prove that the DUP knew all along. I sincerely hope he calls Jonathan Powell for interview. In the process he was humiliated, he can’t even throw an effective public hissy-fit.

  • cynic2


    I note you apparent pride that nothing has changed but you are wrong

    Victims of these peoples (alleged) crimes now know that the British and Irish Governments lied to them for the last 15 years. That while offering HET, new investigations etc they already knew that those alleged to be responsible had been pardoned and could never be brought to court

    Thats the difference

  • Granni Trixie

    Some of you must be on another planet. This is not just a passing blip against PR but something that had damaged Sf big time not just within their own support base but with general public and they have gifted a weapon to other parties. More importantly it has impacted on trust and good relations.

    But maybe we have to fall to the bottom before we can go forward;maybe now that we are conditioned to such depths of “Justice” people will be more amenable to work to achieve better standards. One thing has been established – secrecy doesn’t pay in the long run. ..we need transparency to prevail.

  • FuturePhysicist

    The crying shame is this is neither a European nor a local election issue Mick. So much for relevant debate.