In the aftermath of Loughgall: The cover story…

This from the new women’s blog Vixens with Convictions looks at some new documentary evidence around the SAS/RUC ambush at Loughgall

The full truth around Loughgall will probably never be exposed, however this note, written by someone who had more knowledge than most into events at that time, is of historical value.  We have decided that it is in the public interest to explore the questions that it will most likely raise for the reader.

Most sources believe that the security services had prior knowledge of the IRA attack weeks before nine men were shot dead by the SAS at Loughgall, which would suggest that Colette O’Neill could not have been the Loughgall informer, although she may have passed on some information – but the question that still needs to be fully answered is – just how did the SAS come to learn of the impending IRA attack?