Sisyphus and the diaphanous rewards of NI’s ‘peace process’?

Sysphus rewards


Original copy is at SMBC Comics…  “Keep pushing lads/lasses… let’s take it to the next level?”

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  • Greenflag

    The next level ?

    The first level in Sisyphian NI politics was initiated in 1920 .

    At this level Sisyphus was an Irish Nationalist /Republican who had his rock taken from him by the folks on top of the hill . Not only that but the folks on top when the mood and occasion merited tossed their rocks from a great height on the hapless Sisyphus below who simply stood mute and powerless to oppose the Gods of unionism .

    After 50 years of mute acceptance Sisyphus finally started picking up some of those rocks cast at him/her and began throwing them back at the Gods . This upset the Gods no end and they were persuaded by the Greater God across the water to give Sisyphus back his original rock . This they did and lo and behold Sisyphus now began to roll his rock uphill once again until he reached the top which was called Sunningdale, or the Rock of the Second Level. .

    Alas this so incensed the Unionist Gods that they once again returned to previous form and booted Sunningdale back down the hill again .

    And so the rock remained at the bottom of the hill for nigh on 40 years until such time as the Greater Gods from across both waters and the nearby Irish God resolved that a new rock was needed but that this time Sisyphus could no longer be just a Catholic Fenian but must share his burden with a Protestant Unionist . And thus it came to pass as time progressed and the new rock was pushed ever upwards as oftentimes as it was rolled back downwards that this process became known as the peace process . This was/remains the Third level .

    As to the Fourth Level ? Looks like the Unionist Gods of old have become the new Sisyphians .

    Keep pushing lads -it’ll get you nowhere as the Greater Gods would say if they had less tact which they don’t .

    Still the physical effort will be good for character building no ?

  • Son of Strongbow

    In the Minoan tradition telling of the story nationalist Sisyphus begins his task especially peeved with Persephone, given all the business he’s provided for the Queen of the Dead.

    He’s also a little hazy about the role of the Unionist God of Gravity and can’t understand why his little enterprise is doomed to fail.

    Even when he gets close to the summit of the Hill (roughly beside the statue of the God Carson) he can’t think what to do now he’s arrived.

    As he stands back to scratch his head and ponder off that bloody rock goes.

  • babyface finlayson

    Cissy fuss? Not another post about gay marriage please.
    (Apologies for the offensive nature of that pun.)

  • Greenflag

    Good one SOS -9 out 10 for effort 😉 . One word ‘Rocks’

    One major historical inaccuracy .Persephone was instead peeved with the earlier Sisyphus for an actual dearth of death business . She had become so used to the huge offerings of the European Empires (Russia ,Britain , Austro Hungary, Germany , Ottoman , French , Italian etc ) for their generous contribution 1914-1918 (22 million ) and part 2 (1939-1945) another 55 million that the earlier Sisyphus’s meagre efforts were deemed unworthy of attention 🙁

    BTW – I hope you’re not one of those folks who go to watch Shakespeares Macbeth -to see whether or not Macbeth murders Duncan .

    Some endings are already built in and the Unionist God of Gravity was unperched in 1974 and is having great difficulty retaining general credibility minus the pedestal . It seems Persephone has been casting a ravenous eye on the ex God these days 😉

    The God ‘Carson ‘ has been spinning in his grave several decades and is reportedly extremely dissatisfied with the subsequent performance of his political descendants .

  • Greenflag

    @ babyfacefinlayson,

    For degrees of offensivity look no further than Senator Jim Walsh of FF who is here quoted as referring to a gender minority in somewhat mythological terms.