Cartoon – A brutish Calvinist street thug

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Back in April 2007 Christopher Hitchens wrote for Slate: Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams make me want to spew.

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  • sean treacy

    I don’t think Gerry will be losing any sleep about the rantings of a clown who supported mass slaughter in Iraq.

  • sherdy

    Well depicted, Brian. That guldering, open mouth should have been delated a weapon of mass destruction.
    Will we ever know how many deaths he has been responsible for?

  • Delphin

    Nice one Brian – a picture is worth a thousand words as they say!

  • Comrade Stalin

    The Hitch article is damn fine too. Boy, could that guy write. I did not know he had spent any time over here at all.

  • sean treacy

    cs ,Hitch was a hypocrite,a supporter of the wests mass murder of third world people in the so called war on terror.

  • BluesJazz

    I’ve posted that link a few times in the past.
    Paisley/Robinson/Adams/McGuinness: The psychological linkage with Heydrich/Eichmann is so bloody obvious.

    Cold blooded deskbound *******.

    The best, only good quote of the programme came from Roy Mason (Labour SoS, and pro Union). Describing “Doctor” ha! Paisley to a tee.

    Terence O’Neill never really got the recognition he deserved, yet this hate filled bigoted loony is allowed pseudo redemption. At least among the media.

  • BluesJazz[11.49] The broadcast media here are too pally with the politicians up there and I could hardly believe what UTV’s Ken Reid called Paisley a while back ‘a political giant’ how silly does that look tonight?

  • Sp12

    “The Hitch article is damn fine too. ”

    Each to their own, I guess, but like the opening chapter of Dawkins’ God Delusion, his framing the entire troubles as some sort of religious conflict solely between Paisleites and (he goes searching for a quote) overwhelmingly Catholic IRA is pathetic.
    There’s no thought, just another ‘example’ of conflict he think can be shoehorned into the context of his latest book’s villain.

    I like the cartoon though, I probably would have gone a little further and compared the mouth to that of a fluffer, behind the scenes, working the big stud up to the act that takes place in front of the camera.

  • sherdy

    Blues, – Journalists here do cosy up to the politicians in the hope of getting first crack at a story. But then when they become too pally they find that the politician is controlling the information to the scribe who is then afraid that if they take a step back from the ‘relationship’ their information source will dry up altogether.
    A catch-22 situation which does the public and scribe no good – but advantage all falls to the politician.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Comrade Stalin

    ‘The Hitch article is damn fine too. Boy, could that guy write.’

    Hitchens as a writer is admired mainly by people whose reading is confined mainly to journalism, and short-form journalism at that. By those standards, I suppose he does stand out.

    But those standards mean very little. His writing was mediocre (honestly, there are better writers on Slugger). He was an intellectual no-mark, the typical vulgar bolshevik, and morally, he was less than mediocre.

    In the end, all he had going for him was public school diction and a degree of credibility based on many years of activism, which he sold for wealth and fame in the last decade of his life. (He was little known outside of leftist circles until he sold his soul to the devil. Which he most assuredly did.)

    His great friend George Galloway described him as ‘the only example in history of a butterfly who turned into a slug.’ And ‘a drink-sodden, ex-Trotskyist popinjay.’

    In all his life, Hitchens never wrote anything quite so memorable as these put-downs.

  • Barnshee

    “In all his life, Hitchens never wrote anything quite so memorable as these put-downs”

    His description of the “”players” is highly appropriate -and unfailingly accurate.
    His long spell of precise “put downs” and polemics is unbeatable

    Shooting the messanger is hardly appropriate- compare and contrast the publisihed writings Of CF and George

  • Billy Pilgrim

    ‘Shooting the messanger is hardly appropriate…’

    Whose messenger was Hitchens?

  • sean treacy

    An English public schoolboy lecturing the natives here and urging Bush and Blair to kill the natives elsewhere.He can be compared to Harris who also once claimed to be of the left and finished up a neo-con.

  • Delphin

    Most of us got the message a long time ago – criticism of SF/G.Adams is countered by personal attacks. I suppose answering the specific points raised by Hitchens is out of the question. I know I am wasting my time, but so it goes.

  • sean treacy

    Aye right ,and of course Adams is never subject to personal attack by slugger and its owner!