Cartoon – Selling out the moderate (part 2)

Selling out the moderate (2), Brian John Spencer

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  • ayeYerMa

    So, as expected on cue, Spencer’s Part2 is simply another tiresome and predictable substance-free Unionism-bashing exercise. Most “young people” I have heard, just like the rest of the population and every political party other than Alliance, could not care less about futile time-wasting discussions on “parades, flags and the past” (other than those with an extreme form of naivety of youth) . The parties did make a good show of pretending we can agree on everything, something impossible in virtually every country in the world (maybe only the Chinese Communist Party could put on a better show).

    Time to face the facts. The appeasement process is finally coming to an end. Endless appeasement and negotiations are no way to run a country, and there is no room for Unionist manoeuvre in that area. If the do-gooders want to end the deadlock, perhaps they should look in the mirror and at the system that they so enthusiastically supported – – a system that any notion of being reasonable would be laughed at in any other part of the world. The only thing keeping it going being the Westminster desire to patronise Northern Ireland’s population for a little longer.

  • Am Ghobsmacht

    …I love the artist’s use of the colour blue…