“So in a sense, these resignations were expected.”

In the absence of agreement between the political parties on what happens next, the continuing uncertainty about what new arrangements will be put in place to deal with the past is having, what should have been, an anticipated effect.  As the BBC report, “HET: Four officers leave specialist police team“.

BBC Northern Ireland Home Affairs Correspondent Vincent Kearney said a question mark hangs over the future of the HET following the inspection report.

He said the four officers who left had been part of a number brought over from England to “ensure independence of investigations”.

He added: “The way they tend to operate is on fairly short-term contracts. They tend to lease accommodation on a six or 12-month basis. They also book flights back home to England well in advance.

“Because of this controversy and criticism and the uncertainly surrounding the future of the team, many of those officers were reluctant to enter into lease agreements because they simply didn’t know what the future of the HET entails.

“So in a sense, these resignations were expected.”