Haass Round Table talks pushed back until later this evening…

So the latest time for the convening of roundtable talks has been being put back all day. Right now, Mark Devenport says 8.30. And Tommie Gorman of RTE has suggested that Haass may be back immediately after Christmas (he’s going back to the States tomorrow) to finalise any deal before the end of the month.

In the meantime, Jeffrey Donaldson gave a lot of detail on Stephen Nolan this morning on what already seems to be agreed on investigating the past.

In short it looks like a partial amnesty, i.e. perpetrators can deposit evidence in front of an information retrieval commission and have immunity from prosecution for that particular piece of evidence, but will not remain immune from prosecution should information from other sources arise.

Not, as Nolan notes, a great deal of incentive there for perpetrators to put their heads above the parapet.