UPDATED Recrimination of the day: Adams blames policemen for their own death.

Gerry Adams’ ‘let me put this as sensitively I can’ mannered bombshell on NewsTalk (that’s Newsweek to Gerry, BTW – Ed] this morning, ie that the two deaths were the victims own faults.

It did achieve one thing for the cause of a united Ireland. It persuaded Talkback to run a live or near live feed into the programme from Dail Eireann, to listen to Micheal Martin and the Tanaiste take advantage of the clear water he’d just offered them.

What Mr Adams and Sinn Fein get out of such retrenchment to a past about which the deputy First Minister only last week said “there’s no point recriminating about what happened, it doesn’t get us anywhere”.

[Another week, another tactic? – Ed] Uh? Maybe.

Update: Gerry contextualises his original remarks.

‘Betwixt the stirrup and the ground, mercy I asked, mercy I found’

William Camden, 1605