Judge Smithwick finds there was indirect evidence of collusion between Garda(i) and the IRA

So, Judge Smithwick resisted any political pressures to wind up his inquiry early. The BBC provide a summary of his conclusions:

  • Collusion: Peter Smithwick said that while there had been no “smoking gun” he was “satisfied” that there had been collusion by one or more Garda officers in the murders
  • Former garda sergeant Owen Corrigan: “I also find that what may have started out as a professional relationship with subversives for the legitimate purpose of intelligence-gathering ultimately developed into a relationship of an inappropriate nature”
  • Earlier investigations: O’Dea and Camon investigations were “inadequate”
  • Missed opportunity: “The best opportunity of establishing the truth of the matter arose in the days and weeks following the ambush. In these circumstances, it is particularly regrettable that both police services acted swiftly to dismiss speculation of the possibility of collusion rather than to deal with that by means of a through and credible investigation”
  • Culture: “The culture of failing adequately to address suggestions of wrongdoing, either for reasons of expediency or by virtue of misguided loyalty, has been a feature of life in this state”