Toronto’s Tory bull Mayor is stripped of 60% of his budget…

Well, if you thought it was impossible to get rid of our politicians, Canada trumps it. Toronto’s city council decided their mayor Rob Ford could be got rid of so the council is taking a big chunk of his mayoral budget away from him

Ford’s folksy mix of tea party conservatism makes him very popular with his base, though his eccentric behaviour comprises admission that he smoked crack cocaine, and last night taking a lunge at the press gallery (knocking over a fellow councillor in the process) where a vociferous protest had been trying to drown him out as he spoke in the council chamber…

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  • Pete Baker

    And bought marijuana since becoming mayor, and drinking and driving… then there are the allegations of threatening and propositioning of staff.

    Must mention the delightful quote from this BBC report

    The Canadian prime minister’s office said in a statement on Monday: “Our government does not condone illegal drug use, especially by elected officials while in office.”


  • looneygas

    Don’t know why the BBC left it out, but the line form the PMO included a dig at Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who a while admitted to having smoked pot with some close friends. He made a point of saying that the kids were away with their grandparents at the time.
    This admission was part of a policy of decriminalisation for minor marijuana offences.
    The PMO’s statement is in step with Ford’s childish antics.
    Harper is the same sort of bully, just quite a bit smarter than Ford.

  • DamienMcE

    Coming up to my third year here in TO and there are a couple of things which are maybe missing from the current froth about the Fords. Firstly they’re really great constituency politicians, Rob Ford takes calls personally and chases up potholes and suchlike which people love. The other part is the downtown suburb divide, the ‘burbs are often less prosperous than the downtown and prior to 1998 downtown they were totally separate until amalgamation. Rob Ford is in many ways the poor suburbs revenge (even though he himself is actually quite well to do, in terms of money at least but not status) on downtown.
    The other part is he’s only nominally connected with the nationwide conservative party, yes he loves beer and football but he’s also happily admitted to smoking ‘a lot’ of weed and not in any way anti-immigrant (at least not officially, a vote loser in a city where 1/4 wasn’t born in Canada). There’s no evangelical, libertarian or covert racism in his base as there would be with the tea party

  • DamienMcE

    But if Canadian municipal politics is your thing (anyone?) I highly recommend Edward Keenan’s Some Great Idea.

    On a tangent I don’t why the Unionists aren’t visiting here all the time in some kind of attempt to make it the Ulster Scots version of Boston, TO was the ‘Belfast of the North’ apparently.