#TheDisappeared: “We do not need some elaborate international truth machinery…”

And whilst we’re on the subject of truth recovery, today’s debate on The Disappeared should make Stormont Today a little bit more interesting…

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Alasdair McDonnell spoke earlier…

“What they did was evil, and it remains evil while they deny or refuse the truth. All those hundreds of people are not dead, nor have they gone away. They are still there, most of them still in association with some element of the Provisional movement. They are still there, still staying silent, still staying away from the truth and they are still guilty as long as they refuse to come forward and help the bereaved families.

“We do not need some elaborate international truth machinery in order for them to do the decent thing. Some of the shooters, some of the grave-diggers, some of the interrogators, some of the scouts and van drivers may have gone with the dissidents. Most did not.

“There are still hundreds of people out there who each know a little piece of the truth and the lies about ‘The Disappeared’, and they are amenable to the influence and leadership of today’s Provisional movement. All that is needed is the will.”