No #Twaddell from Parades Commission

The Parades Commission has given its response to the ‘Twaddell Initiative‘ put forward by Unionists and the Orders.

Not only does it say No, but it publicly deconstructs how it was first made aware of proposal by the media and dismissed the grounds for a late application, the failure to abide by its ruling for the 12th July parade and continued breaches of its determinations. It was abundantly plain that that would be the case (although there is still Nigel Dodds covert plea that the march gets forced up the road by the Secretary of State and Chief Constable).

The full ruling is here.

I’ll update with responses as they come out.

A few updates here:

The County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast has expressed dismay:

“It is shameful that the Parades Commission – who created the situation at Woodvale – choose to consistently deny civil and religious liberty for all in north Belfast, and blatantly ignore a commitment by the Institution to full and open dialogue with Ardoyne residents following the completion of this long-held and traditional parade… However despite this setback, the Orange family and our Unionist partners involved in the Civil Rights Camp remain determined to peacefully and resolutely maintain the ongoing presence at Twaddell Avenue.”

Nigel Dodds:

“The Twaddell Initiative is a real attempt to move things forward… CARA and Sinn Fein are rejecting the most substantive offer of dialogue ever made in this situation… The Parades Commission refuse to reflect on the failure of their 2013 decision and insist that they got it right and others got it wrong.”

Jim Allister is also looking in on the action:

It seems to me that the Parades Commission has become so perverse and vindictive that it doesn’t matter what the Loyal Orders propose, they will turn it down, because, sadly, they are now in the business of stoking confrontation, not finding solutions. They are part of the cultural war on unionism.


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